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Requip Linked to Compulsive Behavior Disorders

Requip contains the active ingredient ropinirole, which is used to control tremors associated with Parkinson's Disease (PD) and Restless Leg Syndrome. However, drugs like Requip (and Mirapex) have been associated with pathological gambling and other compulsive behaviors-- the benefits of these medications may come at a very high price tag for some patients.


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Requip Compulsive Behavior

Compulisive GamblingEven though most users of Requip have never experienced compulsive behaviors before starting the drug, many victims have developed addictions during its use. Fortunately, the behavior subsides once the drug is discontinued but for many victims, financial damage is irreparable.

Parkinson's patients prescribed Requip have experienced a gamut of behavioral changes, from simply buying lottery tickets to pathological gambling. Other patients have developed serious OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders) as well as aggressive sexual impulses, overeating, medication abuse, and personality changes. Most victims have no idea of any behavioral changes and as a result, they can suffer long periods of debilitating and destructive behavior, all the while completely unaware that the drug was causing the problem and that it would cease if they discontinued taking it.

(In 2006, a retired doctor filed a $14 million lawsuit against the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, the world's second largest pharmaceutical company, and several casinos, alleging Requip turned him into a compulsive gambler.)

Requip belongs to a group of drugs known as dopamine agonists, which work by activating dopamine receptors, mimicking the effect of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Like Mirapex, it is designed to increase the production of dopamine. PD causes sufferers to gradually lose dopamine. Thus, they actually develop an aversion to the type of impulsive behavior associated with excess dopamine. When Mirapex, Requip, or another dopamine agonist is introduced, the behavioral changes in those adversely affected can be both quick and dramatic. Dopamine also affects brain processes that control emotional responses and a person's ability to experience pleasure and pain; therefore it is thought to play a role in addictive behavior.

In July, 2006 the Mayo Clinic published a study in the Archives of Neurology that identified 11 Parkinson's patients who developed a gambling habit while taking Mirapex or Requip between 2002 and 2004. After the study was released, 14 additional Mayo patients were diagnosed with the problem. The Mayo Clinic further analyzed findings in 5 prior studies and confirmed that commonly prescribed dopamine agonists have been associated with pathological gambling.

Another study, by Scotland's Institute of Neurological Sciences, found 8 percent of patients taking dopamine agonists experienced pathological gambling problems. It also found dopamine so effective against the Parkinson's symptoms that users were reluctant to say if they were experiencing compulsive behavior problems.

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Requip: "Will My Family Ever Forgive Me?"
Requip: "Will My Family Ever Forgive Me?"
April 4, 2009
Bensalem, PA: "When I found out Requip is to blame for my gambling I was relieved that I wasn't a bad person but I don't think my family will ever forgive me," says Cass, crying. It is very difficult for her to talk but she wants to get her story told. Cass's gambling—a Requip side effect-- was so out of control that she stole her boyfriend's credit cards and more [READ MORE]

Requip Breaks Up Marriage
Requip Breaks Up Marriage
March 30, 2009
Tampa, FL: Kathy started taking Requip in 2005 for Restless Leg Syndrome and it did help her sleep at night, but she would have sacrificed many a good night's sleep had she known about Requip side effects, namely compulsive gambling. "All of a sudden I was $50,000 in credit card debt and my marriage is pretty much over," says Kathy [READ MORE]

Requip Users and Financial Losers
Requip Users and Financial Losers
March 11, 2009
Atlanta, GA: "I would like to say to the manufacturers of Requip that in this economy, it is hard enough to make a living and keep a roof over your head without having drug-induced panic and terror inflicted on your life," says Laura. " Requip gambling almost ended my life. [READ MORE]


Posted by
Bill Sindylek
I'm interested in hearing more from Tom Johnson who posted the following: Took ropinirole for 5-6 years, for sever restless legs. ,I lost 60 thousand in my personal savings that wiped me out. I lost 80 thousand from my personal retirement account. From gambeling online, I'm still paying off two credit cards. Of about 15 thousand. This drug ruined my life, I lost my house almost lost my wife.
This company in my opinion should pay back all losses with intrest .

can you email me at

Posted by
TOM johnson
Took ropinirole for 5-6 years, for sever restless legs. ,I lost 60 thousand in my personal savings that wiped me out. I lost 80 thousand from my personal retirement account. From gambeling online, I'm still paying off two credit cards. Of about 15 thousand. This drug ruined my life, I lost my house almost lost my wife.
This company in my opinion should pay back all losses with intrest .

Posted by
I have lost a lot of money, my wife has filed for a divorce, lost our home, stolen money from my kids all just to be able to gamble. I never gambled before in my life, but now I take a drug Requip that makes me want to gamble.

Posted by
I have bankrupted myself. Now I have borrowed so much money with the pretence of paying bills and I gamble it away, but I can't borrow anymore. I can not work. I can not concentrate on anything.

Posted by
Spent over $75,000. on scratch-off tickets. Damages are still coming in from spending.

Posted by
I have become addicted to scratch tickets and Keno. I am constantly having to borrow money because I go through a weeks paycheck in an afternoon. I have not been able to pay my monthly obligations since all of my money goes to gambling. I have lied to friends and family to obtain money for gambling.

Posted by
My father is and always has been a very responsible man who always took care of his family. He was diagnosed with Parkinsons 5 years ago. We found out in April that he is over 100,000 dollars in debt. He had been gambling online and buying scratch tickets. Not to mention taking trips to Las Vegas. My father never gambled before. Please we need help. Just 2 weeks ago we found out that he is gambling again. He is still on Requip and can't get in to see his Dr. until the 19th of March. This is tearing our family apart.

Posted by
I started taking Requip a few years ago, and shortly after, began gambling uncontrollably. As a result, I lost every penny of savings, all my wages, and any other money I could get my hands on (credit card advances, loans, etc.) I evidentually filed bankruptcy, my husband divorced me, and had to sell my home. I am now living with my elderly mother, looking for a job, and attending school for a teaching certificate. Trying to mend my life. I really need help recovering this money. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thank you!

Posted by
I developed a uncontrollable urge to gamble. I have lost the money my husband and I borrowed to start a business plus my job wages and money I have borrowed. I still sneak around to gamble. I tried to stop taking Reqip and my RLS gets worse and moves into the rest of body. I can't control my urges to eat and my family says my personality has changed and I need help professionally. My marriage is in trouble, we are in financial ruin, I lost my job and I can't stop.


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