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From Caffeine Pills to Adderall

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Norfolk, VAWhen Steve was an undergraduate, he started taking caffeine pills and says his grades got a whole lot better - from C’s to A’s. So it is no surprise that he took a psychiatrist’s advice and took Adderall.

“When I was in grad school, I had trouble concentrating, I couldn’t pay attention,” says Steve, age 36. “My doctor referred me to a psychiatrist who had me fill out a questionnaire, which apparently determined that I suffered from ADHD. He told me not to worry about any Adderall side effects - what a mistake that was. Looking back, I can hardly believe that any health professional can conclude just from a questionnaire that you have ADHD, and secondly, not know of Adderall effects.”

As soon as Steve started Adderall, he began having illusions of grandeur, thinking he was better than everyone else, thinking he could do anything. “I thought I was some kind of genius, that I was so ‘rad,’” says Steve. “I got these crazy ideas, one of which was that my professor was controlling my mind. I am now banned from the campus because I kept blaming him whenever I didn’t get what I wanted.”

If you take more Adderall than your prescribed dosage, that is probably too much and it could mean that you are addicted. Adderall overdosage can lead to Adderall stroke and other heart issues. Steve says he took up to 180 mg at once - it is a wonder that he is still alive. (The maximum safe daily doses of Adderall are 40 mg/day for children and 70 mg/day in adults.)

“I never finished my graduate degree, which I blame on Adderall. I was 26 years old when I started graduate school and when I started Adderall. I quit taking the drug nine months before I entered the military, but only because my closest friends told me that I was turning into a lunatic. It was like I was bipolar. I was paranoid and started to get suicidal thoughts, to the extent that I wound up in hospital from overdosing - more than once. I thought if I took more of it I could be like Einstein and it never occurred to me that Adderall was dangerous. Both times in hospital they gave me a drug to stabilize me. No one ever addressed the Adderall issue.”

For the past decade, Adderall abuse has been rampant on high school and college campuses. Availability is easy - Steve says he used to sell Adderall to his friends - until they too were diagnosed with ADHD and got their own prescriptions. For people who do not suffer from ADHD, Adderall is said to help focus, increase energy and decrease appetite. It can also cause stroke, heart attack and death.


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It is amazing to me that more people do not talk about the addictive nature of drugs like Adderall. Anything that increases Dopamine levels at a high rate is going to addictive. I prefer to take a natural alternative like Addrena.

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all the various mood medications cause existing feelings and emotions to be altered in ways which vary fron individual. thus you have variations of what is existing normal everyday actions of ones life to then be altered and in ways it can accentuate some variations which were normal for a person while decreasing the others without notice. others of course if aware of a person or child taking any form of a medication would in general expect the medication is working because they notice and expect a change. it can be with close ones the little everyday displays of affections which diminish and in others a subtle increase of existing tolerable actions, behavior in speaking, interaction, or some other display in expressions. usually the child, teen, adult, cannot identify a specific area of the body or other area which is impacted. the various mood medications tend to dull over all one's existing sense processing. therefore there is no specific way the individual can say,"I no longer have that pain or more specific localized area. there is according to the experts, no definite empirical way to identify a biological localized area of a mental disorder. it cannot be seen or specified except by peoples comments and the doctor who can decide in a setting which is not a definable general over all observation in a person's daily life and how they interact. various environments can be toxic in many ways without a person, child, family member and home atmosphere being a major part. change a persons everyday feelings and emotions then you obviously change their mind functioning and also instinctual reactions which are the same more conscious mind activity. it is not a change which is more a specific biological function of a person's actions of total functioning daily adjustments with the psychoactive medications. they do not just work in the brain. serotonin for example is produced in the stomache as all fluids are processed and then circulated. I read that 90% of a persons serotonin is processed and produced in the second brain which is the stomache. This is an indication which infers a lot more than need to respond.take a poll about how many individuals who were prescribed a variation of some sort ended up divorced or have a more troubling marriage due to loss of the previous everyday displays of some sort of attention, affection, and find some interesting facts about various psychoactive medications. the increases in existing nuances and how they can become something much stronger than they were. also how the experts have said they actually cause various disorders to manifest which did not exist before. based on opinions of course because there is no biologically identifiable specific way to empirically identify a particular cellular disorder except by how one needs to sustain there fluctuating daily amounts which they do naturally. except at times when an increase in a total over all adjustment varies the existing daily fluctuating in many ways that can be no, no's. also, print the words you see is what? two words spaced or one word - best to all


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