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Granite Countertops Source of Dangerous Radon Emissions

Radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, may be leaking from your countertops, if you have granite. According to recent news reports, more and more concerned consumers and radon inspectors are contacting the environmental protection agency with radon measurements several times higher than those considered to be acceptable background levels. The radon is emanating from the granite.


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Granite Countertop Radon Emissions

Researchers currently studying the most commonly used granite in kitchen countertops have found that all the 55 samples they've tested emit radon radiation at higher than background levels. The samples were collected from US fabricators and wholesalers.

Radon ResearchRadon is a radioactive gas that naturally occurs from traces of uranium in soil and rock. It can be found at varying levels around the world. In outdoor air, radon is present in low concentrations. However, in indoor air or enclosed spaces, radon can pose a long-term health risk because the levels can increase.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that homeowners need to be concerned if the radon gas levels in their homes exceed 4 picocuries per litre of air. Some granite countertops do in fact let off far more than that with reports as high as 100 picocuries per litre. Consequently, the U.S. Surgeon General and EPA recommend that all homes be tested.

Following that advice, four counties in central Nebraska recently sent out test kits to its residents. Amazingly, 75 percent of the homes in those locations were found to have radon levels higher than 4 picocuries per liter. In Adams County the average level was nearly 9 picocuries, considerably higher than levels considered safe.

The Risk of Living with Radon

As radon gas decays it turns into radioactive particles that can get trapped in the lungs just from breathing. As the particles continue to break down, they release small bursts of energy. This can damage lung tissue and lead to lung cancer over the course of your lifetime. The amount of time between exposure and the onset of the disease may be many years.

Like other environmental pollutants, there is some uncertainty about the magnitude of radon health risks. However, the EPA states that they know more about radon risks than risks from most other cancer-causing substances, because estimates of radon risks are based on studies of cancer in humans, specifically underground miners. "Scientists are more certain about risks from radon than risks from most other cancer-causing substances," they state.

Exposure to Radon And Lung Cancer

According to the EPA, "Lung cancer kills thousands of Americans every year. Smoking, radon, and secondhand smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer. Although lung cancer can be treated, the survival rate is one of the lowest for those with cancer. From the time of diagnosis, between 11 and 15 percent of those afflicted will live beyond five years, depending upon demographic factors. In many cases lung cancer can be prevented; this is especially true for radon." Radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

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Are Granite Countertop Radon Emissions Dangerous?
Are Granite Countertop Radon Emissions Dangerous?
October 9, 2008
Houston, TX With people becoming increasingly concerned about granite countertop radon emissions, some organizations are taking matters into their own hands, offering to conduct tests to determine radon exposure in homes. Meanwhile, the debate rages on as to whether people who have granite countertops in their homes are exposed to unsafe levels of radon.

Al Gerhart of the Solid Surface Alliance discusses Granite Countertops
Al Gerhart of the Solid Surface Alliance discusses Granite Countertops
September 26, 2008
Oklahoma City, OK Al Gerhart, of the Solid Surface Alliance is concerned about the use of unsafe granite countertops in homes. He says that not all granite is unsafe, but some of it is—and the dangerous granite is what the Alliance is trying to get taken off the market. Most of the news recently has been about granite countertop radon emissions and radon exposure. Some analysts say that people are being too quick to panic over granite countertops: however, Gerhart says that is not necessarily the case.

Granite Countertops: "No Letting Up of Health Problems"
Granite Countertops: "No Letting Up of Health Problems"
September 20, 2008
Los Angeles, CA Thomas S. (not his real name) and his family were probably excited the day they moved into their new home. Unfortunately, within two years of moving in, all family members suffered from strange medical problems. Thomas believes that the health problems are related to excess radon in his home, emitting from granite countertops and other furnishings. However, he says that no one believes him.


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