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Car Dealer Kickback Lawyer Interviews

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Attorney Investigating Online Car Referrer

Attorney Investigating Online Car Referrer February 20, 2013. By Heidi Turner.
Los Angeles, CA Attorneys and various state regulators have begun investigations into TrueCar, an online car referral website. Investigations revolve around whether TrueCar violated the law by accepting payment for referring customers to specific car dealers. If TrueCar did receive car dealer kickbacks, it may have violated consumer protection laws in California and other states.
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California Car Kickbacks Alleged

California Car Kickbacks Alleged January 9, 2013. By Heidi Turner.
Los Angeles, CA An online car referral company is alleged to have received illegal kickbacks from new and used car dealerships in exchange for referring customers to those automobile dealerships. These kickbacks would amount to several hundred dollars per vehicle if the customer purchased the car. Regulators in several states sent letters to car dealers stating that legal problems exist with this business model, and car dealer associations in other states, including California, say the practice may violate their state law.
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