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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination means an employer has fired or laid off an employee in violation of their legal rights. If wrongful termination law is violated, a wrongfully terminated employee may file a wrongful employment termination complaint with government agencies and/or file a private lawsuit, usually with the help of wrongful termination lawyers.


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Understanding Wrongful Termination

To answer the question, "What is Wrongful Termination?" (and to determine whether someone may have been wrongfully terminated), it helps to understand what the phrase "employment at-will" means.

All states have adopted the employment "at-will" doctrine to some degree, which means that employees can generally quit their jobs at any time without advanced notice or cause. It also means that an employer can generally fire or lay off their employees at any time without a reason. Employers often, and legitimately, ask employees to sign contracts or agreements that document and enforce the terms of at will employment, usually in company policy manuals.

There are exceptions to this doctrine. Employees and employers aren't allowed to breach employment contracts or agreements, or violate laws, regulations, constitutional provisions or public policy when terminating employment. As well, possible exceptions include breach of implied contract, reliance on an offer of employment and intentional emotional distress. At will employees can be fired for job-related problems, or for non-job-related reasons such as the boss not liking your jokes, or a personality conflict.

However, at will employees who were wrongfully terminated have challenged the doctrine in court and won and received compensation, including wrongful termination damages.

The Employment at Will Doctrine differs with each state. Your state's labor office can advise you on its policy or you can consult a wrongful termination attorney. For additional state-specific wrongful termination information, see New York Wrongful Termination, New Jersey Wrongful Termination, California Wrongful Termination, and Washington Wrongful Termination.


Send your Wrongful Termination claim to a lawyer who will review your claim at NO COST or obligation.Get Legal Help Now

Wrongful Termination Examples

Wrongful Termination LawThere is no specific wrongful termination law. Rather, there are a number of federal laws that, if violated, can constitute a wrongful termination. An employer must illegally discharge an employee to violate wrongful termination laws. No matter how unfair it seems, if your discharge is not illegal, wrongful termination law may not apply.

Some examples of wrongful termination occur if an employer laid off or fired an employee:
  • In violation of a state or Federal discrimination law (1)
  • In violation of the employment-related provisions in the Fair Credit Reporting Act or Bankruptcy Act
  • In violation of rights granted by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • In violation of a state voting leave law
  • In violation of the employer's own discharge policy
  • In breach of an explicit or implied contract of employment or an employer-union collective bargaining agreement (contract law)
  • In breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  • According to the constructive discharge doctrine (2)
  • Because the employee would not break a law (public policy violation)
  • Under the guise of a false statement of fact
  • For jury duty (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure Act)
  • Insufficient Cause (3)
Wrongful Termination Discrimination(1) Discrimination: if you have been discriminated against because of race, sex, religion, disability or age, it may be a breach of your human rights.

(2) Constructive Dismissal: If you felt pressured to resign, or your working conditions were made to be so horrible you couldn't continue working, you may be able to claim constructive discharge. You may also claim constructive dismissal if your pay or working conditions have been degraded or if your level of responsibility has been reduced.

(3) Insufficient Cause: Actions such as theft, violence or threatening behavior may be cause for immediate dismissal. However, isolated instances of a less serious nature can not normally be used as an excuse to fire someone, unless there is a history of such behavior.

In some states an employee might be wrongfully terminated if an employer discharged an employee in retaliation for:
  • Reasonably exercising employee rights under relevant employment and labor laws
  • Reasonably exercising union rights
  • Legitimately taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Serving in the military
  • Wage garnishment for one debt
  • Whistleblowing

Whistleblower Wrongful Termination

Whistleblowing has gotten a lot of attention in recent years due to the popularity of movies like "The Informant" starring Matt Damon, and "The Insider" starring Russell Crowe. But anyone can be a whistleblower--and the law states that it is illegal to fire an employee, or to engage in retaliation against an employee, for whistleblowing.
Any person who "interferes" with the livelihood of an employee who has provided information to legal authorities regarding alleged illegal activity of their employer, is subject to up to 10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Contract Employee and Wrongful Termination

If you have a contract, your termination will be governed by the terms of the contract, unless the contract states you are an at-will employee, in which case you may be fired "at will". Contracts may be written or oral, even based on a promise that your "job would be secure".

Filing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

If you think you have been wrongfully terminated, it's a good idea to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer. As well, a short statute of limitations may apply, so seek advice sooner than later. A wrongful termination lawsuit can be filed either with a government agency that enforces labor laws, or in a private lawsuit. If your employer's violation is related to a specific part of state or federal law, you might want to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Occupational and Safety Hazards Administration, or your state's labor offices.

Wrongful TerminationIf you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, you may have a right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer. Legal remedies that may be available to you include wrongful termination damages. If you haven't been officially terminated yet, an experienced wrongful termination attorney can help you negotiate an appropriate severance package that includes adequate compensation.

If your employer has violated public or company policy, a private lawsuit is typically the only way to settle disputes. Wrongful termination attorneys often take wrongful employee termination cases on a contingency basis.

Wrongful Termination Legal Help

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, please click the link below to send your complaint to an Employment attorney who will review your claim at no charge or obligation.
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New York Wrongful Termination alleging unjust termination of job.

California Wrongful Termination alleging unjust termination of job.


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Blue and White-Collar California Employees Wrongfully Terminated, National Labor Relations Board Assists
April 3, 2018
Santa Cruz, CA: In October 2015, two Spanish-speaking employees of Goodwill Central Coast were fired for reporting to their manager that another manager harassed them and threatened to kill one of them. Finally their case has been settled: a National Labor Relations Board judge ordered they be reinstated, with back pay. Also in federal court, Walmart is accused of wrongful termination and retaliation, both California labor law violations [READ MORE]

Google Hit with Another California Wrongful Termination Lawsuit
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Plaintiff Settles with Bank of America Corp. NA at the Eleventh Hour
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I got hurt at work and was told by my boss to go the ER, and the ER told me to follow up with my primary. I came back to work and filled out the paperwork for Workmans comp and then I was told by my primary to see an ortho specialist. My employer told me I was suspended because they did not believe I got hurt at work, and told me to turn in my keys and they would be in contact with me. The workmans comp sent me to a ortho specialist. They all the claim numbers and adjuster name. He gave me a letter to go back to work. that was Dec 21. On Jan 23 I received a letter that I was terminated Dec 21 and the reason was misconduct. and they would not give me a referral or be used as a reference for any future jobs. I did not lie about my injury and there is no explanation about what I did wrong. I do have a lawyer that I had been in contact with but they referred me to an employment lawyer. I have never been disciplined in the 6 yrs I have always had good evaluations. I believe it is because of my age and they don't want me to collect unemployment. I don't know how I would get another job. Please advise me as to what to do.

Posted by dp on

I just fired Friday after working for kindred hospice in Marion county since April. My manager and ED called me in the office one day saying that the have complains about me but won’t say from how and what they’re and the write me up and said if they get another one that’s my final. My Ed told me that she’s not going to loose her facility patients over me nor get fired that it will be me. Can I sue then for wrongful firing me? Oh that that I’m Indian/ Muslim and she can’t have me working certain places.

Posted by Margaret mohamed on

My boss fired me for stealing but the customer took the money and after she watched the camera closely she realized that she was wrong she said that there was a spot open if I need it but she already embarrassed me in front of all of the other coworkers do I have a case

Posted by Olivia on

i was termainal by company beacuse i am hearing impaired. my co worker report to company that i was yelled at him manager text to me come to my office. i say ok i went to office with my manager. manager said you harassing at him. i say no beacuse i knew that someone(coworker) had steady things in the apaprtment without permission. manager said ok few days later manager said you are termination. i did wrote down on human right. few months later human right said you are won beacuse it s wrong termination.

i am now having a difficult time finding a job and a home.

Posted by carolyn schindler on

I got terminated from the Home Depot company here in Flushing New York after working there for almost 14 years as a pro cashier/coach/Credit card captain. I was pulled to the manager's office by the lost prevention manager and one of the assistant store manager on October 24th 2016. The lost prevention manager told me that I was being dishonest with the company for using $25 OFF coupons that didn't belong to me on purchases that I made inside the store which is not true because when my wife and my brother opened several accounts under their names they got $25 off coupons with their temporary charge passes and they gave me those coupons to use them for myself. The Home Depot company was expecting me to open certain amount of credit card accounts every week to meet their company goal. They were pressuring me every day on opening new credit card accounts.Therefore, I called my wife and my brother to come over to Home Depot and try to open some consumer accounts and some commercial accounts under their names every week. When they got approved, $25 off coupons came along with their shopping passes. I started using those coupons for purchases because they didn't need the coupons. They just helped me get some credit cards for the company. Secondly, the lost prevention manager told me that I was using a tax exempt number for making those purchases as well. My brother and I own a business and we are partners so I don't know why I am not allowed to use my tax exempt number for making purchases for our business. Then, the lost prevention manager told me that I was doing my own surveys for the Home Depot company. Again, that's not true. The managers were pressuring all the cashiers every week in bringing the survey numbers up to 9 or higher. Most of the customers were not doing the survey. Therefore as a customer when I was making purchases on my lunch break or on my day off I would go online and do some surveys for the company to protect my job. Now you tell me if I did something wrong.

Posted by Ahmad Baqi on

My story is a little long, so please forgive me.

I was hired for a job in February. Walked into a huge mess where the person that I replaced was not doing what she was supposed to do. I was working on things and trying to stay afloat had no training was just basically thrown to the sharks and expected to swim. Fast forward to five months in....I was pulled into a meeting with my manager and was told that my performance was below her expectations. While I understood things may not have been perfect. I let her know that I was overwhelmed with trying to teach myself how to use their systems and was just keeping my head afloat. We discussed a few more times and agreed to meet once a week to discuss goals and promote success. Being the adult that I am I did not let things fester. I knew that changes needed to be made and made them. In August we had my 6 month review. My supervisor and I both agreed that things had gotten better and we were both excited for the future. I thanked her for the opportunity to improve and expressed how passionate I was about my job. I went on vacation soon after that and came back and picked right back up where I left off. I was excited to come to work and was preparing for the future. In September I took a long weekend with family and ended up becoming very ill. I was in the hospital for 9 days and had three surgeries while I was there. I applied for short term disability and was approved. I was out of work for over a month. While I was out I did try to stay on top of my emails. I would forward questions to coworkers, I would submit invoices to AP, I would reply to emails from my team. I was supposed to go back to work on October 17, however, due to my illness my doctor extended my leave until the 24 of October. On October 24 I went to work. We all chatted but nothing was said. I finished out the first week back feeling good. I was tired but it was nice to get back into somewhat of a routine. On November 2nd I was called into my bosses office. She told me this was not working and that she was letting me go. She told me that things had fallen through the cracks, I was unresponsive to emails, and I had not taken care of something that was due in October. In my defense, I was out of work from September 19-October 23. What it boils down to is I believe I was being evaluated during a time when I physically was not able to work due to my disability. Do I have a case with the OFCCP?


Posted by Leigh on

Hi I've been told by my boss That our store will be closing in less than 4 days and I will no longer have a job. Please tell me is this legal and is it ok for him to inform me in less than a week that I won't have no way to survive and so little time to solve my problem? I've been working for this place for 11 years now. I really need the help I don't know what to do from here it's all a rush and a panic and I'm already behind on finances now

Posted by Private on

A couple a couple weeks ago a couple of my coworkers convinced me to eat some anchovies that a customer ordered but changed her mind.They were ordered as a side to a salad, I was a server and it was a server and the cook that offered them to me. This cook doesn't usually offer any food but at the time I didn't think anything of it. So I took the anchovies had a little bit of marinara sauce and mozzarella in a separate dish and dipped the fish into the sauce . Approximately 45 minutes later my stomache began hurting and then more so . I finished my shift a couple hours later. When I got home I had severe diarrhea that was at first brown then turned red. It was pure blood I seeked medical attention . I brought a specimen to the doctors office which the receptionist, the nurse, and the doctor witnessed. The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic used to treat a food Bourne illnesses which did in fact work. I told my boss about my concern that I had food poisoning from her astablishment , she showed not one ounce of empathy. When I returned back to work my coworkers laughed and joked about me being ill and the serious end of my condition . When my boss and I confronted my coworkers to find out who had the customer that ordered the side of anchovies,, no one had a customer that ordered anchovies ??? So I told my boss that I felt that my coworkers could have intentionally tried to make sick like they contaminated the fish and set me up to eat it.since then my coworkers tried to crack my security in my phone while I was in the restroom . I approached them asking what are you doing? My phone was on a safety mechanism and wasn't allowed to access it for another three minutes. I told them to stay away from my phone because it could lock up and I could loose all my data. I walked away and went in the back to stock some to go containers when came back another coworker was trying to access my phone. I was upset told them to stay away from phone grabbed and went into restroom to take a deep breath. When I came out my boss told me to put my phone in my apron. Things were weird at work since then. Last night the owner came in the husband of my boss that I told about the food poisoning. Told me I was cut because it was slow. I said to him I'm suppose to close tonight. He said no you're not.. So I finished up with my table. And i noticed that the coworker that wasn't serving was taking a table ?? I knew something was wrong. I asked one of my coworkers what would you like me to do before I leave because I was the closer and now I'm leaving volume . The owner then said you're all set just cash out and I need to talk to you in the I did so walked into the back handed him my slip . He said tonight is your last night. Told me that his neighbor was dining in the restaurant Andover heard me say to my coworkers that we work at a one star restaurant and added that I said he has poor parenting skills. I said I never said you had poor parenting skills..?? Weird. I walked back to the front to clock out and turned to boss and asked are sure this has nothing to do with the fact that I got foo poisoning from here a couple weeks back??? Then I left.

Posted by A.e on

I worked for this company for 31 years and was an exempt employee,on 2011 I was given the noticed that the plant was going to close, on feb 2012 I was given an opportunity to run another plant, same job description 6 months after I went to the hospital sick, than I went one more time a month later, than I went on disability, on feb 2014 since my dr could not give me any more off notes I ask the company what should I do, Im still can not work I was told to bring a note from dr. with a job description,well the company got the note and ask for a meeting, at the meeting they did not want to discuss the drs. note but job termination offering severance package i had 45 days to sign which I did, but since I was sick ( and still recovering from mental and anxiety illness) , mental and physical illed can I still dispute the wrongful termination. although its almost 2.5 years ago

Posted by joao victor on

I worked as an overnight with one of the DMH agency in Boston. On 8/25/16; while watching the mid night news; i dozed off and woke up to continue my duty. That's the only one time this happened since I have been working with them. The manager briefly talked abt it in staff meeting and 2 weeks later she asked me via a telephone conversation and I told her what happened exactly. On 8/31 I was called by her that I got suspended and on 9/2; she called me to HR office and they terminated my employment.

I need help on what to do.

Thank you.

Posted by Adeniran A on

I work at walmart been there 4 yrs not makeing enough so i needa second job at dollar genral during the days so does not enter fear with walmart. Walmart told me they cou lo d fire me is that legal

Posted by ryan g on

I was fired this morning via telephone. I worked with a woman who had verbal altercations with everyone in the store, then she turned on me. Asst Mgr and Mgr were present on three difference occasions when I asked for assistance from them. After the third occasion, my Mgr told me to stand up for my self. When this woman used her shoulder to push me out of the way, my mgr spoke to the woman who denied everything. My Mgr then asked me to show her what happened and when I did the woman said I physically assaulted her and what was the mgr going to do about it. She then filed a complaint with HR and I was told to write a statement of events which I did. I was suspended from work immediately and now fired. No one from HR ever contacted me to follow-up on this. Like I said, this woman has had verbal altercations with every other employee and it is openly talked about, no one will work with her other than the asst mgr and store mgr. I met or exceed my sales goals every shift and this morning was fired because I am within my probationary period and not a good fit.

Posted by San Diego on

Hi my question would be that in my current job the are telling use that by July 22 2016 we won't be a part of the company they are letting everyone go but what is to go through a temporary agency with less pay to stay working, my questions is do we have any rights cause I have been in this company for almost 8 years and my earnings are 15 dollar's and hour and with the temporary agency is going to get cut to 12 dollar's and hour I just feel they are giving us the boot,

Posted by Fernando Flores on

My story starts 3 years ago when I worked for Walmart! This was my 2nd time working for Walmart. I started in June 2013 and worked until November 2013, I only say that because I was terminated then! I was doing just fine as an employee and obeying the rules and such, when come along October, I didn't receive any work hours at all... None!! So it wasn't until almost the 2nd week of November when I got a call from my supervisor saying that they wanted to have me come in and so they can talk with me! Pretty much they explained saying that since I didn't come in at all last month, (October) while being back in November and they said that it was my fault for not coming in and so they had to terminate me!! But wait there's more... Technically it was not my fault cause the person in charge of doing the schedule didn't put any work hours in my schedule so how could it be my fault? That just makes no sense what so ever!!

Posted by Jonathan Wainwright on

I was recently terminated as a director of nursing. Problems began approximately 6 months ago. First week of February i was called by a Regional boss told me that an anonymous caller called the facilities owner in which I worked and told him that I was cursing residents. I was suspended for 3 days of course I was paid for time off and brought back because it was substantiated . On my day back , I was confronted by multiple employees asking me who I had cursed and what happened. The administrators best friend is a certified nursing assistant and I was told that the administrator had told her friend the aide and she had told other staff. The second day on a Tuesday when I began to enter my office I noticed a brown substance in my floor. Someone had used a large syringe and squirted feces under my door. I have pictures. I went immediately to my immediate supervisor the administrator in which she was in disbelief as was I. After nothing else had been mentioned of the incident, I told my boss I was calling the Regional Director and the adm. stated she would do it. The Regional Director told adm to have my office cleaned up and began interviews from staff. Of course no one was identified. Within the next week or two an employee who was a staff development coordinator began telling new staff terrible things about me. A new employee knew after a few weeks of working the SDC had not told the truth . She and I confronted the administrator, within 3 days nothing had happened and atmosphere had become very tense. The administrator had become annoyed by this new employee because she didnt want to deal with the problems. I called the HR director in which she came to the facility and interviewed staff, the was a huge blow to my integrity of nursing of 25 years. SDC ended up quitting due to she knew she would more than likely be terminated. I have had problems with this administrator since employment of DON. If I reprimanded staff under my direct supervision she would revoke my decision and tell me she didnt but told the employee she didnt agree with me. Facility had a visit from Corporate Clinical Director and Education Director, at this time I told them of things that had happened and been swept under the rug. As well as I needed training more direction and they stated to me " it was out of their hands" They left knowing all this and nothing done or assistance to me.Ex: Neglect ..I was told by an alert resident she and her room-mate had been wet from urine for 6 hours and no one had checked on them for the second day in a row. The resident also told me she had told the administrator the day before in which she told a nurse to take care of it. The nurse told me she did speak to the CNA's that had, had the residents. When I went to the administrator about this she told me not to say anything to give a one-on-one in-service to the two cna's .I ask if it was not neglect she said to not write them up to in-service.
When I began at the facility I was hired to be Staff Development Coordinator, which in 5 months into my job they terminated the present DON after the first interim DON left the company I was told I had to be interim until someone was found, I had just came out of 15 years of management and was not happy but there was an increase in pay . I was then approached by administrator with offer of more money to be the DON she told me I was already doing it and "she would have my back" HA! I was never oriented to either of these positions but the SDC was as serious as the DON. Once again with no training or orientation and mind you I came from hospice into this long term care facility , I read policies and procedures and learned something new everyday.
This has been a long explanation but not even half of everything I have tolerated for one year and up to my termination. Please advise.

Posted by Ginger Cox on

I was working for Dollar general about 18 months until I termination for thief

Posted by Phyllis H Nesmith on

It's been a good 9 years... yeah, I know, too far into the past, yet, it's right behind me today following me where ever I go. I worked for two school bus companies with lousy mechanics that deliberately failed to fix heating and cooling systems to play along in the conspiracy to make it appear as though being that I prefer to keep my windows open for fresh air, that's why the bus is either too cold in winter or too hot in summer causing passengers great discomfort. Farthest from the truth, guys! Since telling another bus aid how easily I cope with this job by just opening a window after she suggested I work in an airtight office instead, I have been harassed about keeping a window open a little for fresh air and ventilation (with the heat or a/c on) for a good year before the false termination, and they even taped my front heater knob on high forcing me to heat the entire bus with the heat blasting in my face rather than fix the back heater for the people in the back (only the aid complained she was chilly; not the kids). Same situation with the a/c occurred at the previous school bus company who I believe was teaming up with this present company to terminate me and make sure I never drive a school bus again. Trying so hard to get me to quit so they wouldn't have to pay me unemployment, they finally used my write up sheet on the aid who was not doing her job and controlling the kids, allowing them to scream and forcing me to turn down a hearing aid I was surprisingly required to wear on a noisy school bus, and twisted my words around to this day on their lying badmouthing references they're giving that I refused to wear a required hearing aid and stated that I took it off (turning the volume down temporarily due to extreme noise and taking it off and out of the ear are two different things, no?) I know this was ages ago but since it's keeping me from gaining employment in this only field I'm skilled in, also forcing me to blow through my entire inheritance because I couldn't find work, can I sue them for wrongful termination and damages? OR force them to SHUT UP so I can get back to work?

Posted by debnoseallright on

I went to work as normal when I entered the boss wife said she needed to talk to me so I said I needed to talk to them. She said I should go first so I asked if I could go to the doctor at 10 which she replied YES and we have decided you don't work here anymore leave now .... i have a signed contract no verbal or written warnings nothing

What can i do about it as it happened 13months ago and im now being falsely accused of things

Posted by Jacqueline Daisy on

I was terminated for a no call no show after I called off work 4 hrs before my shift started which is protocol. They said I was responsible to try and get my shift covered. while at the ER and not having anyway to contact the other employees I called my work to ask for help getting numbers and they told me not there problem and hung up on me. Then the next day they had my shifts covered and told me I was fired for a no call no show can they do that?

Posted by Sam on

I have been wrongfully fired by My manager. A girl at my job threatened me and through a box at me because she was manager set there and watched the whole thing and he did not do anything about it. all I said was a few words I did not curse her out nor get close to her and my manager assulted me he grabbed my arm and yanked me back I almost fell and hurt myself. I been coming to him as a person and letting him know the things that's been going on because he is never on the line to see it. He is always in his weight shack doing completely nothing just like this other guy harassed me at work he's a rampagent and my manager basically talked me out of going to personnel. He also shows a lot of favoritism He is unfair he will sit there and watch ,but he will stick up for the ones he like most likethe rampagent for one he dropped the fedex can he barely checks to see if the locks are up. Secondly he harassed me by talking to me sexually and touching me. And lastly he argues with everybody he almost gotten himself in a physical altercation ,but he was in the middle of them two because they were loud and in eachothers face now tell me would that have been three strikes you're out.

Posted by Karissa Howard on

I do not want a lawyer to sue the company i worked for, but to get my job back. I have a powerful union, but the union said i waited to long to grieve the termination. Please help me out. Thank You.

Posted by Mark on

I was terminated unlawfully at Lowe's accused of pushing an employee & both of us were told to write down a statement there were no injuries and no doctors report proving that i hurt the employee that bumped into me. No camera evidence no explanation nor no negotiation between the two of us I believe that management handled this situation very unprofessionally.
I feel discriminated & i believe i should get my job reinstated

Posted by martin esho on


Posted by Anh Ngo on

I am terminated last September 14,2015 but they did not give me my final salary, including allowance and 13th MOnth.

after 30days, as what they said that i can only get My final salary after 30days, call the office. They said that they are waiting for the reply of the Accountant. I respect them. On the second time I call them, they said that the Accountant is preparing it. On the 3rd time i call the office, they said that it was already prepare but waiting for the signature of the Head. On the 4th time i call them, they said that they revised it because it has mistake on 13th Month.
I report it to NLRC, during our first hearing they said that i need to promise my clearance before they will give me my Last Salary.. 2nd, they still looking for the receipt which i did not able to turn over to them properly.
I went back to the office, my previous employer and look for the receipt. I able to find it and give it to them. But they still ask me to have clearance, BUt i said to them that I don't need clearance anymore because i am already terminated.
On the second hearing, they just add another reason why i need to process clearance. They said that there are error on my previous payroll i made and they want to deduct it from my last Salary. For How many month that i follow up my salary in them, they did not tell me that my final salary is on hold because they want me to process the clearance, 2nd for almost 2 months of follow up, they did not tell me also that i need to Go back to their office to justify the error on payroll.
I admit that i have error on payroll, but it is also one of the reason why they terminate me. But now that i want to get my final salary, they pressure me to process the clearance, they want me to justify the error on payroll that they are the one also who check it and approved it before releasing or giving it to the employee.
The NLRC tells me to file case, but i dont have enough money to pay for filing case at the same time, i cannot pay the attorney.

What are the right that i need to do? The only thing i want to get is my 11days remaining salary, allowance and 13th MOnth. What they don't want to give it to me.

Please help me

Posted by Ann Jelou MOntales on

I was fired after 37 yrs of emploment with teh stae of flarida.. i filed eeoc in 29191 and was termeinated after the agency allegeed i have falasfied a report... my co worker perfrom the same act as i dod and was not fired... iwas on fmla and was a prior whistle blower.. i file a wrogfule termination law suit with the middle court of florida.. the sttae wnted to settle for 10,000. i was making 55,000 yr. i get was involeved in 8 car wesck duien my 37 yrs never filed wc or anthing,, however the las wreck was in 3/2011 and i was fired after returning to work after several surgeries in 2011,, was fired 12/11. i am currently on disablity. if i retired now i get 1300 a month if the stae gove me my 4 yrs of tirement i get 1800 mon... the state has offered me 10.000 to settel they call raise settlment to 15.000 i do not want to settle as i was previous told by a florida employment lawyer that the case was worth 1.400.000.0000

Posted by charmane FIELDS on

It is a very long story, but I was basically denied breaks to breastfeed/pump breastmilk and fired because I insisted on taking these breaks.

Posted by California on

We are permitted to take a 20 minute lunch break. I always sit in my car along with other people that sit in that car to. I prefer to sit in my car on break and mind you that at least 50% of the employees are outside smoking cigarettes. So I'm in my car smoking like everyone else. I smoke a brand called black and mild which has a white tip and brown end on the cigar. I have no tint on my window so everyone can basically see me in my car. So I finish up on my day of work and I get a call saying I'm fired because I was smoking something I wasnt. Which was said to. I don't understand how they can just fire me without being sure and as I was smoking my cigar there lady next to me in her car can bare with ness. I know that night before I went to work I was up all night watching my son so I cane to work at 7am the next super tired I kept telling my co workers how tired I was I was sluggish from the time I got till after lunch break when I smoked my black and mild and laid down in my car for ten minutes. I did nothing wrong and I'll take a drug test to prove it.... I took a drug test to get the job so its no problem for me. I want to carry out this lawsuit

Posted by Ohio on

i worked 11-8, then clicked out and left. An hour later when I'm home I get a text from one of the managers that was working with me saying that his brother, who also works the, but is just an employee not boss, told him I needed to stay after my shift until they got caught up, which he never told me anything and that since I was on a 30 day probation period he was just gonna fire me. I was never informed anything about being on a 30 day probation period. I quit this job and like 7 months later they called asking me to come back. If this was true then why would the manager tell his brother to tell me and himself not tell me or stop me when he watched me clock out

Posted by Oklahoma on

Wrongfully terminated by boss, FMLA-related, invasion of privacy, harassment.

Posted by Arizona on

I was fired almost a year ago. My direct supervisor had been intimidating me for eight months prior to my termination. He sent me to other campuses and had coverage for me. Then when I returned to my actual job, things were not done and I was accused of not keeping stock in my dept. I have not been able to get another job because they have been giving me a bad reference.

Posted by Illinois on

Terminated while on medical leave. Lost my car and health Insurance. NYS Unemployment said they shouldn't have fired me and gave me unemployment for six months.I worked there for six years and made $17.70 an hour. I followed their company policy and they didn't. I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and it is impossible to find a job.

Posted by New York on

I believe I was wrongfully terminated from Gamestop for what they said to be a violation of company policy. I was terminated in September 2014 and have yet to find any work. I feel that this termination has negatively affected my character to future employers. It has also affected me in that I am not able to generate income for myself. I was unable to receive unemployment benefits. I do live at home still but this has made things harder for my parents as I am unable to generate income for myself.

Posted by Alabama on

I had recently completed the electrical program at a local trade school when this company hired me. When they interviewed me, they said that they preferred hiring new graduates instead of experienced electricians and three weeks later they fired me because I didn't have experience.

Posted by California on

Amazon fired me because they said that I refused to go through their security system, which was not true. I questioned why I have to open my wallet and to please show me which part of the policy I violated. HR representative suspended me and three days later I received the termination letter.

Posted by Florida on

I was unjustly terminated from my employment in Indiana as determined by the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development when filling for unemployment. The employer was found to have unjustly let me go. Can I file a lawsuit?

Posted by Indiana on

I was fired while on vacation by a temp hire for doing what I had been trained to do by my regional manager. I was a store manager, four-year employee, managed three stores, two at one time, and was fired Oct. 4, 2012. To date, have not been paid for the approved vacation, and am classified as not rehireable in my personnel file. Consequently, I am "blackballed" from getting an equal or better job with anyone else because of this file placement, which has caused severe problems.

Posted by North Carolina on

I have been on medical since March 2014 and continue to be on medical leave. I was told by employer, I was fired because of FMLA expiring. I never filled out any FMLA paperwork nor was I ever offered it. The Administrator filled out and signed all my paperwork up until July 2014. The letter I received from a new outsourced company that was not contracted until after I was out on medical sent me a letter stating FMLA expired back in May 2014, and did not indicate I no longer had a job, but to continue to send in necessary paperwork. I have spoken to this company on numerous occasions asking for a letter stating why I was terminated. Every time I have spoken with them they state, "They are working on it." I should have by end of the day. It's been two weeks and still no letter. Please help me understand how one can be terminated while on medical.

Posted by Michigan on

Wrongful Termination. Was told she could go on Vacation and make up the day when she returned. After arriving home and back to work, she was let go because of violation of the perfect attendance policy. This resulted in stress and a premature baby.

Posted by Minnesota on

2009 was injured on the job 6months on workmans comp closed case , hurt shoulder in 2007 on the job /had been diagnoised with hep c virus in1995 on march 15 i was terminated for going home sick four hours into shift said i job abandiment but unemployment overturned there acusasions the company knew i was see ingg a spine specialist gi docter for all my medical uper managment told me he did not want my filthy disease in his store , and if my union gets your job back he will do every thing in his power to keep me out of his store

Posted by Anonymous on

My job was eliminated according to them because of reorganization plans. I asked if I could go back to working on the pipeline or driving a truck to keep my job and insurance. I was told “we think it is time for you to move on.” I am 57 years old. An employee of mine filed an EEO discrimination against us and I was let go before I found out what the verdict was. I had all the information to prove my decision was based on abilities not race. I would like to find out what the ruling was.

Posted by Florida on

Wrongfully terminated after 12 years for not wanting to perform illegal tasks in the practice, but their reason was that they eliminated my position. Also two other employees were fired at the same time. None of us ever had any write- ups at all. I have suffered harassment and emotional abuse from the physician. I have worked without being reimbursed at times and the list goes on and on.

Posted by Georgia on

Marilyn says:May 25, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I was recently terminated from my [JOB] of 41 months.It all started over me goin’ over my boss’s head because the lazy bastard wouldn’t do what was needed for his staff. And almost immediately the intimidations & retaliations began. It got sooo bad that I had to be hospitalized for [STRESS]!!! So I kept a journal about how things were for me on daily basis in that environment. I also recorded my boss statin’ to another member of staff that he was tryin’ to get me [FIRED]!!! (I know that you’re not supposed to record someone w/out their permission), but the way this asshole spoke to me (Like I was some [WHORE] that he just met that was tryin’ to steal his money & his dope) I felt compelled to. I have a “FAMILY HISTROY” of Breast Cancer and it returned around the time of my birthday. So when I informed my boss about it the day after I was admitted. This “Moron” deleted my texted message (’cause that’s the way he prefers to communicate w/his staff). Then told another member of staff & his superiors that he didn’t receive anything/message from me in his phone. Well I documented that in my journal as well plus I still have the texted message in my phone. My co-worker had informed me about what the boss had done by( texted message) on the day of my release from the hospital. I was so stressed-out that I’d returned to work against my doctors orders to rest for two weeks after [CHEMO]. I know my former co-worker won’t speak up on my behalf for fear of losing his [JOB]. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to give the “VP” a copy of my journal & my documents until I was terminated. Will this affect my claim for unemployment benefits, or should I be consulting w/an attorney now?!My name is Marilyn, but I prefer to be called [KNUCKLES].

Posted by Anonymous on

I worked a holliday, and in my employee hand book it states that i shall receive time and a half for the hours i work. It has been a few weeks and the money has yet to be added to my paycheck, I asked my boss when it would be in there, and i was told "hopefully next paycheck" i have been told that a few times before, seeing as i knew my boss before i started working there i mentioned i would have to call the Better Business Bureau to file a claim. My boss proceeded to inform me that i would be fired on the spot for that.Because "it is not their fault that it isn't in there" I was then informed that if i were to call the owner and head boss would be informed of my call and would terminate my position as soon as they found out. I was wondering, if this were to happen, is that wrongful termination?

Posted by Anonymous on

My brief period of employment was met with immediate harassment and intimidation from management. When a complaint was first filed, I was told to “get thicker skin.” When the problem evolved into shouting of obscenities and punching things in my immediate area, I had to leave. No efforts were made to make the situation better after I have filed a complaint, and I have since been fired. I have also been told that I will not be paid for time lost. This was not the first time there was an aggressive outburst from this certain person. The person in question was the same person who told me that my original complaint should not be valid and I needed to get “thicker skin.” I was fired because I filed a complaint and was not taken seriously. This company has recently been sued, went bankrupt, and took new ownership because of similar issues.

Posted by Illinois on

Two employees let go a week apart; the third and fourth to be let go for no apparent reason except to get rid of the old crew for a new one but clearly to remove us from the relationship developed with the customer base. When asked why being dismissed, employer refused to give an answer.

Posted by Florida on

Terminated due to absences while pregnant. The absences were bc I was in agonizing pain and no one would change my schedule. I also had "absences" when I took my LOA (leave of absence) bc management lost my paper work and requested that I took leave due to doctors limiting my hours.

Posted by North Carolina on

Unfairly dismissed after dropping sculpture (not damaged) with partner.
Partner was told to take 3-day unpaid leave of absence while I was fired and not invited back. Also, a different (favored employee) has damaged 3 paintings but has not suffered any punishment.

Posted by New York on

I was terminated upon advising my employer that I would be remaining under doctors care for a knee replacement consultation. I have had multiple knee and back surgeries while employed with JCI and feel I have been fired due to a disability.

Posted by Pennsylvania on

He was wrongfully terminated. He has loss of overtime pay. The employer did not pay for the the hours worked. When he brought up the information he was no longer called into work and was never paid for at least 32 hours.

Posted by California on

I was facing a suspension for abscence due to illness and was instead terminated. I know that there are employees with a much worse and more lengthy record that should also be terminated but I believe I was singled out due to on going health issues that would have required a leave of abscence.

Posted by Kentucky on

I was embarassed by customers and embarassed by my manager in front of customers and employees. I was screamed at and also disrespected.

Posted by North Carolina on

I was terminated in Oct. 2009. I filed for unemployment and received it. I have a letter from them stating that I was not at fault. I feel my termination was religious discrimination. I filed with the EEOC. They investigated, but said they could not prove it and suggested I hire an attorney. I am not able to find other employment. I am 60 year old and the small town I live in has very few opportunities for employment. I lost a small bed and breakfast in Illinois due to the job loss.

Posted by Utah on

I have been unable to find employment since this incident. Also am now at risk of losing my home and car due to inability to pay expenses.

Posted by Ohio on

I worked an average of 20 hours of overtime a week under the Exempt status, when I don't believe I fit any of the requirements. Was fired after mentioning time sheets I wasn't supposed to turn in (minus the OT because I was "discouraged" from doing so), and was then fired three weeks later.

Posted by California on

I was fired on 9-30-2009 because the company placed me on light duty because of a work related injury. I have used my hands in a repetitive use of both hands since 1993. I do have Carpal Tunnel and the work comp carrier said OK to re-hab and no to injections or surgery. They kept me on light duty for
over six months and my company fired me.

Posted by Texas on

Loss of sole income, unable to get a job in the industrial mechanic field for cause of dismissal. Harassment by direct supervisor (following me around) and constant video surveilance of me during the 3 weeks after my return from medical leave.

Posted by South Carolina on

I was working for a cardiologist in Louisiana. I finished college to be a Medical Assistant. After 3 weeks of working for this doctor, I was terminated. In his words, he said that a lot of his patients were complaining and they were "older caucasian" patients. I asked him if it was because I was African-American and he said that he couldn't say. But needless to say, I was replaced by a younger caucasian female.

Posted by Louisiana on

Lost the potential of any decent wages towards my pension, 401k, etc. At the age of 52, lost the potential of being hired in the corporate world.

Posted by California on

I was working one night and another worker and I were having a little verbal argument when he looked me into the eyes and thrust a corner of the box in which he was holding into my abdominal area leaving a minor cut. I then reported the incident to my manager and he simply laughed in my face. I then told my co-worker that this workplace is hostile and that I will clock out. I clocked out and left and later that week I was told I was terminated.

Posted by Nebraska on

I have, along with my husband, been struggling to pay the bills that I am responsible for. My former employer lied and because of that I'm being penalized for my unemployment benefits.

Posted by Maryland on

I trusted the supervisor to be honest and fair with the employees. Instead he lied to human resources and the night manager and caused me to lose my job. I valued my job and went to work on time everynight and performed to the fullest. This has caused me to suffer mental anguish and despair because of the lies and how supposingly professional employers handle their employees. I am very stressed because this is not right.

Posted by Texas on

I went to my monthly doctors appointment for my pregnancy and when I had arrived to work my boss had all of my belongings in a box and laid me off. The receptionist was not there that day and I was not there to cover for her so he laid me off. When I filed for unemployment I was denied because my boss had said that I quit. I didn't want to fight it with the unemployment agency at the time because I was already under alot of stress from being laid off and I didn't want to harm my unborn child in any way. Five months later when my daughter was born she was born with a partial cleft lip, no right ear canal and she has craniofacial and has to have three seperate surgeries. I feel that if I wasnt put under all this stress then my daughter would have been born normal. When I was pregnant I tried getting jobs but no one would hire me due to the pregnancy and I would be on maternity leave soon. I feel that I was entitled to all of the unemployment benefits that could have helped me at the time.

Posted by California on

After 17 years of employment, at 59 years old, I'm not trained in any thing else but what I was doing. I was continually harassed at my job, after reporting the theft. I was unjustly fired. I cannot find a job. It seems people do not want to hire older people.

Posted by Wisconsin on

After the loss of my job, any job I applied for and used Walgreens as a reference I was turned down. I was unable to obtain any job for almost 3 years. After making a certain amount of money each year and had financial stability, I was unable to work at a job with a comparable salary which forced me to use my retirement money and any money I had saved. This has caused me to become severely in debt to the point I have had to file bankruptcy. This has caused psychological suffering for myself, my wife and my children.

Posted by Massachusetts on

I lost my job based on something that I did not do. Her word was taken over mine.

Posted by Tennessee on

I was terminated because Bank of America said that I violated the code of ethics. It was not job related. One of my personal accounts was in a minus balance and that was a violation of ethics. I deposited money to cover my minus balance and they still terminated me. I have suffered emotional distress.

Posted by Rhode Island on

Pleaded for continued employment so as to be able to support myself. Given temporary job typing at same wage, given no assistance in finding alternative job in hospital. Interviewed for 5 jobs within hospital not accepted for any of them. Now being offered "temporary" fill in position back in another department where I started four years ago. Not going to give me benefits as I'll be a temp.

Posted by Pennsylvania on

I believe that my employer created a constructive discharge in that my expenses were not reimbursed in a timely manner in order to put me into a position where I could not travel to a client site due to a lack of funds and the reason that I was terminated was due to the fact that the employer found out that I was bipolar and was developing peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes.

Posted by California on

I have been severely depressed, haven't been able to pay any of my bills, bill collectors have been harassing me, I didn't have any money for my birthday and my relationship has turned upside down.

Posted by Ohio on

We were not supposed to be on the internet.... The judge, a so called "republican".... I, for sure a republican. Got an email from the republican party, wanted to send it to the judge, at this point, a watchful eye caught me and I was fired. Everyone else was on the internet...but they were Mexicans and one stands up for the French American...P.S. he the judge had said no one dresses as well as I did.

Posted by Texas on

I have been falsely written up a couple of times since I came out. I was told at work that my girlfriend was not ever allowed back in to my office because it made others who work there uncomfortable. Other instances of discrimination can be discussed as they are numerous. I have been made to feel very uncomfortable about coming to to work and just want to quit rather than fight.

Posted by New York on

I was fired the next day and told that i was too much of a safety risk to have at the place of employment. During the event I was in a meeting and did not even know that he had appeared. They wanted to know why the police were not called. I explained that until after the event I did not know he had been in the parking lot.

Posted by Ohio on

I had to sell my vehicle for rent money, I have been evicted from my home, I have been denied umemployment benefits, I have lossed a year's worth of wages, and I am now having a difficult time finding employment and a home.

Posted by Michigan on

Was wrongfully terminated, given derogatory reviews, had my work erased when submitted for final review by co-workers and management was aware of it. I was denied updated training for assignments and new clients and when I did recieve training I was fired immediately due to statements from my trainer. I have no money, I have been denied unemployment and the company denies owing me any back wages even though they hold back a week of pay.

Posted by Ohio on

Several expenses were never reimbursed while traveling on business in Latin America. This company relocated me from Canada to USA and sponsored my H1B visa and after my termination, did not offered and relocation compensation back to Canada. A my medical fees while traveling on business in Mexico were not reimbursed and not addressed for over one year. This company fired me while I was on a trip to Mexico without offering any compensation to return in the United States. After working for 6 1/2 years for the same employer, I was terminated with no apparent reasons. Only some expense report policy violations were raised on the day of my termination as a contingent to obtain my termination package. I have been working for the same company for almost 7 years. Out of those years, this company rewarded me for my excellent services 5 times including this January 2007 with 5 free trips for myself and my girlfriend all over the world. I believe this is a wrongful termination because I was fired over a night by a new manager in post for less than a year with no written reasons.

Posted by California on

I am 58 years of age and feel that I was unjustly and unfairly fired from my job after 16 years of employment. I feel that the store was attempting to push me out because of my age, and years of employment with the store. I suffered various forms of harassment over the years. Now at 58 years of age, I don't have many options, and am facing extreme hardship. I will lose my home and everything that I worked so very hard for all those years if I am not compensated in some way for being wrongfully terminated.

Posted by Arizona on

On 07/13/07 it was discovered that an employee under my supervision was using company electronic communication assets for inappropriate non-business realetd purposes. Based on their investigation, I was aware of the misconduct, and failed to take appropriate actions.
In my interview wth HR, I told them that I knew about the share about 3 years ago and I had asked the employee to remove it and I also reported it to my management.

Posted by Texas on


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