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DUI, DWI, Drunk Driving

Impaired driving is a serious offense with serious consequences. It is a crime for a driver to operate a vehicle when impaired. The offense may be called "driving under the influence" (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI) operating under the influence (OUI) or operating a motor vehicle intoxicated (OMVI).

dui, dwiIf you are convicted of drunk driving you may be fined, you may lose your license, and your insurance premiums may increase. You may be jailed, subjected to probation or sentenced to perform community service. You may also receive a criminal record which will result in your being fingerprinted and photographed into police databases. A criminal record may affect your employment and your ability to travel freely.

Law enforcement officers have the right to stop a vehicle when they suspect the driver may be intoxicated. If stopped, you will be asked to take a field sobriety test that may include having you walk a straight line, reciting the alphabet backwards, using a Breathalyzer to determine blood-alcohol concentrations, or you may be taken to a hospital for urine and blood testing.

If you refuse such testing, you may be subjected to penalties such as losing your drivers license for six months to a year. Your refusal may be used to increase penalties if you are convicted for DUI.

If you have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) above .08, you are automatically considered intoxicated in the eyes of the law, and no further proof is necessary.

Zero tolerance laws apply to drivers under the legal drinking age, who will be punished for having any race of alcohol in their systems.

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California DUI Award to Plaintiffs Just Shy of $21 Million
California DUI Award to Plaintiffs Just Shy of $21 Million
August 2, 2015
In the days and hours leading up to February 6, 2011, the Cardona family of Palmdale could have no idea that their lives were about to change dramatically, and not for the better. That often happens when a DUI (driving under the influence) incident finds you. As it turns out, almost $21 million dollars has also found the Cardona family, but for reasons that have more to do with justice than good fortune. READ MORE

LawyersandSettlements Helps Plaintiff Win Lawsuit
LawyersandSettlements Helps Plaintiff Win Lawsuit
October 24, 2012
Julian Morris says that a LawyersandSettlements article regarding his DUI case in 2008 was used as evidence that he had been harmed. His attorney demonstrated that Morris’ reputation was damaged because the article was viewed nationwide. “The defense argued that my reputation wasn’t damaged because nobody—except locally--knew about my case, but your article proved them wrong,” says Julian. READ MORE

Fatal Springfield Car Crash Under Investigation
Fatal Springfield Car Crash Under Investigation
April 21, 2010
A fatal car accident that happened March 19, killing a woman from Aurora, is under investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol, who suspect that alcohol may have been a contributing factor in the crash. READ MORE


  • Teen Driver Wins Suit Convenience stores to pay six-figure settlement to underage alcohol buyer in accident settlement.
  • Underage DUI Minor injured in car accident after a Halloween party is awarded $1.5 million.
  • Algona, WA $1.8 million settlement reached in wrongful death lawsuit.


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I was driving my car and fainted , ( still unknown reasons ) , and was charged with DWI . Even AFTER I PASSED TWO BREATHILIZER TESTS AND SUBMITTED TO A BLOOD TEST. What was worse than that - The Texas State Trooper who arrested me had my wallet in his car and then went on vacation for the Christmas Holidays . It was over a week before my wallet was returned . Even after I made several phone calls to retrieve my wallet .

The DWI charge was changed to "Blocking a public roadway" and I still ended up spending a day in jail , attorney fees , and court costs and fines .

Posted by

I am so lucky to be alive. I have a restricted drivers licence, so I can't drive after 10 pm.

I asked a neighbor to take me to the convenience store to get some smokes and some junk food.

Little did I know she'd chugging beers all evening. I have better common sense than that to get in a car with a drunk driver.

I told her she was driving too fast, and she got mad at me and told me to get in the car or she was gonna leave me at the store. I got in, I wasn't gonna walk 7 miles home in the snow.

She was all over the road and I told her to slow down. Theh last thing I remember was seeing the speedometer registering 80mph.

When I opened my eyes an hour later, people were yelling at us to see if we were ok. I was bleeding and in intense pain.

Apparently we had flipped and landed on the drivers side of the Explorer. I broke the windshield with my head even though I had my seatbelt on.

My ribs were shattered and my pelvis cracked as well as my skull....My shoes were blown off my feet and my purse was across the road from the car in the snow.

The police told my husband had I not had my belt on, I'd be "bagged and tagged" as they put it.

I still have a lot of side effects from the crash. I don't remember things very well now. I can't really take care of my daughter without help.

I still hear the accident in my head when I close my eyes, I feel the car rolling when I lie in bed, yet I was spared. I feel so lucky to be alive.


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