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Duragesic Fentanyl Patch Recall

Patients who use the Duragesic pain patch may be exposed to an increased risk of serious Duragesic side effects. Duragesic patches (known generically as Fentanyl patches) have been linked to a risk of fentanyl overdose, which could result in respiratory failure, permanent coma and death. Due to problems with manufacturing of the Duragesic pain patch, the patch has been the subject of multiple recalls, although Duragesic patches are still available on the market.


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Duragesic Fentanyl Pain Patch

The Duragesic fentanyl patch is used to treat chronic pain by supplying a steady dose of fentanyl (a powerful opioid pain medication) over an extended period of time—usually up to 72 hours. Patients who use the patch typically have chronic and/or debilitating pain that is not controlled with shorter-acting painkillers and have a tolerance to opioid treatment.

According to the FDA, fentanyl is approximately 80 times stronger than morphine. A fentanyl FDA bulletin warns that for patients who are not opioid-tolerant, the amount of fentanyl in one patch of even the lowest strength is enough to cause dangerous side effects, including respiratory depression and death.

Due to the dangerous nature of the drug, in June 2005 the Duragesic product label was given a black-box warning label explaining the risk of accidental fatal overdose and respiratory depression or hypoventilation. Patients and their caregivers have been advised to follow directions exactly from the patient package insert.

Furthermore, patients could be at risk of developing serious fentanyl side effects if the fentanyl gel comes in direct contact with the skin or if they apply the patch more frequently than recommended. Either situation could result in high levels of fentanyl in the patient's blood.

Fentanyl Patch Recall

Duragesic patch recallA fentanyl patch recall was announced on December 31, 2008. The manufacturer identified a problem with the manufacturing equipment that was causing patches to have a cut edge and a possible release of fentanyl gel.

This was the fifth fentanyl transdermal pain patch recall since 1994. In February 2008, there was a fentanyl recall for 95 lots of 25 mcg/hr Duragesic pain patch products and generic Sandoz fentanyl patches were recalled because they were not properly cut. Just one month later, another drug company, Actavis Inc., announced that its subsidiary (Actavis South Atlantic LLC) was proceeding with the voluntarily recall from wholesalers and pharmacies of all lots of fentanyl transdermal system CII patches sold in the US.

Despite these recalls, fentanyl pain patches and Duragesic pain patches are available on the market. The Duragesic-brand patch is manufactured by Alza Corp. and marketed by Janssen Pharmaceutica, which are both owned by Johnson & Johnson. A generic version of the pain patch is made by Sandoz.

Duragesic Side Effects

Symptoms of a fentanyl overdose include slow breathing, seizures, dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness or coma, confusion, tiredness, cold and clammy skin, and small pupils. Continued exposure to uncontrolled amounts of fentanyl can lead to addiction and dependency. The opioid drug stays in the system for up to 72 hours. As well, there are warnings of withdrawal side effects and potential damage to the cardiovascular system (bradycardia) and the central nervous system. Long-term side effects of Fentanyl are not known.

Duragesic Pain Patch Lawsuits

In the wake of the Duragesic recalls and reports of death linked to use of the pain patch, hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of fentanyl pain patches. In the first four fentanyl lawsuits that went to trial, the drug maker was ordered to pay more than $35 million to the families of individuals who died.

Recently, an appeals court upheld an award of $13.3 million to the estate of a 34-year-old mother who died of a fentanyl overdose reportedly caused by a faulty Duragesic patch.

Duragesic Fentanyl Patch Legal Help

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Fentanyl Patch Kills Tot, Fentanyl Lawsuit Launched
Fentanyl Patch Kills Tot, Fentanyl Lawsuit Launched
August 18, 2012
Deerfield, WI "He was just being a little boy." The pained words of a mother lamenting the needless loss of her two-year-old son to the cruelty of a fentanyl patch that had fallen into the wrong hands. Fentanyl patches contain a powerful narcotic designed to ease intense and chronic pain. But they have to be handled with kid gloves, because fentanyl patches can kill [READ MORE]

Lawsuit Filed Against Fentanyl Patch Maker
Lawsuit Filed Against Fentanyl Patch Maker
July 6, 2012
Philadelphia, PA Another lawsuit has been filed against the maker of a fentanyl pain patch alleging the patch was dangerous and caused the death of a woman. The wrongful death lawsuit, filed by the deceased's sister, was filed against the makers of fentanyl patches, including Alza Corp., Sandoz Inc and Novartis. Fentanyl, sold under the Duragesic pain patch brand name, is a highly potent painkiller that has been linked to other deaths [READ MORE]

Duragesic Fentanyl Patches Could Put Patients At Risk
Duragesic Fentanyl Patches Could Put Patients At Risk
June 8, 2012
Fort Worth, TX For patients dealing with severe, debilitating pain, the Duragesic patch may be their only hope. After all, the fentanyl Duragesic patch is meant to be used in patients who are tolerant to other pain medications and who have chronic pain. In such cases, the strength of fentanyl may be warranted to help patients cope. But the fentanyl patches are so strong that they can be deadly if used incorrectly or if they get into the wrong hands [READ MORE]


Posted by
This stuff will ruin your life plain and simple! Have been off the 75mcg patch changed every 48 hrs and was on this drug almost 7 years. It was killing me! When I looked in the mirror I already looked dead. I asked several times to be weaned off and was told I needed it and there was no other way to control my severe pain due to gastric bypass surgery I'd had years prior. Within several months or even after a year or two the pain management doctor should have taken me off it properly and realized that the severe pain I said I was experiencing was my body tricking me into thinking I had severe pain so I would continue to need the drug! I begged several times and my requests were refused! I had no idea what this medication was or what it would do to me and it was never explained to me or my husband in the pain management doctors office or in the hospital after my major back surgery. 10 weeks ago I said enough was enough after learning some scary facts about the drug and took off my patch and rode it out. I had no idea that stopping the drug use suddenly could kill me or that I should have been in a detox center. I got thru it and servived but my whole life and everything in it is a huge mess! 10 weeks and I'm still in bed whith no energy and severe depression. I have 3 special need boys, my husband has to work and we have no help around. I had no choice but to do this on my own and I could have died coming off that way but the doctor was letting my die on the drug. My kids are a mess and this whole thing has scared them and everything is a mess, my marriage, my house, our animal business, every aspect of my life is in shambles all around me and I still can get up out of bed after 10 weeks!

Posted by
Elizabeth Hoberg
My ex husband was very clear that he was a recovering addiction with over ten years clean and sober. He had a colectomy and had residual pain from the surgery. A doctor put him on a patch and told him he could not get addicted to it. Well soon my ex husband was claiming that he was losing the patch when he worked a carpenter and kept putting more on. I asked the doctor why he thought the patches weren't addictive. The doctor replied because he was getting a steady dose and not shooting them up. I told the doctor he was cooking them down and shooting them. Three patches a day. He started committing robbery. He left my three children and me.

Posted by
Leah R. Mathis
I was told by Dr. at Unity Clinic to use Fentanyl Patches 2 at a time 25 mcg/h . In June of 2011. I told him I was afraid of it and it didn't help the pain.
He told his nurse of 25 years to tell me to use 4 at a time! His Nurse said " In 25 years he never told her what to say"
He always gave Med directions out himself. So I told her I would put 2 more on , if it didnt help I would not take any more, unless he talked to me. She said" Good, I will tell him"
I put 2 more on and buy the next day I had a Sroke ! My 8 year old found me, He has been tramitized for life!!! Now I find out there still on the market ?!!! Thank You,

Posted by
This has to be the worst pain medicine delivery system ever !! I am 106 lbs and was up to 175 mcg every 2 days .. It's all or nothing medicine. I am only 51 yrs old and knew if I didn't speak to my doctor I would just be found dead by someone in my bed where I spent most of my life for the last few years.. My husband and I joke how the patches were found stuck on our bedding, the bottom of our shoes, clothing ..
I don't have small children but I do have grandchildren , I never thought about if one of them was to get the hands on a patch that fell off, that would be devastating !!! I changed pain medicine & finally have my life back

Posted by
My husband died from fentanyl patch in his sleep.I have no answers as of today and he passed away January of 2013 and the attorney had no medical malpractice. wrongful death, nor the patch company. Wow! No one is held accountable.He was on 25mcg for two months and the physician up the does to 50 mcg and he died eight our ofthis patch. There was no more liquid medication in that patch when EMS removed the patch and began to resuscitate him.

Posted by
My husband died Dec.16,2014. He had been given bothe oxycontin and Fentynol patches for almost 2 years. He suffered several seizures that doctor was aware of but continuously ignored until i did some research and found a nervous system disease linked to long term use of these patches which his docter also upped the dose on during the two years to double what he originaly started with,along with the oxycontin pills as well. Recognizing the signs of his seizures i was able to defuse some of them knowing he had just changed his patch and knowingit was heat activated.i would begin by emediatly pulling off his shoes, reaching for what ever i had that was cool, putting it on the back of neck, then beginning to sometimes strip him down to his boxers and t-shirt, sometimes in time to stop the seizure and sometimes ending up calling 911. Unfortunately my husband did not die by overdosing his dr. Had cut him off within months of his settlement on a job injury claim.But my husband took his own life the week before christmas,leaving behind a daughter ready to graduate,two other daughters that had just lost their mom 2 months before a son, and a grandson to be born in July that he would never meet. I wish i knew if the patches were part of his untimely death however the fact remains he is gone and we all the people he knew,and all his family who love him , will remember him and love him in our hearts, minds and memories. I love you my husband forever and ever.

Posted by
20 hour sleeping day, forgets what day it is, very lethargic, vomits, can hardly walk, when awake stays in her room alone laying down, pulls away from the family.

Posted by
He suffered bouts of depression, excess pain, rages, inability to have a sufficient appitite , difficulties breathing, chest pains, swelling of feet and ankles, and difficulties with sleeping.

Posted by
The loss of my father, stress, guilt, monetary losses, psychological trauma, etc.

Posted by
Death of my son who lived with me and helped me around the house and to care for me on my bad days. I am disabled from several medical conditions that keep me homebound on most days.

Posted by
I have had many dental problems that I relate directly to this; I cold turkied on the patches and was in terrible shape. They should not even be in the market. I am going to (when I have my strength back) look around for an attorney. This medication is the same as a death sentence.


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