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Car Crash Lawyer Interviews

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Lawyer Interviews provide in-depth legal news and information based on professional interviews with a lawyer specializing in the lawsuit being discussed. These interviews are meant to provide potential claimants with information needed to determine if they should also pursue a legal claim for injuries or losses they may have sustained in a similar case.

Old People Deserve Justice Too

Old People Deserve Justice Too April 3, 2009. By Brenda Craig.
Chicago, Ill Attorney Matthew Passen knew he had his work cut out for him when he decided to step up to the plate for an elderly couple who had been injured in a car accident. He'd have to get a jury to understand that all his clients' pain and suffering, the torn tissues, all the medical bills, prescription drugs, as well as the visits to doctors and hospitals over the last four years had nothing to do with their age. "It's always difficult to get a jury to understand that elderly people's injuries are due to the accident and not just things that go along with being old," says Passen.
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