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Post Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Plaintiffs involved in lawsuits often wait through years of court cases, meetings and depositions before they obtain an award or reach a settlement. In some cases, plaintiffs face severe financial hardship during those times, especially if they are unable to work or if they must work reduced hours as a result of their injury. Post-settlement funding allows plaintiffs access to cash to help cover their expenses while they wait for their settlement or verdict to be paid out. For plaintiffs facing financial difficulties, post-settlement legal funding can be a lifesaver, offering immediate access to cash to cover expenses. Because post-settlement litigation funding is based only on the merits of the case, the plaintiff does not have to worry about work history or credit ratings possibly affecting his chances of receiving the settlement advance.


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What Is Post-Settlement Legal Funding

post_settlement_funding_moneypage.jpgPost-settlement legal funding is offered in circumstances where a settlement is achieved or an award has been won but the money is not immediately forwarded to the plaintiff. This can happen for a number of reasons. In cases where a judgment is awarded, the defendant can file an appeal of the decision. Appeals can still take years to reach a conclusion, further delaying the actual pay out of the award. Even if a settlement is achieved, the defendant can take months to pay the agreed-upon amount. During this time, the client may still have medical bills, fees and other costs that he is unable to pay for.

Unfortunately, many personal injury cases are the result of serious harm or injury to the plaintiff involved. He may require significant time off work—if he can return to work at all—and his treatment may be expensive. During such times, the plaintiff may experience extreme financial hardship that could put his recovery in jeopardy, if he cannot afford his medical bills or prescriptions. Furthermore, if he cannot afford regular living expenses, he may face foreclosure, eviction, and repossession of vehicles, through no fault of his own.

Post-settlement lawsuit funding is provided in this situation, offering a non-recourse cash advance to plaintiffs. The litigation funding is based only on the merits of the case, not on credit-worthiness, employment history verifications or monthly payments. Post-settlement funding helps to ensure a client can pay his expenses while he waits for his award to be paid. In cases where the defendant appeals a verdict, post-settlement litigation funding helps prevent situations where the client accepts a settlement less than he legally deserves to relieve his financial pressure.

What Is Post-Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Post-settlement funding provides the plaintiff cash by purchasing the unpaid settlement. Settlement funding can be provided in monthly installments or in a lump sum. Types of lawsuits that can be eligible for post-settlement funding include personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, negligence, employment disputes or class action lawsuits.

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Last updated on May-30-12