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Wisconsin Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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Wisconsin wrongful termination occurs when employees in Wisconsin are wrongfully fired from their employment. Wrongful termination in Wisconsin actually applies to situations in which an employee is fired for reasons that violate federal or Wisconsin employment law. In situations where the employee has been wrongfully terminated, the employee may be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit to recover lost wages or be reinstated to his or her position.


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Wisconsin At-Will Employment

calilabourlawrelocation Wisconsin is an at-will employment state. This means that an employer can terminate an employee for any reason at all and even for no reason. That said, there are exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine. Situations in which the employer violates federal or state laws in firing the employee can still be considered wrongful termination.

Exceptions to the at-will doctrine include firing an employee for discriminatory reasons. Employers cannot fire employees for being in a protected class. In other words, it is illegal to fire an employee because of his or her race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or for other characteristics that are protected under federal law.

Furthermore, it is illegal to fire an employee for retaliatory reasons. If an employee files a complaint against an employer, the employer cannot retaliate by firing the employee. Similarly, Wisconsin recognizes the public policy exception to the employment at-will doctrine. If an employee is fired for refusing to break the law while working, or for reporting unlawful activities at the workplace, the employer could face wrongful termination allegations.

If an employee has an employment contract and the termination violates the terms of that contract, the employee may be able to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against his or her employer. For example, if the contract sets out conditions under which the employment can be terminated, or conditions under which the employment will not be terminated, and the firing violates those, the employer may have committed wrongful termination.

Wisconsin Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

In 2011, a former history professor was awarded $1.1 million in his wrongful termination lawsuit against Madison Area Technical College. According to Wisconsin State Journal (5/5/11), the professor, Michael Dubin, alleged he was fired in retaliation for complaining about religious slurs made by two colleagues. Furthermore, court documents show that the court ordered Dubin be reinstated to his former position and be paid pre-judgment interest for back-wages.

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Wisconsin Plaintiff’s Lawsuit Revived on Appeal
Wisconsin Plaintiff’s Lawsuit Revived on Appeal
June 21, 2017
Chicago, IL: A Wisconsin employment lawsuit that may have been lost on a complex legal technicality will live on to see another day, following a ruling by a split panel of the Seventh Circuit in Chicago. READ MORE


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I received a call today after working for a company for only a month that they are terminating me , because the supervisor says I don't "fit" in with the 8 guys, ( all under 30 years old) and I am 55years old. I asked if I did some thing wrong or didn't do something I was suppose to he assured me that my work was great , but I am not a 'fit with the boys they put me with. He even said he himself liked me. I thought I got along with everyone fine,, I didn't have any bad words, with anyone. They over hired and gave me a position on my own before any of the other hires I thought because of my 5 plus years experience of the work. My co works all thought I was doing great, not a problem with anyone, that I knew of,, But they said that I was done, and I had no need to come and pick anything up that I might have left there. All I got was I don't fit with the young boys. When I begged for a "real" reason he told me that I had discussed my pay with some one and I can't do that? There was two young men that discussed they pay also and are still working there. All I said was I didn't get paid what I was told at the in view I would be getting. But I signed a agreement contract on the pay they were giving me, so I guess. I should read things better in the future. They are keeping a "bar" girl that every one knows from outside the work area, with no experience. Instead of keeping me that was doing my job great! They had no place to put her and she didn't like where they had her. So they termination myself and are putting her in my place. Is this acceptable employer behavior ,? to get rid of some one for no reason other then to make a place for some one less qualified but knows everyone on a personal level outside the work place.

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I need help with wrongful termination discrimination harassment and loss of wages


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