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General Motors Faulty Ignition Recall

General Motors in 2014 recalled 2.6 million vehicles involving GM ignition switches that could potentially turn off on their own, shutting down the engine and disabling airbags while the vehicle was in motion. The faulty ignition switches were used in various models, mainly the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion, which GM started manufacturing in 2002 and 2003. The defective ignition switches have been linked to injuries and deaths, and lawsuits regarding the ignition switches have been filed.


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GM Recall Delay

gmheadquartersautothumbIn 2014, GM, which filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and emerged as a new company, began recalling several car makes and models with faulty ignition switches and continued to increase the scale of the recall, according to "Ultimately, more than 30 million cars have been recalled to date," that organization reported.

In 2014, GM acknowledged that the automaker had failed to respond to problems with the ignition switch in the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion and that GM engineers were aware of the switch's problems for years before General Motors began any recalls of affected models.

"Eventually, GM paid $900 million to settle a federal criminal investigation and set aside $594.5 million for a fund to compensate victims of switch-related crashes," according to the New York Times.

GM Failure to Warn

carcrashesautomobilecrashaccidentsThe GM ignition switch defect has been linked to "at least 124 deaths and 275 injuries," according to The Washington Post.

In GM CEO Mary Barra's 2016 deposition testimony on a case brought by a Houston family for a fatal car crash allegedly caused by a defective ignition switch, Barra testified that GM engineers in 2004 and 2005 misdiagnosed the flawed ignition switch "as a customer satisfaction issue and not a safety issue," according to The Washington Post.

According to the article: "A series of mistakes were made over a period of time that caused the ignition-switch defect,’’ Barra testified. “This had tragic consequences.’’

GM Vehicles Recalled

The first recall on February 13, 2014 involved 619,122 of its 2005 to 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt and 2007 Pontiac G5 compacts. The 1.62 million vehicles recalled worldwide comprises 1.37 million in the US, 235,855 in Canada, 15,073 in Mexico and 2,591 exported to overseas markets. The following vehicles are recalled:
  • 2005-2007 Chevrolet Cobalt
  • 2007 Pontiac G5
  • 2003-2007 Saturn Ion
  • 2006-2007 Chevrolet HHR
  • 2006-2007 Pontiac Solstice
  • 2007 Saturn Sky
On March 17, 2014 General Motors announced three more recalls involving another 1.5 million vehicles, none of which involve GM injuries.
  • 1. Crossover SUV models 2008-13 Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, the 2009-13 Chevrolet Traverse and the 2008-2010 Saturn Outlook need the wiring for their seat-mounted side airbags fixed. These vehicles have a warning light that reads "Service Air Bag." If a customer ignores the light it could result in the non-deployment of the air bags and other safety features in case of a side impact collision.

    2. 64,000 Cadillac XTS full-size sedans from 2013 and 2014 have a problem with overheating brakes that has been responsible for two fires.

    3. 303,000 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans are being recalled to rework the material on the instrument panel to improve the safety of unbelted passengers who hit it during an accident.

GM Lawsuits

In April 2017, the US Supreme Court declined to consider an appeal from General Motors in which the automaker asked the court to review a 2016 federal court ruling that, despite GM's 2009 bankruptcy and emergence as a new company, the automaker was liable for injuries and deaths that occurred prior to the bankruptcy.

According to the New York Times:"Over the last few years General Motors has paid out more than $2 billion in fines, penalties and settlements related to faulty ignition switches that plagued many of its vehicles for close to a decade, a flaw that led to vast recalls and at least 124 deaths.

"But the automaker is not yet close to putting the matter behind it and may now face years of additional litigation as a result of the latest legal turn in the case."

The US Supreme Court refusal to consider the appeal means that "several hundred remaining unsolved wrongful death and personal injury claims against GM could be sent to state courts for resolution or even trials," according to the New York Times.

General Motors could be exposed to "billions of dollars in additional claims" related to its defective ignition switches as a result of the recent ruling, according to The Detroit News.

Also according to The Detroit News:"A number of injury, wrongful death and economic loss lawsuits have been filed against GM because of the defective switches. The automaker admitted it knew of the defect for years but did not recall the cars for more than a decade. It also paid fines to the National Highway Safety Administration."

"At the end of January, GM said it knew of 100 class action economic harm cases pending against the company in the US and 21 in Canada related to the ignition switch," according to The Detroit News. "It also knew of 284 cases pending in federal and state courts in the US and 14 in Canada alleging injury or death due to the defect."

General Motors Faulty Ignition Legal Help

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Supreme Court Won't Review GM's Appeal For Protection Against Ignition Switch Lawsuits
Supreme Court Won't Review GM's Appeal For Protection Against Ignition Switch Lawsuits
May 12, 2017
Washington, DC: In a potentially crushing blow to General Motors, the US Supreme Court has declined to consider an appeal from the automaker asking for a legal shield to protect GM from lawsuits related to faulty ignition switches on its vehicles. READ MORE

Plaintiffs Give Up on GM Faulty Ignition Switch Fund, Look to Courts Instead
Plaintiffs Give Up on GM Faulty Ignition Switch Fund, Look to Courts Instead
April 26, 2015
A division has formed between plaintiffs trying or having tried to access a compensation fund established by General Motors for victims of faulty GM ignition switches, and those plaintiffs who have either given up on the fund, don’t qualify, or at the end of the day feel they would fare better with the courts. The dividing of the camps adds to the drama over the faulty ignition switches that plaintiffs allege GM knew about and tried to hide. In the end, many plaintiffs are bailing on the GM Faulty Ignition Switch Fund, opting to face the courts on their own. READ MORE

Consequences of GM Recall Extended As Guilty Plea in Fatal Crash Overturned
Consequences of GM Recall Extended As Guilty Plea in Fatal Crash Overturned
December 25, 2014
The numbers involved in the GM recall tell a lot of the story. Millions of cars subjected to the GM ignition recall, 36 deaths, many more injured. These are all allegedly the result of an ignition switch that can inadvertently switch out of the “on” position to the “off” or “accessory” position. But the consequences extend beyond those numbers, to one woman who was found guilty of causing a crash that killed her fiancé, and has spent years blaming herself for the accident. READ MORE


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My Father John Joseph Harris was Kill in a 2008 Cobalt something was wrong with he Car he told me Ignition was felt loose 2 Day before his Horrible Accident I wish G.M. Wouldn’t step up take responsibility my Fathers life Matters he didn’t want to Die something was wrong with his 2008 Cobalt and you don’t want to responsibility for his Death just fighting for my Father and I like to know where that September 2010 ignition switch Recall is that Lawyers give Back G.M. But all do is throw Me and Father under the Bus

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The Ignition Switch Recall Paper that Father got in mail 3/4 Days after his Horrible Accident on September 17/2010 and I pick the mail September 21/2010 and there it was a Ignition Switch Recall Paper so why is sealed isn’t it against the law not to show it in Court just asking because my Father his Die from Horrible Accident he fight for himself so I have to it breaks my Heart for how he Died just asking i’m Not trying to make any Trouble just Fighting for him Sorry that all get so mad at me and throw Me and Father under the Bus Beverly Harris my Father name if you Care is John Joseph Harris

Posted by

My Father was Kill in a 2008 Cobalt LS Sedan on September 17/2010 he car had KM 50,250 on at 10:30 in the morning he go together Dog food / toilet paper he was coming back and his car started go left over the line go east the truck with a flatbed was coming west it was in New York court with G.M . But they dismiss him because he's airbag came out but his Accident was trouble the inpack throw his steering wheel right off from inpack he was go 78/80 KM a hour but where he hit the flatbed at 127,00 to 130,00 KM if he could use his steering and brakes he would its the thing you do He his dog Rocky that with and Dog Buddy was in the back on it passsger side and live If you seen the pictures of my fathers Accident you see what I see G.M. Kill him and just throw Him away from. Broken Hearted Daughter the lawyers say I will get I dime out G.M. And I said it is not about the money my a Father life Matters

Posted by

I own a 2005 Chevy Malibu and 7 different times as I was driving my car lost all power.I had to use all they strength I had to get it to the side of the road or some where safe.I was also having trouble with the ignition.By the grace of God I am alive.GM has not contacted me about the air bag issue as of yet

Posted by

Driving my 2001 Silverado pickup when all power shut off. Able to get to the side of the road using muscle power. After about three minutes truck started when I turned the key. Immediately had battery and alternator checked they were both working fine. I believe this was the result of a faulty ignition switch. This has not happened again since that day 7/15/2016. My mechanic advised me of the ignition switch problem that General Motors has experienced. All subsequent electrical test on the truck have been good. Anyone else experience this problem with their 2001 Silverado pickup?

Posted by

I bought a 2004 z71 new and within 4 years starting having problems with instrument cluster and soon found out from talking with owners thatalmost all 2004 1500GM trucks have faulty instrument clusters and this has never been really addressed but is dangerous because of the things such as fuel indicator, speedometer ,oil indicator, and engine heat indicator not working and creating the possibility of damage and tragedy.
pretty sh*tty GM

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My 2010 Chevy Malibu had issues with randomly not starting and then within the last two months started having unbelievable power steering defects. I contacted GM but they refused to look at my vehicle and told the dealership that since my VIN was not included in their quote on quote recall they would not pay for the repairs even if once looked at the problem involved the same defective ignition as part of the current recall. I had my vehicle then looked at by F and F tire world who confirmed that the issue was related to the recall and suggested that I continue to contact GM because they should be fixing it. I was then forced to trade in the vehicle because GM still would not help me and lost money because of the condition with the power steering decreased my cars value for trade in.

Posted by

last year in February I purchased a Saturn Ion 2003 for $4500.since I have been driving this vehicle I have noticed that the sway bars and bushings on the car has completely blown out and that the car is leaking gas I can smell gas all through the vent pipe I can also see the gas leaking.was told by Chevrolet that in my area that they had the ignition switch to flip on my car takes up to 3 minutes to even get up to 30 miles per hour it's crazy it's dangerous and I don't understand what's going on with my vehicle I bought this carnot knowing what was going on and now I am subject to having my asthmatic child my one year old baby and my 4 year old daughter in this vehicle driving to and fro work and school I'm afraid of myvehicle but I don't have another choice I'm justwondering if anyone else has the issues that I have with their vehicle my back seat belt doesn't work and like I said there's gas smells everywhereplease tell me if while you are driving your car suddenly slowed completely down and then you have to gain push the gas a few times just to get to go back up again or if it ever picks up power at all my car it zooms off if I hold steady on the gas pedal its really creepy and I'm afraid.

Posted by

Hello, I was paralyzed in a car accident in 2003 involving a 2002 Trans Am in which I believe could have been defective. I was the passenger in the vehicle. (I'm 22 now.) My father was the driver of the vehicle and was notorious for having multiple keys and key chains on his driving keys. The air bags did not deploy despite a head-on collision into a guard rail (which didn't do its job.) I have pictures of the car crash as well and also my medical bills, which amount to over a million. I also have the police report that states that the air bags did not deploy. I was paralyzed from this car accident, received three broken ribs, three fractures in my skull, among other scars and injuries. If this is a case you seem interested in, feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your time.

Posted by

I own a 1998 S10 pickup and had it quit running on several occasions, do to the ignition switch. I had a key ring with probably an extra half a dozen extra keys on it. When it first shut off, I thought maybe I bumped it some how. I gave the switch a slight twist and it started running again. Later I tried to see if it would shut off if I played it and if I moved it just right, the engine would shut off. So, I put a single key on the key ring and it stopped the issue. Vin#1GCCS1441WK210713

Posted by

My daughter was driving in Dallas, Tx and in rush hour traffic her car turns off, she almost lost control but manages to gain control and pulls off the road. I call the Chevrolet dealer and discuss this with him. He tells me "Mam I gave no idea but you can bring the car in and for $99 we can put it on a tester". Now I tell my Dad, a GM retiree, and he confronts the dealer and it's a different story.
How ever I still getting the run around about the faulty airbag, I guess GM is waiting for more fitalities before they fix them.


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