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Attorney Gives Levaquin Lawsuit Advice

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Kansas City, KSAttorney Michael Hodges anticipates many Levaquin lawsuits now that the word is out regarding Levaquin and its association with adverse side effects, namely tendon tears and ruptures. "I think the vast majority of users have no idea that their injuries were caused by an antibiotic," says Hodges," but the fact that there is a black box warning indicates the drug manufacturer knew of these problems and did nothing about it."

Tendon RuptureHodges says that he is getting a lot of calls from people suffering from tendonitis and ruptured tendons, including serious ruptures of the Achilles heel tendon and shoulder tendon. He expects a lot of potential lawsuits because Levaquin is prescribed to so many people. And no wonder: on its website, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has an extensive list of indications Levaquin is used for, including skin, urinary tract and lung infections and more.

"A lot of people are unaware of the association with these injuries and Levaquin because their doctor doesn't tell them and/or most people don't read the label," Hodges says, "so the amount of people who are calling us can easily escalate. Another problem is that we are such a pill society; most everyone thinks an approved pill is OK and believe a drug company wouldn't sell their product if it hurt them. As we know, that isn't the case at all."

Statute of Limitations

Levaquin was slapped with a black box warning in July, 2008 and Hodges says most people have experienced these problems before the black box warning. So what are the chances of someone filing a lawsuit if their tendon rupture occurred in 2006 or 2007? Hodges says it depends on the state. "For example, Missouri has a five year statute of limitations," he explains, "and in many states there are discovery periods so probably the black box warning is going to eliminate many claims for people who took the drug after July, 2008.

Do You Have a Potential Lawsuit?

Hodges says because of Levaquin's black box warning, it indicates that the maker knew of these problems but did nothing about it, "so for people who have these problems before the warning, they should have a good claim."

Obviously you need proof that you took the drug, and a lawyer can also help you obtain medical records, including pharmacy records. "We also need the name and address of the doctor who treated you for the ruptured tendon," adds Hodges, "and we will need to get the records from every health care provider you have seen.

"First, we find out where you live and determine the statute of limitations for that state. If I believe I had an injury from a drug such as Levaquin I wouldn't hesitate to call a lawyer, especially with a drug of this type, where there have already been some class actions around the country. That may have tolled the statute of limitations for everyone--in other words, that means the statute may not have run out, even if you are in a state where the statute of limitations has run out.

These issues are never 100 percent black and white, but if there is a nationally alleged class action anywhere, there is a law for everyone." However, at the end of the day, it is better to contact a lawyer sooner than later.



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I have taken levaquin in March of this year for pneumonia.Since then I have trouble walking and raising up when sitting. My life has changed.I feel tired all of the time and depressed that I cant do the things I did before taking this drug

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I recently took Lavaquin in the beginning of the this year 2017 for a sinus infection. I was going to physical therapy, for knee surgery when suddenly started getting pain in both Achilles. I went to my foot doctor he told me to stretch morning, noon and nite. He also, sent me for PT. Then my therapist asked after a few sessions of PT for my Achilles if I was on medication? I said yes and told him Lavaquin. He said, Lavaquin I think causes problems with your tensions let me check he went on his IPhone and said yes this is what is causing your problem.
Then one day I was at my daughters watching TV trying to find a children's show when I came across this comerical about heart attacks and Lavaquin. That is when I decided to start finding out about the side effects on line. I could hardly walk and still am affected by the side effects of Lavaquin. I then had an MRI and then tried PRP, I'm having a second PRP in the near future. I have tier in both of my tendons. And I had taken Lavaquin in the past when I saw and ENT for sinus infection and I can't say I had any side effect then.

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Was given Levaquin IV for two days while hospitalized for kidney infection. In 2010, my urologist had me undergo a CT scan which discovered a small abdominal aortic aneurysm. I now have to undergo ultrasounds every year to monitor its size.

It's very likely I'll require surgery at some point in the future. This scares me to death since my husband underwent the same surgery and suffered paralysis from a spinal cord stroke during the surgery. He passed away eight months later from complications related to his paralysis.

I have no family history of AAA's and I'm wondering about future medical costs and permanent injury. Had the statute run? I did not know about this issue until my daughter who is an attorney advised me to look into it. She is a med mal defense attorney and cannot get involved for obvious reasons Thank you for your time.

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I was asked to take the Levaquin by my Ear Nose Throat specialist and for 2 years I complained to my ENT specialist and the PCP.
Levaquin caused extruciating pain in my arm and shoulder and my tendon was in continuous pain when I simply raised my arm to pick a small book from the shelf. The pain was extruciating and aggravating and everything I did with my arm resulted in extrucuating pain. I have been a strong guy and I was in pain just to put a book back on the shelf.

It was so aggravating and it has been in in doctor records with several doctors that I was allergic to Levaquin and about my severe arm pain.

I recently heard about this lawsuit and I know for sure all my tendon pain was caused by Levaquin and caused me a great deal of aggravating pain for couple of years and weakness in my arm tendons from that time on.

This has been recorded by several of my doctors as a medicine that I am allergic to due to tendon pains this week was the first time I heard about the lawsuit.
I can provide the name of these doctors since they were unfair in not providing me this information on Levaquin.
This experience with Levaquin was so frustrating with the pain that often made me feel helpless and it was the only reason I started thinking that I should be retiring.

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My ankle tendon ruptured FTSE taking levaquin.


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