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Google Gmail Privacy Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Google seeking damages under privacy statutes for people who never used Gmail but emailed people who did. If you’ve never had a Google account and didn’t know that Google was intercepting your emails to Gmail users and processing them for advertising purposes, you may have strong claims under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA). Each qualifying email could be worth $5,000.

The case is supported by the California Invasion of Privacy Act and other state laws that prohibit electronic communications from being intercepted without the consent of all parties involved in the communication (anti-wiretapping statutes).


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California Google Gmail Complaint

The lawsuit, Santa Clara Superior Court Case No. 18CV324895, was filed by the law firm Gallo LLP. Plaintiffs allege that they never consented to Google intercepting the contents of their emails.

According to the complaint, Google first said that it collected and maintained user data solely to make its services work better, but subsequently began collecting and combining user data for ad targeting and other commercial purposes.

By obtaining users’ personal information Google dominated online advertising. By delivering ads targeted to susceptible buyers, Google can sell more advertising and command higher prices for ads. Google generated advertising revenue of $95.4 billion in 2017, accounting for 87% of Google’s total revenue that year.

Google Email-Scanning Settlement

875 similar damages claims against Google were settled by Gallo LLP in 2016, according to federal court records.

In a class action settlement filed by Gallo LLP in September 2015 (Matera v. Google United States District Court Northern District of California, Case No. 15-CV-04062-LHK ), Google agreed to stop intercepting emails sent to Gmail users for advertising purposes and the federal court issues an injunction pursuant to which Google has changed Gmail’s architecture and no longer intercepts emails for advertising purposes. Matera sought only injunctive and declaratory relief because the court previously found that monetary damages claims raise individualized questions of consent.

Do you Qualify?

If you reside in California (and a few other states), have never had a Gmail account (i.e., you use an email provider other than Gmail such as Yahoo, Microsoft or AOL), and you sent an email to an email address you may be owed $5,000.

The California Invasion of Privacy act provides for a court to award $5,000 per violation. That potentially means $5,000 per email sent and illegally intercepted by Google, money that is owed by Google, to each person who never actually or implicitly consented to Gmail intercepting his or her emails sent to Gmail users.

Although this case is about privacy, an experienced attorney suggests that you submit your claim with an email that you would not mind others reading, since it will be used in the litigation and may become a public document. Also, to make things simpler, choose an email that was sent to just one person. Make sure that the email was received by a email address and was sent no later than September 27, 2017.

Google Gmail California Statute of Limitations

Seek legal help now because all claims expire soon. All California claims expire in September, and attorneys need time to file your lawsuit.

You only need one email to qualify, so sign up today.


If you or a loved one has suffered damages in this case, please fill in our form and your complaint will be sent to a lawyer who may evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.
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I have a G-mail account and i have not heard of this. There was something happening, but I simply thought is was a glitch in the system, as it would be fixed. I stumbled onto this page today and read your article. I have several gmail one business and the other personal. What do I do in this situation? Your feed back is appreciated.this is the e-mail:

Posted by

Identity was stolen, and bank account was infected all financial accounts effected.

Posted by

Please stop them from the spam and trying to get me to set up a email

Posted by

I was just thinking of this the other day that I pay for my internet so I can be bombarded with advertisements of websites/item ads. I buy a computer, I pay for the internet to be robbed of my privacy. I try research and read and am plagued with pop ups and advertisements on my Windows 7 desk top, 6 PLUS I phone, and HP Windows 10 devices. My e mail accounts , none which are Gmail are full of 100s of spam email. Its getting ridiculous! I feel like I am paying for services only to have my privacy taken advantage of. Its really unfair and has made a mess of my electronic devices, slows them down, and is time consuming to read. Its frustrating . I have wondered where all these things come from and have tried to turn of the recommended ads but there is no opt out for good option!

Posted by

I don't think this lawsuit should be just resigned to California. I receive so many junk e-mails from advertisers that I never contacted. My junk folder has over 4,000 emails from different companies that I actually don't use the email much any more

I have constantly asked them to stop and I get the same junk into my primary hotmail account I ask to stop / unsubscribe me but it continues from various other accounts that are affiliates of the various companies

Posted by

HELLO..want to be part of this-i live in Newmarket,Ontario
am i eglible ? I use yahoo.. and sent alot of emails to gmail accounts
let me know how i can be part of this
Patricia Stulov

Posted by

What if you have a Gmail account and use Google to search and one gets ad's out the wayzoo. Also get phone calls that are unwanted.

Posted by

I have sent many emails to a gmail account and recived some back, it is an Gmail account set up by my son in 2016 or 2017. My e-mail address is and the email address is There have been back and forth emails. Please e-mail me for more details.


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