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Eliquis (known generically as apixaban is a new-generation anticoagulant (blood thinner), in a class of drugs known as direct factor Xa inhibitors. Newer generation blood thinners, however, have been linked to an increased risk of uncontrolled bleeding, putting patients at risk of life-threatening side effects. Like other new blood thinners, Eliquis side effects could include an increased risk of hemorrhaging.


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Eliquis and other Anti-Coagulant Side Effects

pradaxa_bleedingarticleEliquis (Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb) was approved for use in 2012 as an anticoagulant used to prevent blood clots. New-generation anticoagulants have been marketed as being superior to warfarin because they do not require regular blood monitoring. Among the drugs included in the new-generation anticoagulant class are Pradaxa, Xarelto, Zontivity, Eliquis and Savaysa.

New-generation anticoagulant medications have been linked to an increased risk of uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhaging). This is because anticoagulants prevent stroke by preventing blood from clotting. Warfarin—an older anticoagulant—also prevented blood from clotting, but had an antidote in the form of vitamin K. Patients who experienced uncontrolled bleeding and received medical attention in time could reverse the anticoagulant effects of warfarin on their blood clotting.

Injuries alleged to be associated with Eliquis include:
  • Stroke
  • Retinal hemorrhages
  • Death
  • Epidural hematoma
  • Intracranial hemorrhages
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Hemoglobin decrease
  • Gastrointestinal hemorrhages
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Adrenal bleeding

Newer generation anticoagulant medications do not currently have an approved antidote, meaning there is no way to reverse the effects of the anticoagulant in the event that bleeding occurs. If a patient experiences internal bleeding, for example, there is no way to quickly stop the bleeding, putting the patient's health at serious risk.

Anticoagulant Lawsuits

Lawsuits have been filed against the makers of other blood thinners such as Xarelto and Pradaxa, alleging patients were harmed by the use of the medications. The lawsuits claim that the makers of the drugs did not adequately warn patients about the risks associated with using the medications. In May 2014, Boehringer Ingelheim, maker of Pradaxa, agreed to pay around $650 million to settle approximately 4,000 Pradaxa lawsuits.

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As Eliquis Lawsuits Fall, New Study Heightens Bleeding Risk in Eliquis Class
As Eliquis Lawsuits Fall, New Study Heightens Bleeding Risk in Eliquis Class
October 17, 2017
Manhattan, NY: A new study released earlier this month suggests that blood thinners in the non-vitamin K oral anticoagulant class, or NOACs, could see heightened risk of bleeding when the blood thinners are taken in combination with certain drugs. Amongst the drugs in the so-called NOAC class is Eliquis, a new-age blood thinner that has been the subject of many an Eliquis lawsuit alleging unnecessary bleeding risk [READ MORE]

Eliquis Lawsuit Alleges Wrongful Death, Product Misrepresentation
Eliquis Lawsuit Alleges Wrongful Death, Product Misrepresentation
July 16, 2017
New York, NY: Raymond Warme, according to a recent Eliquis lawsuit, was prescribed the new-age blood thinner apixaban for atrial fibrillation. That was in April, 2014. Litigation brought on his behalf by his daughter and partner claim that Warme began to experience gastrointestinal bleeding within two months of starting on the drug. He would not survive [READ MORE]

Trio of Eliquis Blood Thinner Lawsuits Allege Defective Product
Trio of Eliquis Blood Thinner Lawsuits Allege Defective Product
June 19, 2017
New York, NY: Three separate Eliquis side effects lawsuits each make similar claims: that Eliquis is unnecessarily dangerous and defective, and was rushed to market without an available antidote capable of reversing Eliquis anticoagulant bleedouts. The clinical trial used to approve apixaban (Eliquis), known as ARISTOTLE, was carried out in China and was sadly lacking, according to the plaintiffs [READ MORE]


Posted by
Judy Moore
I have Afib and been taking Eliquis for about a year and a half. I had previously taken Coumadin for about 18 years. I have not noticed any difference medically in the way I feel. Now after reading all of these statements I wonder what I should do now. I am very active, I ride horses and ski. Should I take aspirin, or go back to Coumadin?

Posted by
My Father has been on Eliquis since August 2016. Been hospitalized several times since with low blood counts, passing blood, etc currently hospitalized again with internal bleeding that they are having a hard time locating where the bleed is coming from. Over the last week has received 7 units of blood.

Posted by
Ronald Harders
I was given eliquis some time ago. At first I didn't notice any difference from the baby aspirin that I had been taking for a long time but then I began to tire more easily and to lose interest in my surroundings. One day, while exercising my arms with a 3 lb wgt., I felt a very painful pinch in my left shoulder. It was diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff. I wound up in PhysTher and the pain seemed to go away, but I could still not lift my arm without aid. Then I picked two dishes out of the kitchen sink and popped the medial tendon in my right arm. That has mostly healed but about 3 weeks ago, I did a mild workout at the gym and re-injured the rotator cuff in the left arm. Right arm healed pretty quick after stoppin eliquis.

Posted by
Luanne Peterson
I'd been on Eliquis for a couple of years when I fell on 2/14/16. My leg swelled to twice its size. I was taken to the ER where I was asked if I was on a blood thinner. When I told them Eliquis, the MD just shook his head and asked if I wanted a pain shot. My blood counts plummeted for an entire week. I had a blood transfusion and took a lot of iron. My kidneys shut down. I gained 32 lbs in fluid. I had blood that leaked to the back of my thigh to my heel w bruising. I had a huge hematoma on my knee with blood blisters erupting and necrotic tissue. The tissue broke open and spilled brown fluid down my leg. The MD dug handfuls of clots out of that leg/knee. After several surgeries, I was given a wound pump to suction out all the additional fluid. I had tunnels and undermining of the huge wound in my knee. It healed enough for me to have skin graft surgery in July '16. My kidneys did come back, but I'm having vasculitis problems now because there are still blood deposits in that leg. The deposits are fighting to get out. So now I'm on steroids to bring the inflammation down and a DMARD to assist it. I have permanent neurological deficits in that leg. I'm only 60 years old and can look forward to the complications from the hematoma caused by this drug for possibly the rest of my life.

Posted by
My mother was put on Eiquis in March 2016 and within 4 months she was dead. After a couple of weeks of being on the drug she began having constant diarrhea and also low blood counts. She was admitted to the hospital 3 times and each time they could find nothing. On the 4th visit, they found a perforation in her colon which caused septis and within one week her kidneys shut down and she died. All the while, my mother kept telling me she felt like the Eliquis was poisoning her. Her blood count was very low and on several of those hospital visits they had to transfuse her. Not one of the doctors would ever admit it was this drug. But I know and she knew that Eliquis was poisoning her to death.

Posted by
KC Carr
My mother was introduced to Eliquis Nov. 2013 due to learning of an Afib condition. Dec. 2013 we visit the Cardiologist who started her on this med with discussing with me, the caregiver of 11 yrs. On this visit, she and I told the Doc that she was NOW having frequent nose bleeding, each day at the same time. Just at dinner time and would bleed into her food. It appears with our warning! It took time to finally slow down...The Doc ignored us and asked if she was having any bruising? Never addressed the bleeding. We leave confused and without answers. She said he seemed not to care about the bleeding...Jan. mom is hospitalized (2wks) and having episodes of bleeding and the nurses ignore. I had to ask that the staff make the doc aware! Feb. 8 mom start to bleed, cant be stopped, go to ER, they packed her nose with an over sized rocket and sent her home. She was so weak, low BP and vitals and could no longer stand. In 24 hours I took her to a different ER, we waited 7 hours in holding till she was transferred to another hospital where she was tested for a week. Test did not show any internal bleeding but mom started to demise right before our eyes on day 3.. Eliquis had been stopped-bleeding ceased then...she was given blood, did not help hemoglobin-told nothing else they could do to help. Her body was shutting down due to the blood loss after other organs now. Took mother home under Hospice watch. Hospice-rethink it. Some agencies are a joke when it comes to service buy knows how to collect insurance!( Compassionate-GA) Mom passed 20 days later. My Angel, my rock, my heart. She was my everything and I don't feel all was done with this bleeding started. Why not stop the drug when we first complained of the side affect? All about the dollars...Health care in America. I pray God keeps me healthy or seek holistic healing. Legal drugs/scripts are killing us off, be aware, research and be nervous if you become ill. Pray. Faith & Healing...

Posted by
Sharon Hannah
My Dad took eliquis for about 3 to 4 weeks in September 2014 for atrial fibrillation and suffered a brain aneurysm . He died a week later. My mom had breast cancer surgery the week before and was recovering from this when he went in hospital. She only saw him once when he was in hospital and she had to have a second surgery because of all the strain of going through the funeral arrangements. They would have been married 60 years in June 2015.

Posted by
Jeffrey Keel
Myself just got out of the hospital seven days ago. I was giving three pints of blood and my blood count still didn't go over 8.3. Swallow a camera so the doctor could read my stomach and small intestines and the test came back negative. Than the doctor say he think it my be the Eliguis and am still bleeding....

Posted by
My husband had been on eliquis for 8 months and needed a polyp removed surgically. He had been off the eliquis for two weeks but a few days later he had an acute gi bleed and was very anemic. Was admitted and went through two surgeries and lost over 12 inches of his colon.

Posted by
Roberta (Robin) Thomas
In 2012 after I had a pulmonary embolism in both lungs I received apaxiban. Almost immediately, and ever since, I have had very evident muscle weakness in both legs. Could apaxiban have caused this reaction and is there any way to reverse it possibly with physiotherapy at this time? I'm frustrated and angry because I actually took long term disability and eventually an early retirement as because of this muscle weakness, I could not preform the physical requirements of my job. Is there a current law suit regarding this that I could be apart of as it has had an effect on my enjoyment of life and financial stability?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Posted by
Jon Satala
My dad has been on Eliquis for several weeks since his heart surgery in October 2015. He was recovering well until he began taking Eliquis. It has made him very fatigued and his his hemoglobin has been dropping steadily (now at "8"). Doctors act like they have no idea why this is happening. They gave 2 guesses; that he had some internal bleeding, or that it was an effect from the trauma of his surgery in October. He asked to be put back on Plavix, which had worked well for him. Doc's reply was 'no'. I am really upset. Not to mention the fact that there is no anticdote, as there is for Warfarin.

Posted by
Henry Redders
My wife was put on Eliquist at the end of January 2015.She had all blood work done and everything was perfect the end of January then she broke out in a rash then hives and turned yellow to the skin and white of her eyes.This all happened the first week of june 2015.Her Bioduct has a tumor she is at stage one pancreas cancer.Our Family Dr took her of the drug Eliquist.She has been thru 4 chemo treatments at 52 hrs. per treatment.They are looking to do the Whipple Surgery.We could talk all day But I will end it here Because this is some horrible crapp we are going thru. Thanks for your time.

Posted by
Corrine Carlisle
My grandmother has just died of a heart attack in which we knew she had a heart murmur. how ever there where very strange symptoms that occurred with this event and was wondering if there was anyway that because of the medication it made the heat attack work or if the heart attack may have been cause by that?

Posted by
My mother had a mild stroke. She was on Eliquis and was recovering very well for the first couple of weeks. Then we could notice she was declining and fast.
We took her to the emergency room thinking she was having another stroke but found out she was anemic. They gave her 3+ pints of blood. From that day, she was never fully recovered. We ask every day and every doctor why she needed so much blood and why. They did all types of tests and the only thing they came up with was a bleeding ulcer that fixed itself. I only recently read about Eliquis and its effects, so was just wondering if the drug was the cause.

Posted by
South Carolina
Internal bleeding from Eliquis.

Posted by
My father was taking Eliquis and recently suffered a major ischemic stroke.


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