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Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning Class Action in Canada

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Victoria, BCImagine you are blessed with good health—the kind of health that allows you to work 12-hour days on top of running, or jogging and maintaining your fitness well into middle age. Then one day, allegedly due to Fixodent denture adhesive, you can't talk, you can no longer walk. "It happened at work," Amanda Davies, from Victoria BC, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). "I lost all use of my voice and my limbs, couldn't walk or talk. It was actually like having a stroke."

Davies, 51, is a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit filed this month in Canada's westernmost province alleging that the manufacturers of denture creams failed to adequately warn consumers that excessive use of the product could cause zinc poisoning. This happens when a high intake of zinc upsets the required balance of zinc and copper needed for optimum health. The subsequent depletion of copper in the body can lead to severe neurological symptoms.

The class action lawsuit in Canada comes on the heels of lawsuits in the US making similar allegations about denture cream zinc poisoning. While manufacturers are required to list the presence of zinc on product labels, there is no mandated requirement to specify the levels of zinc contained within. What's more, while manufacturers identify recommended usage amounts it is alleged that there were no warnings regarding the potential risks or consequences of using too much product.

Consumers tend to assume more is better when it comes to denture cream, in order to avoid potentially embarrassing slippage of dentures. What's more, people with ill-fitting dentures who can't afford to have them updated tend to use massive amounts of denture cream to keep them in place.

Davies, in Victoria, alleges that her use of Fixodent denture cream led to tremors, seizures and temporary paralysis. She told the CBC that she still uses denture cream, but in smaller amounts—and she is looking for an alternative product to ensure she is never again affect by Fixodent zinc poisoning.

One of the manufacturers named in the class action lawsuit, GlaxoSmithKline, stopped making denture cream containing zinc last February after a spate of lawsuits in the US began sprouting. Zinc is added to the cream to aid with adhesion. The manufacturer warned at the time that excessive intake of zinc can cause numbness, tingling or difficulty walking.

Proctor & Gamble, which is also named as a defendant in the class action lawsuit, is being lobbied to stop manufacturing denture cream containing zinc as well.

The lawyer acting for Davies says he has been contacted by several hundred people allegedly affected by denture cream zinc poisoning. He estimates that there could be thousands similarly affected.


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A client of mine has been in a wheelchair for almost a year. Weekly blood tests and a slew of doctors were unable to diagnose his condition. He cannot close his hands fully, and has numbness. He cannot walk, control his legs, or balance at all in an upright position. His declining condition over the past year has been fully documented by qualified health care practioners. He relies on home care provided by the province for basic necessities, as well as paying privately for assistance when needed. A few weeks ago he had an MRI done. A team of doctors at McMaster Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, were called in and finally concluded that he had severe poisoning due to his useage of Fixodent. A law firm in the USA has offered to take his case for a 40% contingency fee. This seems quite high as his case is well documented. Are these fees negotiable? Is any settlement received taxable for a Canadian? Would he have a more favourable result dealing with this issue in Canada? Any information you could offer is greatly appreciated.



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ive been using polident and fixodent for 30 yrs. im 49 but feel 70. i have numbness and burning in both thighs,numbness in my dorsal spine. it also always feels itchy under the skin. i have had several wicked dizzy spells that lasted for days at a time. i also have sexual dysfunction. i sweat at night. it seems i cant stand longer than an hour or two without severe pain and fatigue. can all this be due to zinc poisoning? i havent been tested because i just found out about this 20 minutes ago. ive often asked myself , if i feel like this now what will i feel like in 15 yrs? now i might know why.


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