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One needs to be doubly careful dealing with anyone who advertises and solicits as aggressively as Fisher. He loves to bash insurance companies while he rakes in huge fees for underperformance.

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Ken Fishers stock portfolio has under preformed the S&P 500 for every five year period since 1997 according to In 2014 alone it was over 9% BELOW the S&P. The fee of 1.25% is outrageous! That's $12,500 per year on a million dollar account. Please put your money in a nice S&P mutual fund and you will be way ahead of the game. Stay Away!

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can't stop emails
i have been trying to stop all the emails from fisher invest and even called to get removed, which they said they would, but still getting them. don't ever sign up fortheir free info because they will not stop trying to suck u in to their program !

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In 2014 the S&P, NASDAQ and DOW average performance was a tad under 12%. The average portfolio in Fisher investments was up 3.9%. At a recent client seminar, a Fisher portfolio analyst and a vice president each confirmed the disparity and claimed Fisher expects his MSCI benchmark to fare much better than domestic investments in 2015.
I've read that Fisher has more than 25,000 clients and manages over $41 billion. Unless his prediction becomes a reality, he's going to lose at least one client and manage a little less than $41 billion. I can't help but wonder if he has MY best interest in mind, like his TV ad promises.

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I joined fisher investment may of was their 3rd try at getting my business and they sent 2 super aggressive sales folks.. they too kaway all that I had signed with a promise to send me copies.. 6 weeks later I called them a couple of times asking for copies of all I had signed and then my male friend called them and ordered them to send the paperwork.. I also was promised a personalized portfolio but what fisher gives his clients is a cookie cutter unregulated mutual fund portfolio.. he sold off most of the blue chip stock portfolio I had given him and purchased at top dollar all of the banks and financial firms,foreign companies, pink sheet stocks, and lots of Japanese stocks all at the top of the market of 2007.he even purchased some of the same stocks I had originally given to him a few weeks later but at a much higher price.. my portfolio still has not recovered and 1/3 of that portfolio was a roth ira.. I often asked the hand holder who was assigned to me if fisher had no fiduciary duty to me. I found later that investment advisors are not required by law to have fiduciary duty to their clients. the lobbying group that represents investment advisors in wash d.c. make sure that no law will ever be passed that requires them to have fiduciary duties to their clients. fisher threatened to sue me because I had a blog published in forbes magazine about his wrecking my roth ira..why would any advisor worth his salt ever put foreign stocks into a roth ira? I guess he was so busy churning my acct that he thought I would never receive a dividend from a foreign stock where the foreign company creams off 15 to 30% in foreign taxes which roth ira holders cannot recoup ever. he sold off my g.e. stock at the 30 dollar range then bought it back at 45.00 a short time later g.e. will never again be at 45.00 at least in my lifetime. he sued one of his clients who blew the whistle on him and when I sent him a letter removing his discretionary powers--he sent me a letter of non-renewal of my contract for the up coming year citing my complaints about the stock picking,the forbes blog and threatened to sue me if I did not shut up. he also claimed he had made me money.. I still do not have back what I gave him although I put everything I could into dividend reinvestment and held on because you cannot deduct loss from a roth ira.. it would have been a total loss.. he really put a lot of bad stocks into the account I had entrusted him to manage for me.. in fact--he made more money on my account than I did. caveat emptor


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