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Regret Is One of Many Essure Side Effects

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Atlanta, GASince Jessie had Essure contraceptive coils surgically implanted, she has suffered Essure side effects, including pain and heavy bleeding. Now she is practically begging her doctor for a hysterectomy to have it removed.

There are alternatives. Essure can be removed by tubal reversal surgery, if you can afford about $7,000 and if you can find a qualified surgeon, hopefully within close proximity. Or there is robotic surgery, but the jury is still out regarding its safety. There is an ongoing discussion online with a plastic surgeon about the daVinci and laparoscopic morcellator. Apparently the robotic arm can tug, tease or retract on the coil, which increases the risk of fragmentation and the spread of PET fibers into the pelvis. And a vaginal hysterectomy makes it difficult to reach the entire fallopian tubes, so part of the tube and Essure coil can be left behind. It is unlikely that health care providers tell women beforehand that they may require a complete hysterectomy to remove the Essure coils should anything go sideways.

The Essure coil was approved by the FDA in 2002. Since that time there have been far too many adverse event reports. About 17,000 women in the United States who have had Essure implanted have complained that it has hurt them, according to Reuters (September 22, 2015). Essure side effects typically involve pelvic pressure and pain, uterine cramping, and abnormally heavy bleeding. Some women have reported aching joints and fatigue, skin rashes (allergy to nickel in the coil?), and decreased libido. According to Medwatcher, two suicides have been linked to Essure. And there is a lot of regret.

In an e-mail, Stacy says she became allergic to the nickel in the metal coils shortly after having the Essure sterilization procedure. She had a complete hysterectomy to remove the coils. For a young woman to undergo a complete hysterectomy, however, the results can be devastating. When the ovaries are removed, a woman can no longer produce estrogen and that can lead to a number of complications. A hysterectomy will typically cause a normal 30-year-old woman to become post-menopausal in just a few weeks, which can lead to loss of libido, painful sexual intercourse, increased risk of heart disease and stroke, and osteoporosis. While Essure doesn’t stop a woman from producing estrogen, it may be a more dangerous choice than a hysterectomy. Worse, it can cause life-threatening complications.

Angela (not her real name) thinks the Essure coil has caused a “hole in my uterus.” Due to a heart condition, the birth control pill is not an option and she didn’t want to chance an IUD or condom, but now she is regretting her decision. “My gynecologist has confirmed that indeed there is a hole, but she won’t say if it is her fault or that something is wrong with the device,” says Angela. “I’m a single mother and the last thing I want is a complete hysterectomy. I’m only 25 years old and maybe some years from now I might want another child, but that might not be an option now. I wish I had been properly informed when I made the decision to have this Essure, such as how difficult it is to remove. I don’t advise any woman to get it - easier to opt for a hysterectomy..."


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I had the essure procedure done in 2014 and never had any sharp pains nor discomfort the only thing that I've noticed is weight gain other than that very happy with it.

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I got essure back in march of 2011. The doctor made it sound like the best thing in the world. I started having pain sharp shooting pain in my tube area. They said it would go away after a few weeks. At my 3 month hsg test they said the pain was normal and would go away in a few months some women take a little longer and that my tubes were closed.Almost 5 years later it still hurts random sharp shooting pain more frequently and more intense. I recently had an ultrasound I couldn't see the screen from the angle I was at, but the left coil didn't look right to me but they said they are in place and all is how it should be. They disregard my pain and said its not the coils. Funny cause I have many of the other side effects to yet had none of these issues before essure. One heck of a coincidence. I really want a reversal,I want my body back to as close to normal as possible but of course can't afford anything. I don't recommend messing with nature in such ways I have learned my lesson.

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I had essure placed in 2007 after a pregnancy scare (had three boys already and one with special needs that would require lifetime assistance with all aspects if daily living. His condition was thought to be genetic possibly so I was not planning any more pregnancies. I has been on birth control pills for many years and I liked them but with my advancing age,doctor suggested a change. I asked aboutirena and she told me about great new procedure for tubal ligation . Essure.
My periods became heavier.the amount of blood loss invreased, became a frank bright red blood and I began to have clots again with cramping. I hadn't had cramps and clots for 30 years before that! I lost interest in sex, I assumed maybe cause I was getting older. In our society,people are reluctant to talk about some personal issues so it is hard to know what is "normal: or not so I wrote it off as part of getting older possibly pre menopausal
A couple of years sgo, I began to feel a sharp stabbing pain in my pelvis whenever I bent down .it was excruciating and unbearable. I felt like metal was stabbing my insides. I went in to have checked. I w as s told that everything looked ad though ot was where it should be.
I have felt from the beginning maybe this was not the best choice for me
Now I know I'm not the only one

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Essure was aggresively pushed to me by my dr. When i went in wanting to get an IUD. One of the coils pushed itself out of my fallopian tube causing painful contractions and cramping, as well as sharp nerve pain that turned into a tingling numbness in my back and knees. I had to get my tubes removed shortly after, and the migrated coil was discovered embedded into my uterus. My doctor didnt believe all the pain I was experiencing was real until they found the coil had ripped its way from tubal placement. All i wanted was birth control and now I have had to have pieces of my body taken from me, while being told my pain would "go away eventually." Essure is terrible, but the combination of profit seeking doctors, uneducated practice, and lack of research makes it the perfect shit storm of chaos.


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