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Mirena Complaints Mounting

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Newark, NJYet another Mirena lawsuit has been filed against Bayer Healthcare by a California woman who needed emergency surgery to remove the IUD.

Chelsea Dawn McClune was implanted with the Mirena birth control device in February 2013. She had follow-up exams that indicated the procedure was correctly placed and all was well. But five months later, McClune went to the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain. The Mirena had pierced her uterus and was embedded close to the uterosacral ligament, involving her fallopian tube, according to the complaint. She had the Mirena removed the next day.

According to the lawsuit, “Plaintiff suffered severe and permanent physical injuries, and has endured substantial pain and suffering...She has incurred significant expenses for medical care and treatment, and will continue to incur such expenses in the future.”

Further, the lawsuit alleges that Bayer has a history of “overstating the efficacy of Mirena while understating the potential safety concerns,” citing the following instances:

• In March 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warned of a lack of clear communication regarding the IUD’s risks and overestimating its potential benefits.

• In December 2009, HHS contacted Bayer about its “Mirena Simple Style Statements Program,” aimed at “busy moms,” which made unsubstantiated claims including that the IUD could increase intimacy and romance, and improve appearance and mood.

The case is: Chelsea Dawn McClune vs. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Case 2:15-cv-03874-SDW-SCM).

This lawsuit is one of more than 3,000 Mirena lawsuits filed over the past few years. Complaints charge that the Mirena IUD can cause organ perforations and other severe complications, about which both doctors and patients have not been sufficiently warned.

Tiffany registered a similar complaint with LawyersandSettlements. “I had the Mirena implanted and it migrated outside my uterus,” she said. “After a CT Scan at the emergency room, I immediately had surgery to remove the IUD. That was more than a year ago and I have been suffering from stomach and bowel problems ever since.”

Katherine had the Mirena inserted five years ago. She had a follow-up six weeks later and it was “nowhere to be found.” After an internal exam, an ultrasound and a CT Scan, doctors determined that it had fallen out. “I was still having hip pain and went back to the emergency room a few weeks later,” says Katherine.
“After several x-rays, the missing Mirena was found - sitting near my left iliac crest.”
(The iliac crest is the curved ridge at the top of the pelvic bone.)

Both women are concerned that the Mirena has caused permanent damage. Chelsea Dawn McClune’s claim states that “Plaintiff has suffered and will continue to suffer economic loss, and has otherwise been physically, emotionally and economically injured. Plaintiff’s injuries and damages are permanent and will continue into the future.”


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My Mirena iud has been nothing but a nightmare. It was put in because of heavy bleeding. It just made it worse. I would stand up and it would pour out of me like a facet being turned on full blast. Ohhhhh the cramping and pain... Well, it is absolutely nowhere to be found. And I am now extremely anemic. Plus more. I called the doctor that put it in... Their response... Since you're not insured now, there is nothing we can do, call someone else and hung up. So yeah, this is an ongoing problem!!

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The pain is cause from Round Ligament Pain-- that's the ligament that expands/contracts during pregnancy. I have never had children, so nothing has ever been in my uterus. No one warned me this could happen. No one. I would have never gone through with it had I know how painful it would be.

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I had Mirena put in 6 weeks ago. It has been HELL ever since. I expected some harsh cramping, but this was a whole other animal. It literally felt like my hip bones were being shaved. (Yes, I shiver at the thought too.)

I haven't stopped bleeding for 6 weeks and pieces of my uterus are still coming out. I've never experienced pain or anything like this in my life!

On top of the terrible, terrible pain, I am really tired (likely from low iron) and the like a garbage can. I had testing done 2 weeks ago, and there is NO INFECTION. None. I am getting it removed in just a few days. I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as having it put in, and I hope my symptoms clear immediately.

No wonder it's birth control. You absolutely CAN'T have sex on it. Sigh.

Best of luck to all,


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Someone please help me I had my mirena removed in Sept 2014 because I was having horrible sex drive at all....pains ....numbness of the vagina..mood swings...I know it can cause silicone toxicity does anyone know where I can get this blood test done. Doctors act like it does not exist. But it must considering they did them when women were having issues with breast implants Please help

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Hi. I had my IUD inserted about 3 years ago and in January 2015 i found out i was 2 months pregnant. I had never had my IUD removed and the practitioners ensured me that it must of fallen out without me noticing. I was most certain that it had not fallen out but now being pregnant i couldn't have an xray to confirm if the IUD was still in my body. I had complications throughout my pregnancy and my son was born 7 weeks ago (he was 1 month premature) but he was born healthy. Thank god for that. Now im waiting to have surgery to have the IUD removed because an xray taken immediately after giving birth confirmed that the IUD is sitting on my left iliac crest. This has been a horrible experience for me but i am blessed to have a healthy baby boy even though my pregnancy was an emotional rollercoaster.

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I had the mirena put in last first I was okay. But then I noticed my hair started falling out, I was have severe migraines on a daily basis. Among stomach issues as well on a daily basis,and now I don't know what to do. I've recently had it removed but my hair is still falling out and I'm sick just about every day

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I want to share my story with you
4 years ago shortly after giving birth to my daughter I had Mirena put in all looked good 4 weeks after it got put in and then I started bleeding allot and had lots of cramping went in 5 weeks later to have it taken out and my doctor could not find it there were ultrasounds done but nothing and I got told it fell out.
3 years later I wanted to have another baby got pregnant and miscarried got pregnant again and miscarried got pregnant again and had eptopic pregnancy then my doctor ordered and hsg X-ray test to cheek my tubes during my test they found my long lost Mirena IUD stuck in my female parts outside my uterus in another organ ???? that was April 28th 2015 may 4th 2015 I had surgery to clean my tubes from damage done and to have the IUD taken out.

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My 23 yr old daughter just had to have surgery to remove the Mirena it grown into her female parts inside. Not sure what I can do but I am her mother. She's not married


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