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Abortion Pill RU-486 has claimed Several Deaths - so far.

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So far, seven women have died after taking the abortion pill RU-486, also called Mifeprex or mifepristone, or the French abortion pill. If Channera Forrest knew of its potentially deadly side effects, she would never have taken RU-486.

In July 2005, Chanera visited her local planned parenthood clinic and discussed with her doctor different options to terminate her pregnancy. She already has two children and definitely did not want another. Chanera opted for the abortion pill RU-486, mainly because of its convenience. She was given the first pill at the clinic and was told to take the second pill 12 hours later.

"That night, about four hours after I took the second pill, I started to have bad cramps. I stayed up all night with intense pain. The next day it eased off. I had to work later - I am a counsellor for disabled adults. But that night it was the same again: really bad cramping and I couldn't focus on my job. Thank God it was a quiet night, without incident.

"After that night I thought I was alright. I was just bleeding, like I was having my period. I went back to the clinic for a follow-up about 10 days later. At that time I had an ultrasound to make sure the abortion happened. I was told by the doctor that everything was OK. But a month later, instead of a regular period, I had blood clots and dark brown bleeding. It was very abnormal, very heavy. I had never experienced anything like that before and it scared me.

"My periods are still like that. I am seeing my doctor frequently to make sure there isn't any problem. So far I have had four blood tests and several urine tests and just today my doctor thinks it might be the result of a blood infection.

"This month I have had my period three times - I have been bleeding three weeks out of the past four. I feel really tired and I've been off work for about a month. I believe this is because of the abortion pill. My doctor isn't sure, but now she is taking this seriously, and this is making me more concerned.

"I have been checking out a few websites about this pill; the side effects and after effects. A lot of the symptoms I have read about are similar to what I am going through, but when I was prescribed the pills, I was told to expect minimal cramping and a little nausea, some bleeding the next day and that would be it, nothing to worry about.

"There's no way I would have taken this pill had I known the outcome, knowing what has happened to me. It weighs heavily on my mind. This has taken a lot of time out of my life and has changed me. I am hopeful there is nothing wrong but I am constantly thinking about it. I am very stressed right now about my health.

"I'm not going back to the doctor until the second week in May. For my next appointment, I have to get another ultrasound and pap smear. I am very independent and don't go to the doctor for every little thing. But I have become increasingly worried. I have excruciating back pain and have to take pain killers. My periods are very painful. All I can do is wait and worry and hope I can go back to work in a few weeks. I want to continue with my career and not let health problems interfere with my life or my family."

According to the [NPR], four of the deaths resulted from sepsis, a rare bacterial infection. The rate of sepsis occurs in approximately 1 in 100,000 women with surgical abortions or chilbirth.

The Washington Times reported that the FDA was investigating a teenager's death after taking the abortion pill back in 2003.

Danco laboratories, the manufacturer and distributor of the pill, called the young woman's death a "tragic event" citing that more than one million women worldwide have used RU-486. By citing those statistics, does the company mean that a few deaths are to be expected? But Danco later reported "adverse events" from its use, and in 2002 a Canadian woman died from "a rare bacterial infection" during a clinical trial of the drug.

The FDA approved the abortion pill in September 2000. Although two recent deaths are being investigated, the agency insists the pill RU-486 is safe enough to stay on the market. How many more women will die before it is deemed "unsafe"?

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I took this pill and expelled some fetal tissue, but a month or two later I was coming from church and suddenly I was bleeding heavily, clots etc. I made it to the hospital, and I had become very light headed I thought I was going to die...I thought please lord don't let me die.........I discovered later blood had dripped into my bible when I was in the car. I never had another abortion again.....I am expecting twins.........I have learned the truth about this. It's important to know everything you can Before doing things.


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