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Chantix: "How Can You Put a Price On Life?"

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Macclenny FLMichael and Lamonda M. are living a nightmare. In May 2007, Lamonda was hospitalized because of her asthma. While in the hospital, her doctor recommended she try using Chantix to quit smoking. It was a move that would change Lamonda's life, even though she only took Chantix for a short time. She has since been diagnosed with cognitive brain dysfunction and suffered memory loss, seizures, convulsions, anxiety and suicide attempts.

Lamonda took Chantix for approximately eight days in May 2007. Around the eighth day, Michael became very concerned about his wife. She no longer recognized the people around her and referred to family members as "those people." Lamonda was taken off Chantix and hospitalized but the damage was already done.

Quit SmokingLamonda, although tired from a seizure earlier that day, is adamant about getting her story out. She is happy that finally, people are listening to those who have suffered after using Chantix. Lamonda experienced her problems almost a year ago, well before the serious side effects of Chantix became widely known, which meant that not everyone took her story seriously.

"I wanted to get my story out and we couldn't find help at first because no one would believe what I was saying," Lamonda says. "It's just been one struggle after another. I lost my $42,000 a year job, I have trouble with words—I felt like that lady you wrote that article on was identical to me, except I struggle with seizures and amnesia. I didn't know my family and didn't know my children. I have seizures that I never had before and nightmares—all side effects of the drug. I tried to commit suicide several times. I felt like I wasn't a good mother and not a good wife. They've stripped me of everything and my life has been totally altered. I'll be 50 in April and my grandson is in first grade and he's helping me to learn my phonics all over again. I've lost my memory. I had a chemically hard impact to the brain."

Michael and Lamonda say their neurologist and psychiatrist are upset about Chantix. Their doctor no longer prescribes it because of Lamonda's experiences. They say the doctors had no idea when they prescribed the medication that it could have this affect on people.

"This drug caused me a lot of trouble. I had a life," Lamonda says. "For a year now, I've laid in my bed. Like that lady says, when she goes to Wal-Mart, she panics. I'm just now getting to my family again. I cut myself off from everything—from family and friends.

"I've been the type of person who could handle pressure and do better under pressure. Now, I want to run away from it. I can't deal with the television, I can't deal with arguments, I break down and cry a lot now. I almost caught my house on fire because I would put something on the stove and forget about it. I'm easily distracted and very confused and withdrawn.

"Doctors say that it [Chantix] has caused damage to the lower part of the left hand side of my brain. They think I've gone too long now and I may not heal. The doctors say I'm regressing, not progressing. It's all due to this drug and they never told me about those side effects.

"When you list nausea and diarrhea as side effects, you think you can handle it. This is a dangerous drug. I thought it was my miracle to help me quit smoking. The miracle is I'm still alive. I wanted to commit suicide because there was no point to living. When you have to stay in bed, you can't remember yesterday, you can't remember your children, you can't remember family—what point is there to survive?"

Michael says Lamonda has tried to commit suicide three times. "She would get in these mental states where she's out of it. Somebody has to be around her. She's like a mental patient and says she wants to live with her dad, but her dad has been dead a few years. I walked in on her with a handful of pills and I've taken a knife out of her hands. I believe she would have done it—she was serious about ending her life.

"She doesn't know what she's doing when she gets in those states. She got upset with her son and started walking to Georgia (four miles away) at 10:00 PM. I can't leave her by herself."

There is a chance Lamonda will never fully recover from the damage caused to her brain. She still suffers from seizures and just a week ago talked about ending her life. She also has problems with her memory; often repeating information and asking her husband about information she has already given me.

"We're dealing with it," Michael says. "People should have been more informed about it [Chantix]. If my wife took a drug because she would have died, knowing the serious side effects, I could have handled that. But there are other things to help smokers quit smoking. We are used as guinea pigs. There should have been more testing on it.

"We're living day by day and don't know when she will have a good day or a bad day. It's like starting life over for her. I have to watch what I say to her. We can't have a typical disagreement any more because she gets too defensive. She still smokes, too. More than she used to."

"I think the public should be aware of this and what they [pharmaceutical companies] are getting by with for the almighty dollar," Lamonda says. "The company can make billions of dollars on it but look at the people who are suffering now. Is it worth the billions of dollars? How can you put a price on life?



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I took Chantix back around 2010 and it ruined my life too. I had two blockages in my LAD vein that were more than 85% blocked. The doctor's ended up putting a large stent in to open up the blockages. I almost had to have open heart surgery. I ended up with the feeling that I was about to go into a seizure. I take medication for that. I had horrible time breathing. I literally took a fan and aimed it right at my face to get more oxygen. I was always trying to catch my breath which was extremally irritating. I was not able to drive to my many doctor appointments, my 85 year old father was chauffeuring me around. Some days I was able to drive, but usually after a lorazepam to keep me calm, freeways were an absolute avoidance. Memory; I was on an Alzheimer's medication that only had nasty side effects and I just couldn't tolerate it. It was only a few months later that it was established that these medications don't even work on persons with Alzheimers. Depression of course was always there, I couldn't do the things I was able to do before, working was out of the question, I couldn't stay awake or was too depressed and lifeless to go anywhere and the number of doctor appoints were/are several times a week. I also was diagnosed with sleep apnea which was a surprise, I was sleeping well. Concentration was no longer, walking stability was no longer, and getting lost in a large store and not knowing where I was becoming more and more common and I would have to just stand there and cry to myself until I could get my senses back and then continue on. My field of employment was in Information Technology, this was totally out of the question. I couldn't hold a thought or multitask with easy as before for many years. "Brain Fog" was extremely common and sometimes being in it for hours. I have been to every specialist known to man. Neurologists, cardiologies, pain management, lung specialists, rheumatoid arthritis specialists, occologist, dermatologists. I have other ailments but not sure if they are Chantix stamped or not. After 10 years it has improved for me, but holding on, some days are better than others. I reported this, I don't recall to who anymore, but with no answer. My doctors poo poo the idea if this being an issue with Chantix, but until the day I die I will always believe Chantix ruined my life.

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i call bullsh*t.

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I took varenicline for three months with no incident until it was time for me to stop taking it. Within 2 days of my final dose all hell broke loose in my body. That was 5 years ago and since then I have a hard time focusing, my memory is bad, I am off balance and I bump into things. I cannot even begin to describe the day to day crap I deal with all because I wanted to be healthier and quit smoking. My "life" is but a shadow of what it used to be. I am never able to fully be "there", I am always kind of faded. It is heart breaking.

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tok chantix dec 2007 and jan 2008 shortly there after began getting sick to the point of i can never walk again and have little motor skills due to the fact that chantix destroyed the part of the brain
never took even an aspirin prior to this was an athelete now wheel chair bound

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I am sooooo happy I have found your story ! I am only 42 and Chantix has ruined my life, but getting doctors to actually peg it hasn't happened. I took chantix for the second time. The first time I took it I had been on it a week and had a hysterectomy and the following day I was in ICU with a PE. Sadly I continued to smoke. Two years ago I was really ready to quit so I begged my doc to give me another Rx and he did. Three days later I was in ICU with uncontrollable seizures and onset of memory loss. Now it's just worse. I have extreme fatigue I flop like a fish in bed almost every night plus the occasional daytime "seizures" and my memory is shot. I can't remember easy words I should know. I really was a smart person. Now I am having other medical issues that have been getting worse since the chantix. I am going for yet another CT scan Thursday $$$$$$. I am not myself my depression has worsened like I have never suffered before and it's not going away. I called a couple lawyers when I got out of my week in ICU but they said my case didn't interest them. I guess it required more work ... I should have known since I had been a paralegal for 18 years. I wish I filed a complaint with the FDA back then. I am now but it's probably too late, but my health is getting worse and it's all been since Chantix. I managed to beat breast cancer when I was 30 years old but Chantix is killing me. Should have continued smoking I wish someone would believe my issues and help. Even all of my specialists are baffled as to what's wrong ... What's wrong is I took Chantix Stay away from the product. I can't even drink wine or anything for that matter any longer or I'll start having seizures it's not fair what they have done to my life and others it should be off the market. Do not take this product if you value your life

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I quit taking this drug after three days. It disrupted my sleep so bad, and had a panic attack on the third day. My head felt cloudy as well, like I was outside of myself. Felt horrible! I did not stop smoking, but would rather smoke than feel like that. The anxiety is gone and I'm sleeping well again. I will never take this drug again!

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I took varenicline for 4-5 weeks a year ago. I stopped smoking, but I also became severely depressed and anxious. 12 months later I'm still slowly recovering. I don't know if I will ever recover completely. Taking varenicline made me feel worse than I have ever felt in my life.


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