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Nexium Side Effects

The heartburn medication Nexium (Esomerprazole) has been linked to bone fractures and severe kidney disease, including Nexium kidney failure and Nexium renal failure. Long-term use of Nexium and other proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medications has been associated with a tripled risk of kidney inflammation, or nephritis. This antacid medication and other PPIs are commonly used to treat heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers in the stomach and small intestine, and inflammation of the esophagus.


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Nexium Kidney Disease Studies

nexiumfracturesIn April 2016, the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN) reported that PPIs --including Nexium-- may lead to an increased risk of kidney disease and kidney failure. Researchers said that people who take popular drugs such as Nexium are more likely to develop kidney failure and 28 percent more likely to develop chronic kidney disease, particularly if the drugs are taken for a long time.

The study authors noted that these drugs are generally viewed as safe and may be overprescribed and continued for long periods without being necessary, Reuters Health reported.

Because Nexium is available over the counter, it is potentially more at risk of being overused than prescribed PPI medications.

In January 2016, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found a 20-50 percent increased risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) associated with Nexium and other antacid drugs. The risk of a decline in kidney function was 32 percent higher for people taking PPIs and the risk of new cases of chronic kidney disease was 28 percent higher, according to Reuters Health. The JAMA study involved more than 20,000 people from national VA databases who recently took PPIs. This group was compared to almost the same amount of people who were taking H2 blockers. The study team concluded that people taking PPIs were at a much higher risk of new kidney problems than those people taking H2 blockers.

The JAMA study author said these studies indicate that patients should use PPIs only when medically necessary. Gastroenterologists are already cautious in prescribing PPIs, as they've been linked to other health problems, including bone fractures and an increased risk of intestinal infections such as Clostridium difficile infection, and pneumonia, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly of the Clinical Epidemiology Center at the VA Saint Louis Health Care System, told CBS News. Dr. Morgan E. Grams, a kidney specialist at Johns Hopkins and another author of the JAMA study told CBS News that patients who require a long course of PPIs should routinely monitor their kidney function.

A study from the University of Copenhagen and published in Gastroenterology (July 2009) found that patients have almost impossible difficulties in stopping PPIs because the medications eventually cause the same problems they are supposed to treat. This phenomenon, called "rebound acid hypersecretion," can occur after taking prescription-strength PPI medication for just two months. Researchers concluded that this rebound effect can continue for up to three months after discontinuing the PPI.

Nexium Kidney Disease Lawsuits

Nexium kidney failure lawsuits have been filed against AstraZeneca, the Nexium manufacturer. Investigation has begun for hundreds of claimants who allege the heartburn drug and other PPIs have caused chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, acute interstitial nephritis, renal failure, and kidney failure.

Nexium patients claim that AstraZeneca failed to warn physicians and patients of the increased risks of kidney damage and renal failure. Further, if AstraZeneca had properly warned of the risks, patients would have chosen a different medication and/or would have had regular kidney function monitoring.

Nexium Fractures

According to a British Study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (12/6), long-term use of Nexium or other proton pump inhibitors increases the risk of hip fractures in patients older than 50. Meanwhile, a 2010 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (5/10/10). found postmenopausal women taking proton pump inhibitors had a 25 percent higher chance of suffering a fracture, specifically, a spine or wrist fracture.

Proton Pump Inhibitor Side Effects

Nexium (known generically as esomeprazole magnesium) is in a class of drugs called proton pump inhibitors, which are used to treat gastro-esophageal reflux disease, stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers and erosive esophagitis by reducing gastric acid levels in the stomach. It is made by AstraZeneca.

According to an announcement by the FDA in May 2010, the risks associated with prescription-strength Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors include a risk of bone fracture. That risk reportedly increases greatly if the drugs are being taken in high doses or for more than a year at a time. At the time, the FDA noted that the warning labels for the proton pump inhibitors would be updated to reflect that risk.

nexiumbonefractures A year later, the FDA updated that warning to include information that high doses of proton pump inhibitors—including over-the-counter formulations—for more than a year is linked to an increased risk of osteoporosis and hip, wrist and spine fractures.

Of the studies the FDA relied on when making its decision, six found an increased risk of fractures in patients who used proton pump inhibitors, two suggested an increased risk of fractures with higher doses of the medications and two suggested an increased risk of fractures with longer duration of treatment. Most of the studies included in the FDA's review involved patients aged 50 or older.

Nexium Lawsuits

According to reports, Nexium lawsuits have been filed against AstraZeneca, alleging patients suffered deterioration of their bones and fractures as a result of using Nexium.

Approximately 15 million people in the US alone are taking either over-the-counter or prescription PPI medications, according to CBS News. In 2013, Nexium was the second-best selling drug in the pharmaceutical industry, generating over $6.1 billion in sales worldwide for AstraZeneca, as reported by Medscape.

Nexium Side Effects Legal Help

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Posted by
Jane alessi
I am very anxious and angry not the makers of Nexium do not stress two Primary Physicians the importance of testing calcium magnesium and vitamin D levels of patience who have been on Nexium especially for long periods of time as in my case over 15 years.

I had both hips replaced in 1995 I needed a revision of the left in 2007 the opposite hip is starting to go bad as well. I'm having dental problems already lost tooth have another one that's ready to go my gums are receding. Because of the surgeries I've had I cannot afford to be deficient in calcium magnesium vitamin D.

I've been through a lot to be able to walk. I was admitted into the hospital April and May of 2016 for a possible stroke. Tests showed that I had signs of possible early dementia, my calcium and magnesium levels were low and I had to get both by IV. Was instructed to take both orally when I was discharged. When I finally saw my primary doctor I asked if I should continue taking the Nexium since my calcium and magnesium had to be replenished by IV he replied to me that he was not familiar with my issue and advised I see a nephrologist. I had to wait 3 months for that appointment, tests were ordered but I was never told by the nephrologist that I had stage 3 kidney disease as well I read that on the lab slept. He did not take me off the Nexium either.

The nephrologist saw me twice and told me to come back in a year. I decided to go to a gastroenterologist who took me off the Nexium

Prior to being admitted into the hospital I had lost a significant amount of weight and continue to lose weight 4 months prior to being admitted I had frequent episodes of diarrhea which I told primary doctor at one point I had it for 7 days straight.

I had to wait three months to see this nephrologist and I felt that my primary should have arranged that appointment for me so I can see somebody sooner but he didn't. I was pretty much homebound with the diarrhea. While waiting for my nephrologist appointment I self reduced my Nexium to every other day and I self reduce calcium and magnesium two alternating days and the diarrhea lessened. When I saw the nephrologist I told him about this he did some more tests and told me to continue doing what I was doing because I was stable and to come back in a year.

I've not been able to gain any weight my bones where my hip surgery was are protruding I am skin and bone I've chosen a new nephrologist who is currently treating me for urinary tract infection which I never got over was on antibiotics for this issue about six weeks prior to this week now I'm on another antibiotic

I'll need to have some blood work done when I'm finished antibiotics because of the weight loss I don't know where I'm headed with this but despite the surgeries that I've had what I've been through this is been the worst year of my life and I don't have a clue what's ahead of me I do know I cannot take any NSAID drugs I do know that if I get sick having stage 3 kidney disease I'll be limited as to what medications I can take I feel that I was abandoned by both my primary and the kidney doctor that I saw initially. Neither one of them advice that I go see the gastro doctor but I'm glad that I did.

My medical records indicate that I'm anxious yes I am anxious and I have much reason to be anxious I'm dealing with all unknowns. I read my reports and the report indicates that I have Barrett's I don't have Barrett's never did. When I was admitted into the hospital April and May of 2016 I gave them a list of my medications for some reason they omitted adding Nexium to the list perhaps they would have looked at me differently?

The manufacturers of Nexium and medicines like it should stress to the doctors that they provide this medication to the need for testing while on the medication and the length of time for which it is advisable to take. Also somewhere rant early 2000 I was admitted into the hospital cardiac unit diagnosed with tachycardia for which I was given the Toprol somewhere down the road the pharmacy or the insurance changed me to metoprolol now my records show from the primary doctor that I have high blood pressure. The opposite is true since I've changed doctors my blood pressure. has been low too low my medication was adjusted and the losartan was taken away.

And if all of this isn't enough the first kidney doctor that I went to suggested that I use slow mag instead of calcium and magnesium supplements easier on the stomach. I purchased the slow mag took a whole bottle of it and didn't notice that it was expired a year before I started taking it I called the manufacturer and they told me not to take it and asked what did I want a refund so basically when I needed calcium magnesium I was taking a product that was expired a year before I open the bottle I am really disgusted with the medical system the way it's worked for me. I am taking another antibiotic for the urinary tract infection that didn't clear up I have constant gas the weight loss began with the diarrhea. The first antibiotic that was given to me was one that went through the liver and not the kidneys evidently wasn't strong enough to work for me I have a lot of health issues and I believe they are all the result of being on Nexium for so many years and doctors not being encouraged to test patients who are on Nexium for the deficiencies that Nexium can cause and doctors not being encouraged to test patients who are on Nexium for the deficiencies Nexium has the potential of causing.

Since being taken off the Nexium I have not experienced any problems other than occasional heartburn. My current nephrologist is concerned that if I do get sick I will be limited as to what medications I can take because of the kidney disease this Nexium and lack of information provided doctors if it's true they didn't know has ruined my life I'm beginning to get medical bills as well I've had a lot of tests in the last year-and-a-half and when I first started getting Nexium I didn't have very good insurance and I paid a lot of money for each prescription which I thought was to prevent Barrett's or another serious problem.

In closing I just want to mention that at one point my primary doctor told me my blood sugar was a little high I was told I had the option to control it by diet and a little weight loss and I gave up sweets sweets and soft drinks and my blood sugar came down. Given the history of Nexium and the problems it's caused for people my primary doctor attributed my kidney issues two diabetes which I've never been diagnosed with in fact when I was in the hospital I specifically asked what my blood sugar was and it was normal so I don't understand the doctors not my current doctors but the ones that I left why are they so reluctant to associate anything to Nexium and treat their patient accordingly my future does look very Bleak at this point. BY THE WAY I AM A SENIOR ALL THE MORE REASON FOR CONCERN REGARDING FRACTURES, DON'T UNDERDTAND DOCTORS LACK OF CONCERN, OR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE IN CARING FOR PATIENTS ON NEXIUM, I BELIEVE THE IMPORTANCE OF MONITORING PATIENTS ON NEXIUM IS NOT STRESSED BY THE REPS WHO INTRODUCE THE DRUG, THE MANUFACTURER.I live alone and see my future in a nursing home in a wheelchair with kidney disease unable to walk

Posted by
White Ghost
I've took Meds for stomach problems for years. 24 yrs. ago my kidneys were lite up so the doctor could see if that's why my blood pressure was up. My kidneys look good except I was spilling protein. With the news this spring they checked my kidneys again and they looked bad. So much for the purple pill.

Posted by
Franklin Mitchell
Since taking Nexium,I have experienced lost teeth,and cavities.
I used to model and known for my smile….now I need to have my teeth replaced..not with dentures, but implants.
Teeth rotting out of my mouth…If you do not consider this a plausible law suit..I will search until I find one…..this is tragic as I make only $820 on disability….my teeth have always been brushed 23 times a day and regular visits to a dentist..Nexium is to blame….if you cannot handle this case refer me to someone who can.
Thank you Franklin Mitchell

Posted by
I was put on Nexium about 14 years ago after being on Tagamet for about 15 years. I haven't had any major kidney issues, yet, but have had some kidney stones and my bloodwork shows moderate kidney damage. I only have one kidney so this worries me. I have come up with some odd diseases and complaints the past 10 years. Besides the muscle pain, fatigue, bloating, raw tongue and mouth, I also experience spells where I sweat from head to toe, constant without stopping for hours, days, and once up to 8 days! While this is going on I am burning up and freezing at the same time and my muscles are almost non existent for my entire body. I've had my thyroid checked many times and it's always been ok, so not that. Sometimes my food passes through me in less than a half hour. I had to get dentures 10 years ago too. I also have constant muscle pain and weakness, and have ended up with arthritis throughout my entire body. Other ailments as well that I wonder about now since I've been on these things for so many years on a daily basis!

Posted by
I have been taking Nexium for years , I have been told that I'm in stage 4 kidney failure an have had kidney stones several times, have had 4 attacks of gout ,2 were in the back.2 were in my right ankle an been in hospital with my heart but they said they didn't find any thing, this sense December last year, I an still having trouble with all these problems.

Posted by
I have been on Nexium and more recently another PPI called Tecta for almost 20 years. I have had chronic fatigue issues for the last 8 years and was suspicious that it could be the Nexium that caused this.
Over the last few weeks I started getting pain in both my upper arms and it was constant in my right warm for several days. As a result I read up on PPIs and muscle pain and stopped taking the Tecta 4 days ago. I then saw my doctor who put me on Zantac and Gaviscon instead, she agreed this was very likely the cause. So far this approach is working fine in terms of my GERD issues and the muscle pain is almost gone. My muscles also feel like they have regained their strength.
I have had two bouts of pneumonia in 2008 and 2011 that I now believe may have been caused by the Nexium.
I never liked taking the Nexium, but it certainly helped a lot with my reflux problems. My two previous attempts to stop the Nexium resulted in a lot of reflux pain. However the combination of Gaviscon and Zantac (both are over the counter) seems to be doing the trick.
Whatever it takes I will NEVER take a PPI again! I am also changing my diet to reduce reflux symptoms and cutting out all fried and fatty foods. Will post an update when I see how this is going down the road.

Posted by
patricia lewis
I have been talking nexium for about 16 years,and it work great.I had no idea that it was helping with one thing and killing my kidney now I wander if a lot of my other conditions could have been due to the purple pill.

Posted by
What about Chronic Kidney Disease and dialysis caused from taking Nexium?

Posted by
Billyjoe Dufrene
I am 22 years old, i took nexium for a few years when i was younger. I now have spondyolisthesis,spinal stenosis, facet disease formal narrowing and arthritis of the spine. 3 herniated or buldging discs. My feet hands fingers arms and legs go numb frequently. My neck stays in pain constantly, constant headaches, back been in pain sence started taking nexium. Thought it was normal back injury but turns out im guna be paralyzed within the next 1 to 5 years. No matter how many people i email no one can help me in a law suit soo now i gotta live life as a crippled for nothing.

Posted by
I was prescribed 40 mg of Nexium by the doctor that did an endoscope well over 10 years ago. Have been back to see him said it is a safe drug...Also have asked my other doctors indicated safe drug. I have back pain, degenerative disk disease, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, and pain in my joints...hurts to sit....walking is better. Have not broken any bones yet but I am prone to spine fractures. Calcium is being depleted from bones, also take 5,000 mg of v D3...never knew this came from Nexium

Posted by
Ranasee Maldonado (Roni)
Astra Zeneca claim, for nexium case.
Paid this prescrition .

Posted by
Angela Buckmaster
I am nervous now I really didn't know how serious this is. I have been on Nexium 40 mg for 2 years now. I have reflux and a hiatal hernia and was on Prilosec for about a year, and it didn't control the acid as well as the Nexium. I have Degenerative Disc Disease and suffer chronic back pain; taking flexeril as well as Celebrex nightly to help control. I am 37 years old and according to my orthopedic my spine looks as though I am a 60 year old woman. What do you do? you need medication to control the reflux to limit the damage to the esophagus. But I am going to talk to my doctor about a different medication, I don't want my pain that I have with my back to get worse.

Posted by
I was prescribed Nexium and several other ulcer, acid reflux drugs. I currently have osteoporosis, low vitamin D. I take prescribed 1000 milligrams of vitamin D once a week.

Posted by
In about july 2005 I developed an usler nexium was my life saver. I was told that I could bleed again if I stopped taking it. My Dr took me off nexium and a week later I bleed again. I stayed on nexium until in 2012 I started having bone pain. My phymacist told me that it cause bone fractures. I checked with my Dr and he stopped nexium. In Dec. 2012 I fractured my ankle. And my bones still hurt. January 26, 2015 I was told that I fractured my right knee. I did not fall. I decided to check out nexium law suits.y neck and back hurts and nexium started this. I am so sad

Posted by
Hello. I was put on Nexium for reflux, though my only symptom was a pain in my chest; I never had acid get in my mouth. The Nexium did stop the pain though. I was on it for somewhere between 4 - 5 years. I have always taken good care of my teeth as I grew up in a family of Dentists and dental Hygienists. But because of taking the Nexium, even though I took Calcium w/ a D supplement and a Multi-vit every day (and still do). The calcium has been depleted from my teeth and the surrounding bone, and I now need 3 Bridges with bone build-up around where the broken teeth are that need to come out (7 - 8 total). I've found *tons* of other people on the Internet with similar complaints/problems, but I can't find any Class Action Suits that include teeth as an injury, although you'll read everywhere how important Calcium is to your teeth and bones. Why are those of us with major Dental problems being ignored here?! I have a paper from the dentist saying what needed to be done to my teeth on a certain date, and if I go back to one, I can prove how much more damaged they became between that time, which has never happened in my life! Doesn't anyone else notice their teeth braking and cracking like crazy??

Posted by
A degradation and fracture of my left-side acetabulum bone. So serious that my orthopedic doctors confined me to a wheelchair.

Posted by
New Jersey
I have fractured three ribs since Oct. ’13. There was no trauma to the area. Totally, I have broken four ribs (April 2006) and a wrist from a bicycle mishap in 2012. I have been diagnosed, as a result of rib fractures, with osteoporosis, and received an infusion of Reclast in Feb.’14. I fractured the last rib about three weeks after infusion. The rheumatologist ordered further blood tests, and if normal, is referring me to a bone endocrinologist. I have been taking Nexium 40 for approximately 10-12 years.

Posted by
I have taken Nexium daily, I believe, for approximately 10 years. I did not know Acid Reflux medication was degenerating my bones. I suffered from several fractures while taking Nexium. Also I was given a prescription by two different physicans for Vitamin D. Not knowing it was coming from taking Nexium. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Now I have to take Reclast once a year. Along with taking Vitamin D, Calcium and Caltrate daily. Please help me.

Posted by
Hip fracture, constant stomach pain, shoulder fractures, difficult to digest food and shortness of breath.

Posted by
I believe that I have suffered bone lost due to taking nexium for a long period of time. As a total hip replacement recipient I'm forever in pain and I've been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease.


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