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Lawsuit Funding for Attorneys

Lawsuit funding provides attorneys with consistent cash flow based on their caseload, so they can stop worrying about finances and focus on their cases. Loans for lawyers are designed to make up for periods between when a case is taken and when it finally settles, to allow attorneys access to their legal fees, so they can take on new litigation, pay staff, advertise and hire expert witnesses. Money given in loans for law firms is based on the contingent fee portfolio.


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Lawsuit Financing

attorney_lawsuit_fundingLawsuit financing involves the lender analyzing the attorneys contingent fee portfolio, determining the approximate amount of contingent fees the firm will receive in upcoming years and granting a law firm loan or legal line of credit based on those contingent fees. Rather than only basing the loan on the law firm's personal assets, the lender bases the loan on expected contingent fees from ongoing lawsuits. The money provided is non-recourse, meaning if the attorney loses the case, the financer does not recover the money loaned.

Legal lines of credit help ensure that plaintiffs' attorneys can afford to continue a lawsuit against defendants that often have deep pockets—such as major corporations or large-scale insurance companies--and who are willing to file endless appeals and discovery demands in the hope that the plaintiff will run out of funds and drop the lawsuit, or settle for less than he deserves. A legal line of credit can help prevent such situations, so plaintiffs' attorneys can afford to continue lawsuits and help their clients obtain the damages they deserve.

Loans for attorneys mean that the attorney does not have to settle a case too soon or drop a lawsuit because of inadequate funding, increasing the likelihood that the plaintiff will receive the full amount he is entitled to. Loans for lawyers also mean that attorneys may be able to take on bigger cases, which may take longer to conclude.

Cases that are usually accepted by loan advancers include personal injury, wrongful death, whistleblower, breach of contract, class action, legal malpractice and civil rights lawsuits. Money forwarded in a cash advance for lawyers can be used for law firm expenses, such as paying for staff, expert witness costs, expansion of the firm or advertising.

Lawsuit Funding for Attorneys

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Last updated on Jun-29-12