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AMS Transvaginal Mesh “Caused the Perfect Storm”

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Midland, MISince having AMS transvaginal mesh implanted back in 2005, Lucy has suffered one complication after another. While on vacation two years ago, a minor fall created a “perfect storm,” which led to her being hospitalized for vaginal and rectal hemorrhage. She is finally having the mesh sling removed next week with Dr. Raz, the top mesh removal specialist in the United States.

Although Lucy (not her real name) had problems just weeks after the mesh was implanted, one incident led to dire complications that started with the transvaginal mesh.

“Two years ago I was in Maui with my daughter and had a minor fall,” says Lucy, age 62. “I was more intent on getting up before other tourists saw me than worry about any damage. I had a few bruises and my hip hurt but we went about our day.”

Next morning Lucy started to hemorrhage vaginally. She drove to the nearest hospital, went to the bathroom and passed a huge blood clot. Lucy was scared - she thought it was an organ. “I was rushed into the ER operating room and stitched up. Apparently when I fell, the mesh tore the lining of my vagina,” Lucy explains.

“A week later at home I threw up and had diarrhea at the same time; then I started to hemorrhage rectally. I spent a week in hospital but they never found the cause. At the time I knew there were problems with transvaginal mesh but I didn’t want to go there. But now I had to do something because the doctors I saw didn’t know what to do. I also thought these doctors were conspiring - and I am not a conspiracy theorist. They don’t want to disagree with the doctor who implanted the mesh and nobody wants to deal with it.”

Lucy did find someone to deal with it. She started researching mesh removal and found Dr. Shlomo Raz at UCLA. He could see the mesh with a physical exam and followed up with an ultrasound. Lucy’s first surgery to remove the mesh is scheduled for October 15. She hasn’t even been able to eat properly in over a year: Dr. Raz has diagnosed her with systemic inflammation.

“Dr. Raz said my vaginal cavity is totally atrophied and he is expecting at least three surgeries to completely remove this mesh,” says Lucy.
“I was very fortunate to see Dr. Raz. His assistant said he is very busy removing it in so many women. As well, his surgeries are reduced because he is training other doctors to remove it.”

Lucy is trying to stay positive. She was told that the AMS mesh would help treat her urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse problems. “My first baby weighed almost 10 lbs. I am 5' 3" and weighed 120 lbs,” says Lucy, laughing. “My son is 6' 5" and wears a size 16 shoe. He picks me up whenever he wants and gives me a big hug.”

But even if Lucy wanted to, she can’t have sex. “Right after the mesh was put in, sex was uncomfortable and it just kept getting worse,” she says. My husband and I haven’t had sex in 10 years; it is a wonder he still likes me.” They have also sued American Medical Systems for loss of consortium.

“How dare these transvaginal mesh makers be allowed to put another new medical product on the market while they are still clearing up this mesh mess? I was one of their first guinea pigs back in 2005. And I am furious with them.”


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Well, it looks as though another year has come and gone with not even a hint of a settlement. I have had and still have only one wish. Pardon me for a moment while I run down my year: I started out 2015 in pain which only got worse, and was accompanied with a large dose of being tossed from one doctor to another who ran every test possible to run up as many bills as possible. In the end I was sent to see a surgeon who brought his 3 surgeon buddies with him. Finally it was said. You are going to die, followed by which is why I have asked Dr. #&*)%^ to sit in today. He is a Pain Specialist who will help you through this, and lastly, we are very sorry, but there is no way you would survive another surgery to attempt removing the rest of the eroded mesh.
Then came the 1st of March. I still work everyday somehow. I live in constant pain, I have withdrawn from family and friends (I think it will be easier in the end this way) and here I sit on the 17 of December 2015 with only two changes, I don't think this is going to kill me anymore, I know it will, and I have a mound of new medical bills to prove it.
So what is my one wish? My wish is to get enough in a settlement to pay off all my bills so that I can die with just a little dignity. Doesn't look like that is going to happen either.

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I am glad to finally hear someone else say the same thing that I told my husband, Cece said it right when she said that her brain does not talk to her bladder any more. I am sorry that we are going thru this awful period in our life. I had the mesh done in 2011, I wish I had heard about this before I did it. I am fifty-six years old and haven't had sex but one time since having this mess put in me and It was not finished due to the pain that I could not bear. I got this mesh to kept me from leaking when little things like sneezing, coughing and laughing caused me to leak, boy do I wish for those days now. I used to be able to hold my water till I get to the restroom, now half of the time I don't know when I got to go and I be done went with out warning, I cannot control my bowels half of the time either. Depends are very expensive.
I don't know what kind of settlement can replace our quality of life. Depressed and Angry!!

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Just as lucy had her mess mesh implant put in but i didn't have a fall never the less 2005 is the same time I was implanted with this device that I was never told I was getting in the first Place,the first 6 weeks after i had it, it fell out thru my vaginal wall as when my significant other had sex it stuck his penis and he threw me sailing thru the air like a trapeez artist and went to the hospital and that is when i should of had her take it out, I would of been mesh free, what did I know other than these Dr's need to be educated an they are not 1. the FDA should be held accountable as well !!!! she re-jammed it back up there with a cork like screw,I read my medical on that surgery revision and wanted to puke, and or beat the crap out of this dr because she slung me so tight I thought my bladder ruptured or the implant was cutting into it, this all at 44 yrs old suppose a simple hysterectomy .... ,went to a uro dr and he said that these gyno's should not be performing these hernia hammock operations, she did sling me too tight ,for the next 9 yrs what hell i have been through and I have a Lawyer, 2 more revision surgeries and waiting to see how much more can I wait to get a settlement is ridiculous.. This MESH IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE IN WOMENS VAGINA YOU F*CKIN PIECES OF SH*T !!!! IT BREEDS BACTERIA AN ERODES FROM THE BLADDER BECAUSE BLOOD VESSELS look for a opening to go thru and it cuts off the urethra and the plutus nerve as in me so I don't void right I can't hold more than a 180mls of urine as most hold more, pain under my pupic bone buzzing and sharp pieces sticking out forever as i could feel them, they think they are gonna offer me 16,000 for my insides crippled as my brain does not TALK to my bladder anymore. We need to write the newspapers more and local congressman, Dakey you are very angry and bitter, yes and they are not God that is why this is our lovely Food n Drug Administration Strangulation that is not Federally Regulated, they will see in the end how all this plays out, I'm sick of waiting for something to happen so I'm going to push like no one ever has ( PERSIST UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) THat is what PUSH means.....

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We can relate to your story in so many ways . I didnt fall but the very ablity of thinking how could a vaginal mesh have so much in pact on a women bodies would be cause for concern . I went to my doctor he stated my vaginal mesh moved from my bladder and is cutting through my tissues ,from my stomach and my vaginal area . Well I've had surgeries before and last I looked, no material made for women bodies or humans should have to experience such a horrific ordeal . This ordeal is up there with pure hatred as if Hitler was back in charge and we have no choice . Johnson and Johnson Ethicon, took the time to hire these Doctors ( Dr.Jekyll 's and Mr . Hyde's) to play God . Last I look and I pay close attention because you never know which circus of clowns is giving organizations money like Alex Gorsky to tell lies about Vaginal Mesh Polypropylene Plastic . I remembered a book as a child Call Frankenstein you know that Dr.Victor Frankenstein Knew he had some problems. The Corporations are wrong . Your not God , You will never remake human . HERE IS YOUR BLUFF BILLIONAIRES . PROVE YOU ARE GOD'S . MAKE A PERFECT HUMAN . IF NOT YOUR JUST A MONEY WORSHIPING PIG THAT SHOULD BE SLAUGHTER AND BUTCHERED JUST LIKE YOU DID TO US WOMEN . LET'S GO LET THE REAL GAMES BEGIN .WHAT'S WRONG BILLIONAIRES ARE YOU A DICTATOR OR A SLAVE. BETTER YET JUST KEEP HIDING FROM THE POOR BECAUSE WE SCARE YOU .You see the real GOD will always help us not you all you are low life scumbags.


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