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NuvaRing Lawsuit

NuvaRing lawsuits have been filed alleging women suffered serious side effects as a result of using the NuvaRing birth control. Among the reported side effects is an increased risk of NuvaRing stroke and NuvaRing blood clots, some of which have allegedly resulted in the deaths of young women.


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NuvaRing Birth Control

NuvaRing is a birth control product that is placed near the cervix and releases a dose of synthetic hormones—etongestrel (a progestin) and ethinyl estradiol (estrogen)—over a 21-day period. The vaginal ring is taken out after the 3-week period and then left out for one week to allow for menstruation. Following that week, a new ring is inserted.

NuvaRing works by suppressing ovulation and also by thickening cervical mucus to help ensure fertilization cannot occur. NuvaRing was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in 2001.

NuvaRing Stroke

NuvaRing, along with other third- and fourth-generation contraceptives, has been linked to an increased risk of blood clots. Two studies, published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal, found that third- and fourth-generation contraceptives were associated with almost twice the risk of a blood clot, compared with second-generation contraceptives. If a blood clot comes loose and travels to the patient's brain, this can cause a stroke, which can have serious and fatal repercussions for the patient. Patients who survive their stroke may wind up with lifelong injuries, including paralysis.

NuvaRing Blood Clots

Sleeping CoupleIn October 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publicized a study of various new birth control methods and their link to cardiovascular complications. The study found that the etongestrel/estradiol vaginal ring (NuvaRing) was associated with a "significantly higher risk of VTE [venous thromoembolic events] relative to low-estrogen comparators." The study noted, however, that the finding of increased risk of VTE linked to the vaginal ring, "raises concern but needs to be replicated in other studies."

According to the study, called "Combined Hormonal Contraceptives (CHCs) and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Endpoints," the vaginal ring is a combined hormonal contraceptive that can cause higher cumulative exposure to estrogen, which increases the risk of a VTE.

NuvaRing Lawsuits

Lawsuits have been filed against the maker of NuvaRing, alleging the product is linked to an increased risk of stroke in some women. Among those who were reportedly injured by use of the NuvaRing are 27-year-old Misty Liebert—who reportedly developed a blood clot in her lungs—and Jackie Bozicev, a 31-year-old who reportedly died in December 2007 from a sudden blood clot.

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed following Jackie Bozicev's death. According to the lawsuit, the victim died after a blood clot traveled through her pelvic region and lodged in her lungs.

A separate lawsuit was filed in July 2010, after a 43-year-old woman reportedly died five months after starting NuvaRing. According to the lawsuit, the victim died of a blood clot. The lawsuit alleges the maker of NuvRing did not provide accurate warnings about the risk of blood clots.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit was filed in January 2012, after a woman claimed she was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after using NuvaRing for just over a month. The lawsuit was filed by Dawn Kregal, who alleges that the use of NuvaRing caused her DVT and further alleges that the makers of NuvaRing failed to warn patients that the birth control was associated with a high number of thrombotic events.

NuvaRing Contraceptive Ring Birth Control Legal Help

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$100M Settlement Pending in Merck NuvaRing MDL
$100M Settlement Pending in Merck NuvaRing MDL
June 6, 2014
A potential $100 million settlement has been reached by Merck & Co, in the long-running NuvaRing contaceptive multi-district litigation (MDL). Merck is currently facing thousands of defective product and personal injury lawsuits filed by women who allege the pharmaceutical company failed to adequately warn women about the potential increased risk for developing dangerous blood clots known as venous thromboembolism associated with the device. Plaintiffs are seeking damages for a range of injuries allegedly caused by the birth control device, including heart attack, stroke and sudden death. READ MORE

Merck Settles Nuvaring Litigation Commenced by Attorney Jason T. Brown for 100 Million Dollars
Merck Settles Nuvaring Litigation Commenced by Attorney Jason T. Brown for 100 Million Dollars
February 8, 2014
A settlement fund of $100 million dollars on behalf of women who were allegedly injured by the birth control product Nuvaring was announced today in New Jersey State Court and Federal Court. (In Re Nuvaring Litigation - Case 284, Bergen County, New Jersey). Attorney Jason T. Brown, the first attorney in the country to commence a battery of these cases against Nuvaring confirmed the settlement was unsealed today in open court. Jason T. Brown, a former FBI Agent, who presently handles class actions and mass torts nationwide indicated that the settlement was fair and just. “This settlement allows an avenue of recovery for women who alleged in their complaints that they endured blood clots such as Deep-Vein Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolisms, Strokes and Death. There are strict deadlines contained in the settlement and any woman who has counsel should consult with their counsel as soon as possible,” Mr. Brown stated. READ MORE

NuvaRing Attorney: Dates Set for Bellwether Trials
NuvaRing Attorney: Dates Set for Bellwether Trials
September 11, 2012
A trial date has now been set for federal NuvaRing lawsuits, which are working their way through the court system. This means plaintiffs will soon see if they have made a strong enough case that NuvaRing side effects, including NuvaRing blood clots, caused serious injury. According to Dr. Shezad Malik, founder of the Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm, the lawsuits filed against Merck, maker of NuvaRing, allege the contraceptive caused blood clots and other serious health problems. READ MORE


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In July 2014, I suffered a massive pulmonary embolism. I spent six days in the hospital and was flown via Life Flight helicopter from Augusta, Maine, to Boston Massachusetts.

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I have been using NuvaRing since 2008. I recently had a leg injury and was told that I had a DVT. Pieces of the blood clot dislodged and have traveled to my lungs. I now have three clots. One in my leg and two in my lung. My medical bills have only begun. I am on my second week of being out of work. As a healthy, active 34-year-old, I never took out short/long term disability. At this time, I'm not sure if my insurance will cover my meds for six months and any future doctors I may need to see.

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In 2011, when I was only 20 years old and healthy, I was on NuvaRing. I experienced a nearly fatal deep vein thrombosis. I was in the hospital for a week and had multiple surgeries to remove the blood clots that the birth control caused. I have since been on harmful blood thinning medications for nearly four years. My hematologist recently told me that the cause of the DVT was the NuvaRing, because it made my chance of getting a blood clot increase by 9 times.

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33-years-old and healthy. After a month on NuvaRing, had Pulmonary Embolism, 6 days hospitalized and on short-term disability.

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I suffered blood clots in my lunges, headaches, neck was stiff, I couldnt breathe... Thank God I did go to hospital in time or I may have died,and now from all of the stress I have suffered from the effect of the birth control I may not be able to have kids again...

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Illness caused extreme anxiety. I continue to suffer from anxiety and post traumatic stress.


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