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Unum Insurance: Deny, Delay, Discontinue…

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Kesgrave, UKUnum insurance is a global company with policyholders around the world. Little wonder then that Unum lawsuits exist elsewhere and are just as prevalent in other countries as they are in North America.

In the UK, an area where Unum Group has sizeable market share, a Unum lawsuit has been filed by a disgruntled policyholder unhappy with the stopping of his benefits by his insurance provider. Paul Marsh was injured through no fault of his own and carried Unum disability insurance for just such an occurrence.

The policy was taken out with a view toward income protection. It hasn't completely worked out that way…

The Evening Star (3/23/12) reports that Marsh is not happy his benefits have stopped and he is suing Unum—formerly known as Unum Provident and First Unum—for the equivalent of US $3,335,230.03.

It was in August of 2000 that Marsh, an accountant and former partner with a prominent accounting firm, was involved in a serious vehicular collision through no fault of his own. What's more, the Evening Star reports that his injuries were so severe, the resident of Kesgrave was unable to return to work. According to the report, the victim sustained spinal injuries that initially resulted in sciatic pain and discomfort to his left foot.

Marsh also had to undergo surgery for a procedure that served to decompress his spinal cord. The plaintiff also developed cognitive issues that impacted his ability to find and recall words. The plaintiff also developed depression and suffered from chronic pain.

Though attempting to return to work in January 2001, the plaintiff found the experiment unsuccessful and has been unable to work since. Marsh counted on his Unum long-term disability insurance to help make ends meet.

It didn't work out that way, according to the Unum lawsuit.

Marsh made an initial claim under the policy his employer had with Unum. In the first part, the plaintiff claims that Unum insurance incorrectly valued benefits due based on 50 percent of the plaintiff's gross income, rather than 75 percent the plaintiff says he was entitled to.

Unum Group, it was reported, paid benefits until December 2009, at which point the benefits stopped.

Part of Marsh's quarrel with Unum is an allegation that Unum failed to take into account medical evidence duly supplied to the insurer.

Unum continues to suffer from a global reputation that it denies, delays or discontinues benefits in an alleged attempt to wear down policyholders in their pursuit of legitimate benefits. Unum long-term disability insurance is purchased by consumers in good faith, as a failsafe against the unexpected. Many policyholders pay premiums to the industry for years, and yet never need to file a claim, while insurers happily take their money. Some insurers, when a legitimate claim is filed and it's time to return some of that money, stonewall.


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My injury to my spine has been writen wrong and I know I have 3 herniations in my lumber and up toward neck there s 5 mm tear that another neuro surgeon found , the first one do not know how to read MRIs , but the second was bribed and moved to the city where everyone new that I had realy bad injury to my spine and have told all that I cannot exercise , but 3 doctors have said I had herniations and pinched nerves to my back injury , get verbal abuse by doctors or assault to my feet one time , when I could not walk after I had been up for 2 3 hours and that happeened in my kitchen , everyone covered up for that orthopedic surgeon , was waiting for me to get there after I called 911 , female neuro surgeon made a compleat reports like I was there , she only saw me for 30 seconds , and some nurses would ask if I had a rough sex , nothing to with my spine injry , no sex , as it would make it worse .Always saying I have heart problem without giving me meds if I had heart problem , but they made sure I was given 3 muscle relaxant to take a day , they have seen the MRIs and cover up for the other doctors and my neck was injured by the doctor that I was sent to see from my work , and he was just working with there insurance and when I could not feel anything , wrote that I could , then tell my employers that I should not drive there car and employers to me I was driving recless , but I did not have any knee or angle reflex and no felling on the buttom of feet , I went though hell and at times I though I would die , but get to get my life back when I lay down , family have been told to tell me that there is nothing wrong and it is in my head , no I have severe nerve and discs and spine pains , then on night my blood vessel busted from onstant high blood pressure from my spine injury and was stalked into my homes and police also was involved , then on doctor gave me a prescription for heart and it was strong , I never went to pharamacy with it as I had been told nothing wrong with my hear , moved to another state and stalked to the apt , and something with be taken and when I report it , it get put back , stalked to primary care and also there my medical reports false , having allmost losing my motor nerves , makes it like I have low vitamins , lied again , and why send me to pain doctor he cannot fix nerves getting weak , no one want me to get surgery , rantal personel get into my apt when not home and dinies that they do , I have to take pictures of thing that get broken , and they used this man to tell me I was getting forgetful and get into amnesia , not I do not , no longer friend with him , but I got a lot to learn , how people have so much hate and help doctors that write wrong diagnoses and do not care if one dies .Cell phone stalking , hacking into my PC and dinies it .I get yelled at by 3 persons 1 atttorney , 2 doctors , female doctor wrote that while sleeping I had strained my lumbar bones , no one get sprain to nerves or muscles while sleeping , it was severe nerve pains from 3 lumbar bones , how I suffered and not getting support from family . Yes also an old friend had taken a bribe like having her stomack tucked , she did not have money or insurance for it . maybe even my family . I am seing a neuro surgion and hope no one have told him to dismiss me . It is inhuman what injured persons has to go though , I am praying that doctors will start to use why they became doctor sin the first place , not to wrong a patient .

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Your story mirrors much of mine. They never get the medical facts straight, salaries correct and always have an excuse not to pay. They have offered to pay my personal physicians to change medical opinions, distort facts, pressure them into responding in a limited time frame.
They were always changing the representives who was working on my case. Forever changing their views, requirments and decisions. One of their lowest claims was I did not have insurance policies with them. After supplying them with my enrollments documentation things got worse.
After paying in for years I never got a dollar back. I have been terminated because of disability. My company injured me, declared me disabled, terminated me based on their claims and I have never recieved compensation.
I do have a happy ending though after 2 years and several months medical care from the Cleveland Clinic, a wonderful team of doctors, I recieved a clean bill of health, a full release back to full duty as a flight
attendant only to be terminated by Comair Airlines.
Wish all of you out there, who ever dealt with UnumProvident, Workers Compensation, or a deceitful large coorperation the best of luck in seeking justice against the injustice these company's are capable of.
Please share your stories, my email is
Perhaps together we can make a difference!
Thank for reading this.
Michelle Smith


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