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More Defective Synthetic Mesh with Bard Avaulta

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Ormond Beach, FLWhen will Bard stop messing around with people's lives and stop making mesh products, including kugel mesh and Avaulta mesh?

The latest recall by Bard is its XenMatrix surgical mesh, although this product is made from pig tissue. Apparently, this current problem is caused by the testing mechanism, unlike the synthetic mesh that comprises the Avaulta product, which has caused irreparable damage to thousands of women and subsequently triggered Bard Avaulta lawsuits. Or the Kugel Mesh hernia repair patches, which were recalled in 2005 and 2006, and led to settlement offers of about $184 million in approximately 2,600 lawsuits that claimed serious complications caused by the Composix Kugel Mesh patch.

Experts believe that the Bard Avaulta surgical mesh design inhibits surrounding tissue from receiving nutrients and oxygen, causing impaired healing. This can lead to complications that may require further surgery. According to medical device expert Lana Keeton, the type of synthetic mesh used in the Bard Avaulta is a life-threatening device. "It is toxic, over-engineered and degrades during manufacture, shelf life and in the human body following surgical implantation,” she says.

Currently, lawsuits are being filed against the Avaulta TVM mesh implant, but attorneys are also looking at claims concerning the Bard mesh patch used for hernia repair.

"I had the Bard mesh implanted in my lower right abdomen when I had hernia repair back in January 2000 and it has given me no end of complications ever since," says Julia Regan. "According to my medical records, I had two big patches implanted by the standard procedure, but I had pain right after surgery, and the pain never stopped. And I have been dealing with massive infections throughout my entire body."

Regan says she has taken massive doses of antibiotics over the years and has had three subsequent surgeries in an attempt to remove the mesh.

"The more the surgeries cut away, the more adhesions they found, and the mesh disintegrated and moved around my body," says Regan. She had surgery for a simple incontinence problem, and regrets the day—her problems that have spanned more than a decade far surpass incontinence issues.

"I don't blame my surgeon since I went online and read about other patients with Bard mesh complaints and it is like they are telling my story," she says. "I believe my surgeon didn't know better, but since 2005, people have been figuring out that this synthetic mesh is wrong; this mesh shouldn't be put anywhere in your body. I can hardly believe this Avaulta mesh is still on the market.

"Now I am supposed to have another surgery but I had a heart attack in 2008, and I think it is related to all these infections. So how can I get the mesh removed with a serious heart condition? Before my heart attack, I saw pain doctors, neurologists and more—no one admitted it was defective. But now the FDA got Bard to admit it. I know it is likely too late for me to file a lawsuit against Bard, but at least I can tell others about my plight and warn them never to have this mesh implanted in your body."


Bard Avaulta TVM Legal Help

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In 2008 I had three hernias all treated by surgically implanted the mesh patches. The surgery was performed at Virginia mason hospital in Seattle Washington. I know the patches are failing as I experience the same or similar abdominal pain as before the operations. I questioned the surgeon at Virginia mason before he did the surgery about reacurinv injury. He assured me that was impossible. I was skeptical and persistent in my questioning. Until a point where the surgeon volunteered the fact that he had two patches surgically implanted on himself to assure me of his confidence in the product. I asked him" how did you get two hernias from performing surgery?" He. Said" I didn't it was preventive maintinence." Even though he told me it would be impossible to have a reaccuring injury, I asked "What if the impossible happened anyway. What if?" He replied," Well they would be inoperable." This as I had feared has all come to pass and as a result my skills as a carpenter electrician as well as many other trades that I have worked in over the last 32 years do me no good. As a result my financial situation, living situation, work situation and or career as well as many other aspects of my life have been limited. It has harmed me physically, financially, emotionally and as a hole reduced my quality of life and my pursuit of happiness. I hope you can help me.

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I am 60.9 mos years old. 2005 - had my 1st shoulder torn rotatar cuff repairfrom a fall at job's my building; 2007 had another surgery but tendon was torn badly so Dr. used a pig mesh implant patch. Started having problems with it again in 2008. Recession time came and I got laid off from job, no affordable insurance ; got unemployment compensation, went to foreclosure but finally found job affer 2yrs able to save home and got insurance.

Just had my 3rd surgery on 4/10/13 to remove debris and samples were sent to lab for analysis. Yesterday I got a call from my surgeon who informed me I have the results revealed infectious bacteria and now need to see infectious disease specialist for rigorous treatment for the bacterial infection due to the patch. Do I have grounds for a lawsuit?

I am pushing to return to work on 5/6 due to financial situation as my STD (short term disability) is $150/week before taxes and insurance costs, which leaves me with $15.30 to live on per week.

My life partner is in the home improvement field and no dependable income coming in - just odd jobs. Also have 24 yr old son here using a cane from dislocated knee and I can't afford to insure him at this time, nor is able to find work.

I would appreciate someone to contact me regarding what options I have. I would be happy to sign release/consent forms for paperwork/files needed.


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