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Lawyer Interviews provide in-depth legal news and information based on professional interviews with a lawyer specializing in the lawsuit being discussed. These interviews are meant to provide potential claimants with information needed to determine if they should also pursue a legal claim for injuries or losses they may have sustained in a similar case.

Neighborhoods Sue Tonawanda Coke

Neighborhoods Sue Tonawanda Coke September 30, 2010. By Brenda Craig.
Buffalo, NY People living in a Buffalo suburb had good reason to suspect they were being negatively affected by the Tonawanda Coke plant. "It has three big smoke stacks," says environmental law attorney Charles Cobb. "People who live around there sometimes talk about 'a bad day.' That's when the air is overwhelmed visually, combined with a noticeable smell from the plant."
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Lead Contaminated Water Scandal Leads to Lawsuit

Lead Contaminated Water Scandal Leads to Lawsuit February 23, 2009. By Brenda Craig.
Washington D.C. Attorney Katherine Kimpel is definitely on top of this file and seems to have a river of information flowing through her brain. Just days ago she filed a class action suit on behalf of a single father from the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington D.C. alleging that lead in the city's water supply caused his two adopted sons to have serious and permanent health problems, i.e.,lead poisoning.
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Fly Ash the Latest Win for the Billy Murphy Firm.

Fly Ash the Latest Win for the Billy Murphy Firm. November 29, 2008. By Brenda Craig.
Baltimore, MD The Murphy Firm has a long and distinguished list of achievements in the history of the American legal system and the $45 million settlement it just negotiated on behalf the small community in Maryland represents yet another milestone. The settlement still needs to be certified, but the 250 people of Gambrills have every reason to believe their community will be compensated for the damage fly ash from a nearby Coal Fired Plant did to the local water supply. "This is a highly unregulated problem and you find it where electricity is generated by coal combustion," says attorney Hassan Murphy, a third generation member of the Murphy Firm.
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