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Neurontin Caused Mother's Deterioration

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Nancy regrets taking her mother to a pain clinic. Dorothy was prescribed Neurontin and Nancy is certain this drug caused her depression and stroke. "Her quality of life went downhill and it never came back; she has been bedridden ever since," says Nancy.

Nancy James (not her real name) of Hitchcock, Texas: "My mother was prescribed Neurontin as a pain killer because she has arthritis and osteoporosis. She took Neurontin for six months and her health began to deteriorate. Although the drug helped relieve her pain, she started to have memory lapses and her speech was slower. These symptoms happened as soon as she began taking Neurontin.

"I noticed that she was forgetful about a lot of things and she was also sleeping a lot. She generally lost interest in life. Dorothy was always upbeat and interested in everything around her - this was a complete change of character.

"A few times I noticed that she limped and couldn't move her legs. She was losing control of her whole body and couldn't get her feet to move. She got real pale and broke out into a cold sweat and then it would pass. Then she would fall asleep.

"I took my mother to the pain clinic every second week. I talked to the pain specialist and told him about these possible side effects. 'It's a trade-off with most medications, you treat one thing and something else might bother you,' he said. But she just got worse. Eventually she had a massive stroke and she is now bedridden. Most of all, she is severely depressed.

"Right up until she had the stroke, she was taking Neurontin. In the hospital they didn't give it to her, she has been off it ever since. Now she is on Prozac for depression and she is delusional. My brother wanted me to stop taking her to the pain clinic because he didn't like the changes in her - he was very concerned. I was torn because I asked my mother how the pain was and she said it was better.

"I feel partially responsible because I took her to the pain clinic. I firmly believe the stroke and depression were brought on by this medication. But she wanted to try it a little longer. She was only aware of being more tired and blamed the rest of her symptoms on her nerves.

"Now my mother needs 24 hour care.

"Looking back, I know the medication helped her go downhill. Then, when I saw complaints about Neurontin on the Internet, I thought , 'oh-my-god, don't tell me more people have suffered from this drug.' I don't think doctors know enough about this medication. "

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If you or a loved one has had other side effects while taking Neurontin and would like a free case evaluation, please fill out this [Neurontin] complaint form.


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I was on gabapentin for 5 years they gave it to me for extreme back pain and for my restless legs and I have had my anxiety go through the roof I was suicidal at one point and went to the psych ward never in my life if I ever been there it has also caused my teeth to get so bad that I needed them all pulled up top I'm only 34 years old I used to have beautiful teeth that alone is almost ruined my marriage and I didn't even know it had anything to do with Gabapentin and I was never told that you shouldn't take gabapentin and tramadol together and I was having breathing issues and then I was getting ads on Facebook all the time saying that he take gabapentin and tramadol together that it could cause depressed breathing and sudden death so I was adamant to get off of it I had already been kind of thinking that I should but once I found out that the side effects I was having was from that drug I was excited to stop taking it and almost immediately after stopping taking it the breathing issues went away for the most part I still have some stuff that lingers and I get headaches now and I get muscle spasms that I never used to get and yeah the losing the teeth is horrible I'm in my 30s and I have no top teeth thank God for masks because I've been able to hide for the most part when I go to the store but it has caused me a whole lot of pain discomfort and offer medication that was given to me that shouldn't have been nobody gave me any of the side effects before I started taking it nobody said hey you start experiencing this or that stop taking it or anything if anything I was just given more of it it's a horrible drug that needs to be taken off the market and people need to stop pushing it for helping pain because it's just ruining lives I wish I would have never taken that medication I might actually be slightly normal still oh and the ticks I cannot get a full night's sleep usually halfway through the night I start getting these ticks where I jolt awake I used to get it periodically when I was on the Gabapentin especially when I had a week of psychosis when I went to the psych ward it was really bad then the jolting but since I stopped taking the Gabapentin that jolting seems to have gotten worse and then of course we have the memory fog and a lack of memory brain fog that still has yet to come back I feel like a moron half the time and I'm such a klutz now my husband teases me about it because I drop everything and I'm not to be trusted with stuff because I will drop it or I will fall or stumble it's become a running joke but it's not a joke to me if you need anything from me please give me a call my phone number is 716-292-0783 thank you sincerely Ashley

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Prescribed by Dr. Basal, Barstow California. I am not the only one she had prescribed this to with diabetic complications. I have constantly told her about side effects and my getting sick to my stomacher, sweats, dizziness and much more. She continued to process the meds. I was to take them 2 tablets at 3 times a day. I could not walk and looked like I was a heroin addict at most of the time. My two 14 year old grandsons were helping me first 2 years of complications that only got worst. I fell down several times thinking it was my old injured leg, but relized it was not the case. I asked several times why she keeps giving me thus when it was making me sicker. I slowly got if it and noticed pharmacy kept calking that my medicine was ready time puck up. She still had new down on fine that I was actively taking it. They finally got if of it, after arguing years about it. I dod not wait dictir to think I was nor following her orders, but when something sdoes not show positive effects after "years" of taking it, shouldn't attending physician think & listen to the health of patient and turn to different alternatives.
I am a High Education Student of Park University, working towards my degrees in Law and Social Work, I have 3 in Law to complete and 1 in Social Work. Do to the confusion of being sick I believe thus has had a great impact in my studies, lifestyle and my health for this years on this medication. I never knew there were others with such complications. I will get medical records time verify what I received.

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Just read about neurontin side effects yesterday--and am deeply disturbed. Our mother, Edith Michelson, took Neurontin for years for relief from persistent hip pain. Over several years, her mental condition worsened. Dementia took control of her life, even as she continued taking Neurontin. She died in 2006, and I now wonder how different her life--and our lives-- might have differed without Neurontin.

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This is testament to what this medicine did to me physically & mentally. The medicine was the only option my State sponsored medical would pay for.
It was used as off label treatment to treat my Diabetic Neuropathy beginning in 2010.
I immediately had problems with sexual dysfunction which I thought caused my manic depression and difficulty in articulating what I wanted to say.
My memory begin to fade and I lost the ability to focus.
After 2 months of rushing heart beats I was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. My heart had been beating so fast my left ventricle
thickened which caused even more depression with anxiety now an added factor to answer to that I was prescibed zoloft which made my sex issues worse & sent me into a perpetual downward spiral.
To make matters worse when I explained this to my doctor he stated just as was the case with the Nuerontin ( Gaberpintin) it was the only option my State Sponsored medical would approve to buy in treating my medical issue.
To combat the downward spiral into deeper depression I was also placed on Clonazepam.
At no time would the medical insurance names CareOregon would approve purchase of cialis or viagra.
In 2016, after finding out that Gaberpintins caused abnormal thinking suicidal thoughts, confusion and hostile behavior; I ceased taking the drug but not without a price. I suddenly passed out in shower and awoke with blood gushing from a head wound over the eyes. I have never passed out before.
Now, after researching all the side effects and when they were discovered, I found that Kiaser Permamente successfully sued pfizer for misleading primary service providers and defrauding the Federal and state governments that paid for the prescription in their Medicaid programs.
My question:
Knowing what we know now am I crazy to believe that Oregon's State sponsored medical insurance has used these drugs as a form or birthcontrol or population control within the lower class?
Or is this a prime example of this stressful thinking the product of abnormal thoughts and anxiety connected to side effects of using this drug.
In any case it ruined my life, it stole my confidence in my physical and mental state and even effected my performance during my divorce proceedings.
Why if my state knew about all theses interactions & side effects would they only approve meds that caused sexual dysfunction and suicide?
This state has a high suicide rate in the winter. I myself had issues with contemplating it but, was not at liberty to tell my doctors who may have considered informing the state which might have hospitalized me in the middle of a dark time I needed my wits about me during my divorce proceedings.
Again this is the mental state I was left in. Physically speaking those 3 drugs have destroyed me.
Before you conclude I'm a basket case this state was once sued for taking the uterusus of teenage girls on State assistance and state sponsored medical in the 1980's.
Even in women gaberpintin is reported to cause loss of sex drive in women.
I don't like thinking this way but this is who I became after taking gaberpintins for 6 years.
Why would a state sponsored medical plan approve this med to me in 2010 when they knew it to be detrimental?
In any case I would like a lawyer to explain my options. I am on fixed income and can not afford an attorney and after going through divorce proceedings by myself without an attorney in a horrible mental state caused by gaberpintin, I want someone to be accountable for my pain and suffering & mental anguish.

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This gabapentin went through my body like a mac truck! Don't know how much damage. 5 years using and not one Doctor knew in 2017 that this could be a problem for Me?! I don't have seizures or I didn't until I took it. Neuropathy but not from herpes or shingles! Of label. Chronic pain. I almost died 6 x!! ICU became 2nd home. Help! Not addictive. It's worse than opiates or benzo. Warn the world!! Again

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I can relate to this story! I encouraged my mom (74) to go to physical therapy to improve her mobility. After a few weeks she developed severe back pain. Her Dr put her on Gabapentin for the back pain. About 10 days into taking the Gabapentin she said, "I don't feel right" She had dizziness, blurred vision, one eye had flashing and movements in the putter peripheral vision. She suddenly had balance and coordination problems. She felt clumsy and was knocking things over. Her left arm would go numb in episodes. These problems persisted even after going off the Gabapentin. Neurologist ordered MRI. Showed she'd had a slight stroke. He said the stroke occurred about the time these symptoms appeared (10 days into taking Gabapentin). Of course the Dr won't say that Gabapentin caused the stroke! I too feel very guilty bc I encouraged Mom to go to PT which ultimately lead to the prescription for Gabapentin. I should have left well enough alone, because now her quality of life is greatly affected by the stroke. I strongly feel the stroke was caused by the medicine! Being a caregiver is sooo HARD!


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