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Adderall Caused Seizures

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Salt Lake City, UTTen years ago Cindy was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Adderall to help her focus. The amphetamine drug did the trick, but at a terrible cost: Cindy had a few psychotic episodes and then developed seizures.

“I took Adderall in my early 20s when I was at college and it helped - for a while,” says Cindy. “Then I got these weird episodes: I would walk into a room and stop in my tracks; I would literally stop moving for a few seconds and then come back to earth. I wasn’t even aware of it. And because of that I was diagnosed with seizures; there are certain kinds of seizures where you stand in place, stuck there.”

Of course Cindy immediately stopped taking the drug after discovering psychological side effects such as Adderall bipolar issues. She hasn’t had a seizure for about two years but has to take seizure meds for the rest of her life. “As for the ADHD, I just live with it,” Cindy explains. She has also learned how to live with ADHD without amphetamines.

“I have a routine that I stick to for work and my life in general, and that helps,” Cindy says. “I am an office assistant for a small company and I enjoy it, because they switch out my job once in a while so I don’t get bored. They know about my issues and I am so thankful for their understanding.

“I did some research on Adderall side effects and took my prescription to my neurologist - she confirmed that Adderall caused my seizures. I had an anxiety breakdown when I first started college and our family GP sent me to a psychiatrist, who prescribed Adderall. I only took it for a few months; god knows where I would be now if I took it for any longer.

“During my psychotic episodes, I saw people who weren’t there and I was constantly paranoid: I thought people were watching me and talking about me.

“I tried to finish college but didn’t make it. I had a choice: to stay on Adderall and possibly finish college or stop taking it and not focus and fail college. But the determining factor was my health and these seizures. If I stayed on Adderall much longer, I think they would have gotten worse. And my neurologist said as much.”

Adderall is prescribed for people like Cindy with attention deficit disorder, but many college students use the drug indiscriminately. It helps them pull all-nighters to study and it is used as a stimulant. While students take the drug to help get them through college, Adderall could also stop them from finishing their education: it comes with a black box warning because Adderall has been associated with stroke, heart attacks and even death.


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Thank you for sharing your story. I too have had some, actually All of the experiences that you described. The shadow people seeing people and having seizures where I bit my tongue and fell out. My advice is, stop the Xanax and begin taking kolonpin in its place. Kolonpin is just as strong but has a longer half life so it lasts much longer. It does not kick in quite as fast but you will be happy with this adjustment in my opinion. I too am on depakote 1,500mg/day for seizures along with several other meds which those I could do without. But start with the switch to kolonpin it will give you that balance back and relieve that tension in your neck and head that I know your probably getting ;-)
Tell me what you think. Thanks

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I am 27 with 2 kids, I suffer from epilepsy but not frequent episodes maybe once or twice a yr, day 2 on 30mg of Adderall, I have 3 partial seizures In less than 24 hr and 1 6min grand mal. After the partial I as usual took my as needed medicine for seizures and just waited it out, run their course, then the grandmal put me down. I didn't talk right for almost an hr and half after coming concious from the tonic clinic seizure

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I had a seizure due to adderall and was put in icu. I have had two pyschotic episodes with adderall and my doctor only had me come in for one check up in the past 3 years of taking the medication with zero test. she is only my family doctor and not a psychologist. i now have 50k in medical bills and prescriced depokote for my seizures now. I am afraid to drive and unalble to look for employment due tp the severity of the seizure i had. Approxometly 5 years ago i was admited to a pyschatric ward for 3 days due to the hallicnations it ced. I was wondering if its possible that i could get any compensation for my near death experience due to not being minitored but a few times in all the years of taking this medication. My family doctor also precrisbed me xanax to deal with the anxiety adderall caused me.Any advice would be very helpful as I am now u
unemployed and unalble to drive and find it difficult to do some daily task since this happened due to feeling very light headed.


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