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Aftermath of a Horrific Amusement Park Accident

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Louisville, KYIt is not only a parent's worst nightmare but anyone's worst nightmare??"in this case an Amusement Park Accident at a popular theme park that resulted in a 13-year-old girl having both of her feet severed above the ankle. Kaitlyn Lasitter survived, and doctors were able to re-attach her right foot. But they could not save her left, and Kaitlyn now walks with a prosthesis.

It was June 21, 2007, when Randy and Monique Lasitter had dropped their daughter off at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville for a day of fun. The plan was for Kaitlyn to hang out with some friends at the popular park, and at 13, Kaitlyn was being allowed to do some things on her own without her parents in tow.

Thus, the Lasitters weren't at the park when Kaitlyn and her friends climbed aboard the Superman Tower of Power, a ride that lifts passengers 177 feet into the air, followed by a stomach-churning drop at speeds reaching 50 miles per hour.

Theme Park Accidents happen, and everybody knows it. But on a bright June day, with summer beckoning and you're out with your friends, accidents are the last thing on your mind.

The girls rode the Tower of Power once, successfully. It wasn't a busy day and there was no lineup for the ride. The girls opted for a second ride??"a decision that would sadly result in a Horrific theme park accident and change Kaitlyn's life forever.

As the young Louisville teen described it later, on its second run the ride ascended to the top as normal. Then the chair in which they were riding began jerking around violently, and Kaitlyn smelled smoke. Unbeknownst to them, a cable had snapped??"a cable that would soon drop down on top of and over Kaitlyn, splitting her lip and coming to rest across her legs.

Then came the drop. As the Tower of Power car plummeted to the ground, the cable across Kaitlyn's legs tightened.

Both feet were cut off just above the ankle. Damage to her left foot was too extensive for reattachment??"doctors could not establish a consistent blood flow to the foot. But her right foot was cut cleanly, almost like it was sliced off with a guillotine.

The drama of the accident was caught in a CNN video which has since been removed due to respect for Kaitlyn. A year later Kaitlyn, still struggling, appeared in video shot by WLKY TV with her parents lobbying for Congressional oversight of the amusement park industry.

Since that video was shot, Kaitlyn's reattached right foot is no longer endangered and is functioning normally. She has gotten used to her left prosthesis and can now walk normally. Her family reached a settlement with Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom that will provide for Kaitlyn throughout her life. The Lasitters are also working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and US Rep. Edward Markey from Massachusetts to lobby for tighter amusement park regulations.

This June marks the fourth anniversary of that tragic accident. On that day, June 21, 2011, Kaitlyn will be 17 and has adjusted well. It has been a long road. But at least she escaped with her life, as challenging as her life has become. Some have not been so lucky, and there have been Amusement Park Deaths. Until advocates like the Lasitters succeed in their quest for more oversight of the amusement park industry, theme park accidents will continue??"more often than not leading to an amusement parks injury lawyer.


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I just heard of what happened i know that its awhile ago but I am so very sorry. It's unbelievable what happened to you. There are people who genuinely care about what happened. I am so sorry.

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Hi there all,

i am an anonymous person awhile back i wrote to kaitlyn awhile back and things didn't end up not doing well to her she had end up having a child and become a mo
her life has been more than the accident she told me and that everything in her life is sadly ruined i can't give out her fb because she blocked me awhile back but it seems sad that she never had a full recovery from the accident so a lot of other stuff went wrong in her life not just that
I can't get into more detail but she went through a lot of worse stuff afterwords

hopes this answers many people's concerns on her she does plan to a book on it but sadly its not looking well for her

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I lived in Louisville at the time of the accident. It was covered extensively by the media - for a loooong time. I do not recall any CNN video that "caught the drama but has since been removed". Interestingly, a personal injury lawyer has an ad on this page.

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I'm so sorry for kaitlyn I can't believe she went through that as a 14 year old and I love roller coasters and I could've been riding that ride

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what happened was quite horrible i was glad to hear Kaitlyn lasitter and her friends was okay after that horrific incident at the superman tower and the saddest part is there is known to be many other incidents that has gone wrong at the six flags like peter says the maintenance people should of done a lot better job but living threw that is wonderful

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Love you kaitlyn deep respect for you i will never go to a amusement park again motherf#ckers!!! Lack of maintenace stupid motherf#ckers she could have died that day xoxo for kaitlyn

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Martin, the ride was dismantled in 2008.

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They should take that ride off permently u are a hero u have a special place in my heart


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