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Recent Propane Explosions

A man started his dryer to do his laundry and ignited gas from a leaky propane line causing an explosion that blew out a wall and several windows of his home.

Leaky corroded propane pipes in a BP refinery caused an explosion which killed 15 people.

Two men were injured by flying shrapnel when a propane tank exploded in an Arizona plant.

A couple complaining about a gas smell in their house were told to turn off the gas detector as it was "too sensitive". The gas explosion a few days later killed the husband and burned the wife over more than 50 percent of her body.
This is just a small sampling of the exploding propane cases that occur almost daily across the nation.

propane explosionPropane is an extremely flammable gas that must be handled with absolute care. It is a heavy gas and can accumulate in low lying areas such as basements and floors, resulting in an explosion. Even when contained in cylinders, propane gas can build up pressure when exposed to extreme heat and can rupture the tank and explode.

Propane is a colorless and odorless gas which is intentionally odorized so that leaks can be detected. The odor is similar to rotten eggs. If you smell a gas leak in your home, RV or boat, you should extinguish all cigarettes and other sources of ignition and leave the premises immediately. Do not use any electric switches, appliances, thermostats or telephones that may cause a spark. Close the gas shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder. Call your propane supplier or fire department from a cell phone or a neighbors phone. Have a trained professional investigate and repair the leak.

Although propane is stable when exposed to air or moisture, you must avoid using propane near sparks, open flames or even a static charge.

Never dispose of a propane cylinder by putting it into a dumpster or cutting the tank with a torch. The tank may still contain gas which could explode causing injury. Propane tanks must be disposed of at approved Hazardous Waste disposal sites.

Horrendous personal injuries and deaths can result in large recoveries and settlements for survivors. In fact, one of the largest recoveries of the year was for a propane explosion in an Iowa home which killed seven people and injured eight. The case was settled for $20 million - the largest personal injury settlement in Iowa history.

Propane Explosion Articles

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Further proof came last month that if you smell a propane leak in your home, you should leave immediately rather than trying to find the leak and fix it yourself.

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Propane Explosions in the News

MAR-16-07: Propane tank explodes, destroying Boulder home. [MY FOX: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

JAN-12-07: Texas man taken to hospital with severe burns after his home exploded due to a leaky propane tank. [KCBD: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

JAN-09-07: Sixty year old man severely burned after a propane-tank ignited by the spark of a lighter, exploded inside his trailer home. [NC TIMES: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

NOV-29-06: Twelve-ounce can of propane explodes in employees face, sending five to hospital. [WTAE: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

OCT-17-06: Two people killed in deadly propane tank explosion - hole found in gas line. [NEWS CHANNEL 5: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

OCT-04-06: Explosion at a Scottdale plant injures two employees. [HERALD STANDARD: PROPANE]

OCT-04-06: BP sued over corroded pipeline which lead to the death of 15 people in a propane explosion. [SEATTLE TIMES: PROPANE EXPLOSION]

SEP-19-06: Iowa man injured in propane explosion. [KTIV: PROPANE EXPLOSIONS]

Send your Propane Complaint to a Lawyer

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Your statement, above, about a "Leaky corroded propane pipes in a BP refinery caused an explosion which killed 15 people" is absolutely not true. I don't know where you got that information from, but your source either lied to you, or simply did not know. The explosion was a result of multiple failures, boiling down to human error and neglect. I was there that day. My trailer was one of those destroyed. My friend, and supervisor, Arthur Ramos, stayed in the office as I went out to take care of something for a field supervisor. So, take it from me. It wasn't a corrosion induced leak, and it wasn't propane.

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While state and local codes can vary, many limit the size of a propane cylinder(s) kept in a residence to a 2 lbs. total of propane (or other flammable gas) for unattended storage. There are exceptions for certain attended events, such as catered dinners.

This is based on NFPA 58 - The Liquified Petroleum Gas Code.
Check the code to be sure!

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Need regulation prohibiting keeping a 20 lb propane tank in your house.


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