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Civil Rights and Human Rights

Civil rights lawyers can help you with cases involving fair housing, equal credit, police misconduct, disability rights, harassment, religious freedom, hate crimes and immigration. Human rights lawyers will evaluate cases involving torture and abuse, and refugees.


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Civil rights involve rights that can be claimed under civil law, such as the right of privacy, the right to protest, the right to vote, the right of freedom of movement, the right of equal protection, freedom from discrimination, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, press and assembly, freedom from involunatry servitude and the right to a trial by jury.

civil rights, human rightsCivil rights protect citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures and from cruel and unusual punishments. Civil rights are given by nations to their citizens.

Human rights are rights and freedoms awarded by the act of being born a human such as life, liberty, freedom of expression, equality under the law, the right to food, the right to work and the right to education. Human rights proclaim the dignity and worth of the human person, and the equal rights for men and women.

People needing protection of their human rights include refugees fleeing persecution, victims of crimes against humanity, victims of discrimination, and people who lose their human rights in the name of national security.

Human rights laws entitle people to equal opportunity to employment and the right to work free of discrimination and harassment.

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‘Back the Blue Bill’ Will Crush Civil Rights/Wrongful Death Lawsuits
‘Back the Blue Bill’ Will Crush Civil Rights/Wrongful Death Lawsuits
August 1, 2017
Los Angeles, CA: The noise from Washington D.C. these past months is such a wild, aggressive cacophony of loud voices, tweets, emails, conflicting opinion and unending TV gab that it is easy to overlook some very significant Trump inspired legislation making its way through the House of Representatives and the Senate READ MORE

Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Cops Shoot Woman with Bipolar Disorder 33 Times
Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Cops Shoot Woman with Bipolar Disorder 33 Times
July 28, 2017
Torrance, CA The video posted on YouTube shows a large gray sedan blocked in on a friendly neighborhood side street in Torrance, California with a 39-year-old black woman behind the wheel. The car accelerates and rams a police car, then lurches forward and rams another police car. Three Torrance police officers fire 33 bullets in rapid succession into the vehicle. Michelle Shirley, a mother and a graduate of Loyola University law school is gravely wounded and within an hour she is pronounced dead at County Harbor – UCLA Medical Center on October 31, 2016 READ MORE

Court Should Direct FEC to Investigate Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS
Court Should Direct FEC to Investigate Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS
August 3, 2016
WHAT: Today, Public Citizen will appear in court for the next step in Public Citizen v. FEC. Public Citizen will ask the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to grant its request to declare that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was wrong when it failed to investigate Crossroads GPS for not registering as a political committee and to direct the FEC to open an investigation READ MORE


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First I want to say, I am of sound mind, drug free, and have never had mental issues. The government has placed high energy uav weapons programmed at longitude and lattitudes that have a rotating axis, which means they hover at 25k-to 35k feet above air traffic, and move in rotation with the moon. Hidden to blend in the night sky to look like a star at first sight, but are just uav strobes, with high energy, magnetic resonance imaging, infrared tracking software, and noise variance software. All sustainable in flight with solar energy, maintenance free for years. They are using this tech on American civilians to tag , autononymously follow there every move 24 hours a day/7 days a week or until they die of a heart attack, brain cancer, organ failure, or organ cancer. They use high power microwaves to radiat the body, just like a MRI, causing sharp pains, high tension, head aches, high temperatures, eventually cancer, heart attack, or organ failure. This is military tech used in Baghdad, formed fit into a autononymously, but accessible uav unit, to spy, track, and torture anyone who has rubbed the wrong government entity the wrong way. They try to discredit , levy to say you have a mental ilness, or suffer from phsychosis, anyone who tells local authorities. This is the biggest kept secret in the United States, and most dishonorable, and heart wrenching behavior from people expose to be keeping this country safe. Along the way I have become someone of interest to them. On clear nights I see the autononymously uav following me, constantly radiating my body, it latches onto you just like your cell phone gets information instantly. 340,000 meters a second to be precise , but carrying high energy, radiating your body all the time. Imagine listening to a meteor with that cone looking gun, there doing that on a way more powerful level to United States citizens. Then gathering meta data off of it all. Just to be clear here, they are attacking to kill me. I believe this country deserves better than this, and the fallen did not die to be dishonoured like this. I know I have left some info out, yes hard to believe, but all true. I believe the truth will always rise above all lies and take it's rightful place in reality.

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I am a registered nurse at Hershey Medical Center. I was assaulted by a patient while on duty. I have sustained two broken ribs because of this 2/6/2015, 2:15 PM: Aggravated assault. It has hurt me financially, emotionally, my loved ones, etc. I am seeking two things: Monetary compensation and for the security of the hospital to enhance the protection of the staff, and everyone in reality.

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An officer broke my left arm while subduing me. He later called EMS and they cleared me on the scene stating that I was fine! I was not fine. My arm was broke. I then was sent to the county jail where they also refused me medical services and my phone call, or to contact an attorney. My face was also hurt and scraped with bruises on both of my arms.

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When my ex and I split up I filed for custody of our daughter. She retaliated against me by filing a restraining order for domestic violence. In her statement she made accusations that I assaulted her. She brought no criminal charges against me. She has never called the police on me nor have I ever been arrested. The judge ruled that I was guilty of domestic violence because she felt like an assault had taken place. California law says that if a person has been found guilty of domestic violence it is in the best interest of the child to award the other party sole legal and physical custody. If an assault had taken place I should have been charged with a crime and given due process under the law. The court violated my civil rights when it ruled alone that I was guilty of assault. Due to the domestic violence restraining order I was not given any custody of my daughter and I had to have supervised visits with her. To make matters worse my ex testified in court that she had been reported for child abuse before but the court still gave her sole custody. There are other details that I would be happy to share.

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I had a very valuable pregnant horse stolen from Sacramento County. After 6 months of documented falsified reports and cover up by Sacramento County Sheriff department, I was able to recover my mare and foal. The DA office refuses to press charges now that I have my property back. There is substantial evidence that a crime was committed, but they will not press charges.

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My daughter was snatched by her hoodie and pulled across the room by her Teacher's Aide in her classroom. My daughter has a disability (Down's Syndrome).

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I have suffered all of the civil rights restrictions that convicted felons suffer, and numerous other damages, such as denial of certain jobs, denial of military service, and emotional damages to fill another page. The Thurston County Superior Court and Washington State Patrol currently point the finger of blame at each other, so I cannot know which exact agency is responsible for these damages to me.

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Go ahead and insult me, just don't insult my dog! I love that line in the movie Hidalgo, though Viggo Mortensen's character is speaking of his horse, the sentiment is the same. I tend to take it personally when my dog is insulted. I had to endure this over and over last week, while going through my first ADA lawsuit. A lawsuit that I felt compelled to enter into, with the worst altercation I have ever experienced with a business owner. Unfortunately, I went in quite naive.

Two years ago, I went into the Longboarder Cafe to get a bite of food to go. I had just shaken off nearly being mowed over by a jacked up truck driven by a Marine, by walking my dog down by the beach. I'd never been in there before, and thought the surfer motif was cool. I was in for a rude awakening. Literally.
While my dog lay beside me as I figured out what I wanted to order, trying to small talk with the two young waitresses up front, telling them about that new flattening by that driver, a woman suddenly appeared and gave my dog a disapproving look. "You know there's no dogs allowed in here" she whispered to the waitresses, as if I wasn't there. "He's my Service dog", I informed her. She turned to me and said "oh yeah? Then where's his yellow vest?" In a scoffing tone. Taken aback by her tone, I figured perhaps she had the idea that a legit Service dog is a flubsy Golden Retriever from Canine Companions for Independence. I told her it was a blue vest, and it was in the wash. By law, a Service dog is not required to wear a vest. Obviously it helps, and it signals to others that the dog is a working dog. But there are occasions where it's just not convenient to dress the dog, like going into a place of business for a few minutes.

"Well then,where's his papers!?" she asked next, walking from behind the counter, to about three feet from my face, holding her hand out. I thought I'd try to diffuse the situation through a bit of wry humor..."what do you mean? His AKC papers?" Bad idea. It pissed her off more. "What school did he go to?" Obviously she saw me as an impostor, trying to put one over on her. I held my ground and told her that he was raised and trained by myself, as was my choice. I decided to see if I could find my ADA law card, which explained the federal law. I looked up at the waitresses and whispered "Is she always such a bitch?" I genuinely wondered, thinking poor girls had to work for such a nasty manager.
Then a young man said that it was his mom, and owner of the restaurant. Oh. I muttered that I was sorry. Sorry that I said it, and sorry that she truly did seem to fit the bill. Sorry that nobody seemed to want to be on my side. "And her husband is a cop, so I think she knows the law" he added.
One would think, right?

Couldn't find the law card. The proprietor suddenly started ranting about my dog licking her floor. I looked down, and saw that Borias was licking his paw, which he does sometimes. He was laying down, so maybe from a standing person's vantage, it did look like he was licking the floor, I don't know. But he wasn't, so I said to look closer. She screamed "make him stop!!" and that she was calling the police, and wanted me out of there NOW! That's when I informed her that she was asking illegal questions, violating my rights, and it was something I could sue over, and she would have to pay a penalty. She said fine, she was insured, go right ahead. Good grief, there was just no reasoning with this woman. I'm already a self conscious enough type, and there was an older gentleman dining fairly close to us there. I didn't want to continue arguing with this unreasonable person. I asked to have her name put down on their business card, so that I could leave, and decide what to do. They were even resistant about that.

There was a news article published about it at the time, that can be read here.

In hindsight, I should have waited for the police, and even tried to get a witness on my side. Though this was my own personal business, and it would feel strange to bother someone for that. I ended up filing a police report, and got a referral to an attorney. I felt so humiliated by this. Little did I know that it would take two long years to bring it to completion. The proprietor was definitely up for a fight, and never offered to settle. We had a mediation, that was never completed when they said they had a witness. He turned out to be the diner sitting nearby, the one I was worried about disturbing. His deposition fully supported our side, though, with his reaffirming that I was told to leave because I had a dog, and pets are not allowed in a restaurant. After several postponements, due to a medical issue I'm dealing with, the trial was finally set for May 12. The jury request waived at the last minute, which my attorney felt was great for us.

The other side had three lawyers, and four witnesses, including her "son", who turned out to be her nephew, and the two waitresses. I found it ironic that this place named for surf culture, with a surfer motif, had such a mean-spirited, nasty proprietor. She had designer purse and shades, and poofed her lips out, putting on airs. What a crock. Definitely not what one would expect from someone who owned a surfer joint. I listened horrified, as every one of them lied through their teeth about what happened. They said that I was upset about being nearly hit just then (when it was 20 minutes before), and that my dog was "filthy, black with dirt, and mangy". Oh, and he smelled bad, too. Could they paint a worse picture? Apparently so. They went on to describe how he was out of control, wandering around, sniffing tables. Yet nobody could recall if he was on leash. They said he was slobbering on the floor, and the owner nearly slipped and fell on this huge pile of saliva. Unless you wave filet mignon in front of his face, my dog just doesn't drool. I sincerely doubt that licking his paw for a few seconds would cause any kind of large body of liquid on the floor. This was an outrage.

The defense tried to make it look like I "certified" my dog a month after the incident. That was a renewal of his license, and I had gotten state of CA Assistance dog tags in 2004, two years before the incident. I testified that he was trained by myself since puppyhood, that I was competent in dog training, and that my dog had a Canine Good Citizen, and a Companion Dog obedience title. I told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, as one is sworn to do. They showed pictures of other Service dogs who were allowed there, and testified how they had no problems with them. That everyone was allowed at their restaurant. I watched in disbelief as this woman pointed to the table she claimed my dog sniffed at, which was the one that the older gentleman witness was sitting at! She said that she had gone in the back, where she had a party of 30, while I tried to find the requested paperwork. That's when she was informed that I was up front, "ranting and raving" and pitching a fit. That I had called her a bitch. Twice. So she then decided that she was going to refuse service to me, and ask me to leave. And here's the had nothing to do with the dog! Never mind that the whole testimony revolved around how horrible this beast was at the end of the leash. They had no choice because I had suddenly turned into some raving lunatic, simply because I was asked nicely to produce paperwork on him.

I had a gnawing in the pit of my stomach as we broke for a two hour recess, to await the final witness, this 70 year old theater critic, the diner eating a burger near my dog. My counsel has assured me that he was great for our case, since his deposition stated several times very clearly that I was told to leave because of my dog. We were on the second day, and the trial was going much longer than anticipated. I really began to worry about not having any witnesses, but was told that character witnesses didn't count. I was thinking it certainly couldn't hurt at this point! I hoped the fact that my trusty dog lay beneath the desk we were seated at for all those long boring hours, never moving. He only once let out an exasperated harrumph when we broke for that recess, everyone laughed, and for one brief moment, the tension was lifted.

This last witness was put on the stand, as our hostile witness. I was told he was key to our proving our case, by what he said in his deposition. He was obviously an intelligent man, dry humor. A writer and theater critic. Appealing qualities to me, to be sure. He at least somewhat vindicated my dog's good name, when he said he didn't recall him smelling or looking bad, or sniffing at tables. He was laying down. Though he did say that he kind of remembered someone nearly slipping. But when my attorney asked about my being asked to leave because of my dog, he paused, and said that he now believed his deposition was inaccurate, and that I was asked to leave because I was causing a disturbance. To use slang, I was "causing a scene".

I could see my attorney's face turn red. This was obviously very bad for us. My stomach churned when I heard the guy say that he was saying all this, because he "wanted to see justice served". Did he really remember it this way? Was he not listening until things started to get more heated with the proprietor? Did he not hear the woman's condescending demands?? Perhaps it's because he still felt that I was in the wrong, having a pet dog there. In his day, a dog that helped the blind was most decidedly certified. He made a big point of that, as if society was better then. My attorney tried in vain to get him to admit it was the dog that was the issue. It just seemed to irritate him, the defense, and alas, the judge. My attorney believes that this witness comes from an era where there were no disability rights. He said "They built a ramp..." implying that this restaurant obviously was bending over backwards to accommodate us.

I felt I had one last chance to shine, when I was put back up on the stand. To my dismay, my attorney just asked me things he did in the beginning, things we had gone over. I was there all of five minutes, and my chance was gone. I felt like blurting out how they were lying, that I was only defending myself, and my dog. But you can't, that's not the way the game is played. I suppose the damage had been done already anyway, and the proverbial feather was tipped in the defense's favor.

The judge didn't even take a recess to mull things over. Though he assured us that he had thought about it last night, and during our breaks. He said that we did not show burden of proof, and ruled in favor of the defense. I was heartbroken, and in shock. It wasn't so much about the money, (my attorney only asked for the 4K penalty assessment, and a 5K punitive damages), though I was looking forward to getting my dog help for his ongoing back problem.OK, and I really, really wanted this new all terrain wheelchair, that would allow me to go on the sand at the beach, something I've longed to do since I could walk on crutches as a kid. But it was really about the principle of the thing. Justice was not served. They committed perjury and got away with it. They had an advocate in this witness, who was so motivated to see they win, that justice would be served, he changed his testimony in order for that to happen. How ugly. Justice??
...if only he really knew.

I went downstairs, and looked up on the wall to see the words "Liberty and Justice for All". Evidently not. Naive of me, perhaps. I walked back to my car, with my dog giddy with happiness to be out of that boring courthouse and into the fresh downtown air, bouncing around trying to make me laugh. I found a ticket on my car, saying that I parked outside the stall. I looked at the other side, to find I was about 4 inches on the white line. We got in, turned up the radio, which happened to be playing one of my favorite bands, Pearl Jam. I took Borias to Mission Bay, and we went for a run at one of his favorite spots. Trying to shake off the ugliness that happened those two days.

I thank God for my dog. He is my heart. He keeps me sane in an all too hostile world. I'm not sure what to do from here. I feel so violated. My attorney won't appeal, and nobody else will for me, as this was a factual decision by the judge. I wish I could get the word out to people in the other Service dog owners, and to surfers, to boycott this restaurant. Until or unless they give me...and my dog, a public apology. That's all I want. Justice.

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Had a probation search on January 17th, 2008. I am a disabled person by federal law. My b/f who is on probation had a probation search at our residence. The police repeatedly harrassed me and threatened me over an arrest although I didn't do anything wrong. This was a issue of a tip by the Narcotics Task Force that stated my b/f was selling heroin out of our home which he was not, he has been 100% clean for over 2 yrs.
They found my hash oil in a planter outside of our coach, and arrested him instead. Hash oil for my medical conditon is legal and I have proof by my attending doctor that I am allowed to have cannibas in any form for chronic pain. They searched our residence for Heroin which they did not find, only hash oil and now are trying to strike him out with the loop holes of CA 3 strike laws. He didn't do anything wrong. Due to the nature of the cannibas oil I had placed the pot in a planter outside of our home in a planter, due to him being on probation and not knowing if hash oil was legal until I had spoken to an attorney in the expert field of cannibas. He said it was legal and the police had no right to do a illegal search other then for heroin which was never found. My boyfriend was my primary care giver due to my medical conditions. He has been in custody for over 5 months now at our local county jail with a absurd bail of 116,000.00 thousand dollars. I suffered from extreme emotional distress, and general damages, with damages done to the inside of my travel trailer through the police and their actions.

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At Trumbull Correctional Institution a White Lieutenant with a long history of racially motivated behavior,excessive force on black inmates and recreational drug use was recently promoted to Captain by TCI Warden. On June 24th 2007 Lieutenant M.A. was promoted to Captain at TCI while still on probation for hanging a black noose tied doll from the ceiling of a Black female Co-worker who was trumatized by the racist act.

Lt. M.A. was given a 7 day suspension directly from the Director of the Department of Rehabilation and Corrections T.C. who considered firing M.A. for committing such a horrible racist act on this unsuspecting Black female.

Trumbull Correctional Institution Warden surprised everybody when he promoted M.A. to Captain, a position that gives him command of the entire TCI Workforce and Inmates this promotion has infuriated TCI's Black workforce,TCI Black Coalition President Sgt. K.N. immediately contacted ODR&C Director T.C. and Regional Director T.B. demanding that both Warden and M.A. be removed immediately for failing to stop this promotion both refused to response to his calls.

TCIBC President Sgt. K.N. stated that in a Hostile Prison environment where racial tension is at a all-time high among inmates there has to be zero tolerance for these type of racist acts committed by TCI Members against each other.

TCIBC President Sgt K.N. claims that Warden's Promotion of M.A. is just as much a racist act as the noose hanging itself, and puts him in agreement with M.A's racist behavior an agreement that promotes future racist acts committed against both Black TCI workers an Inmates.

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it seems that every where i go in my communtiy officer are there to arrest me every time and being thrented several times for who i am and caused on my family back history. i have been thrown in jail for simple things misdeminors cops always looking to searh my home for no reason at all children in middle,high school being herassed for my brothers conviction putting news paper articles on the wall of schools to embarsse my children of my brothers crime drug crime

we been labled a ring of drug trafficers and bad company we cant even get a fair start officers are to get us all regardless of what they have to do to take us down even if its only taffic violation all our family of three we work hard to maintain our familys and brother is also fasled imprisonment on illegal search of his when he wasant present we need some ones help anyone theres many other issues my husband was deported after being a u.s citizen for 35 yrs and his civil rights was also violated at his court hearing by the lawyer and immigration judge he was denid of all his rights no one will hire us around our area need to work at least one hour away from home i know something can be done brother who falsey imprisoned has been denid all medical needs and has been phiscally mentally mentionaly abused in that prison and the motion we filed against the state was denid the state is killing him and no one wants to help me so if you dont live in idaho dont come here to live to many currupted cops and have been getting away with

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The Columbia County School System (Predominately Caucasian) made a African American Male Kindergartner was forced to clean the filthy bathroom toilet as a punishment with out any due process with his bare hands. As the mother complained to the Superintendent in writing, someone at the school board gave her letter to the local Radio Station. The radio host, AR, known for making negative statements about African Americans in the community then called the kindergarten child repeatedly over the air “Pee Pee Boy” and “Wee Wee Boy” countless times on his show. Further punishing the child. He even held a remote toilet cleaning show over the air.

He then called the boys’ mom “Media Whore" over the airwaves where thousands in her community heard it. She had no history of ever being in the media prior to standing up for her child on this issue. The Shock jock even put the family's private adress out over the air and their home was broken into twice following the announcement as the shock jock invited the public to the home of the young son.

The police was found 3 am in the morning just raoming around the family's kitchen with an explanation that they were doing a neighborhood watch and found a kitchen window open which they then invited themselves into the families home. Then a school board committe member was on the shock jock's show where they referred to the young child as a terrrorist for urinating on the seat over the airwaves. Even though the child cried and stated he did not do what he was accused of, his please fell on deaf ears of the teacher.

The attack on the child went on for several months by this shock jock. The family pleaded with the station asking them to stop. The shock jock even lied over the air telling the public he had check on the mother's nursing license and she couldn't be a registered nurse and she indeed is a registered nurse. Lying again to the public. There were much more attacks against this family.

AR has held aunt jemima skits on his show. The boy's father and mother served in the Army, which the father retired from. His mom had no history or experience in media prior to the attack against her child or her family.

This same talk show host AR made the same comment that Imus made Live on Rejoice 94.7 a couple of weeks ago. Oh yes he did! He actually called the station (94.7 Christian African American Audience) and made the same comment as IMUS made.The difference is he never apologized ,he repeated the comments on black radio and he is stilled employeed attacking the black community and instigating bogus investigation against private citizens and black legistlatures. AR said "she is a “Nappy Head Ho"” and said "“I will say it again”."

While the radio station continues to support AR, the community continue to denounce them. There was even a protest and press conference where several national and local organizations, and many others were in attendance to support this issue. The family address was also given out over the air by AR. He told his listeners to “go "visit the pee pee boy"” and consequently they have had their home broken into twice, victims of racial slurs, driven off the road and continuously harassed by their community.

Yesterday 8/08/07 AR made a couple of terroristic threats over the airwaves and said he would hunt us down and had some other choice words to say. The terrorism continues and this shock jock feels he's unstoppable. How long can this shock jock hide behind the cloak of freedom and speech with racial hatred and lies, threats. This is not what our forfathers intended.

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My neighbor, Jimmy, was walking in the park. He saw some garbage sitting on the ground, and he decided to pick it up. Before long, he had it all picked up. Not long afterward, a gang came over to bother him. He told them that he didn't want any trouble. One of them abruptly said "Well you're getting it anyway". They otherwise ignored him, and one of them hit him with a baseball bat. Jimmy toppled over. Another one of them hit him on the back of the neck with a 2x4.

Luckily, two a police officers, were nearby. They saw Jimmy get hit on the back of the neck with the 2x4. Afterward, the quickly told the three thugs that they were under arrest, and read them their rights.

One of the hoodlums quickly made a break for it. The second of the two police officers dashed after him. The police officer tackled him, and handcuffed him. That didn't keep the hoodlum from kicking the police officer in the face. The police officer just happened to have some pepper spray handy. He sprayed the hoodlum with it, and finished arresting him.

Jimmy eventully recovered from his injuries. If not for those two police officers being nearby, that ordeal might have been the end of Jimmy.

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I receive a disability allowance to cover the basic necessities of life for myself and my children from the Province of Ontario. I received a letter from The Ministry of Community & Social Services informing me that they had accidentally given a file containing all my and my childrens personal I.D. including S.I.N.'s to an advocate who refuses to return it.

They said they'd pay the fees for me to change our S.I.N.'s but there is no way to do that. The police and the Privacy Commissioner investigated, confirmed the crime, but there is no remedy or compensation. Now I live daily with the fear that both me and my children's identity could be used by a criminal and we could be blamed and suffer extreme hardship. Since then, I've been constantly phished by phone and door to door solititors who seem to know my name, even though it isn't listed in the phone book, and my bank now knows my S.I.N. even though I never gave it too them. I trusted my government. Now I feel like I've been "delivered into the hands of mine enemies".

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On the 7th day of December 2006 me and my family were needlessly accousted by no less than seven (7) lethally armed Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff's Deputies.

My computer and many countless items were questionably confiscated from me and my wife Kathleen L. Foster-Ward! These seven Gestapo Goons knew that I was a legal investigative reporter with an international news service and I was involved in investigating several Palm Beach County, Florida County Commissioners and judges and court clerks who had been incapable of producing their professional credentials relevant and crucial to their jobs!

One of the County Commissioners that I was investigating was criminally charged and consequently held for trial! I was threatend but never officially charged!

The (Search Warrant) was to have included an {Eight Page Affidavit of Compliant} but that was never forthcoming and still has not been produced!

My wife tried to contact the Palm Beach County, Floirda Detective last week to return my documents and equipment but no word yet from him or the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department!

Having personally investigated many corrupt organizations since 1954, I see a very valid cause of action here against the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department and the County of Palm Beach, Florida in and of itself!

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Recently I was awarded custody of my 3 yr old granddaughter. Both my son and the mother were deemed UNFIT for a variety of reasons.

My son was determined to be unfit because he abandoned the child. He tried to just sign her back to the mother (in an attempt to "negotiate" to get their divorce finalized) after the judge had granted him custody of the baby on 05/03/05. He essentially tried to "trade" the custody of my grandbaby for the finalization of his divorce.

At the time he did this, I was caring for the baby completely. He had moved out of my home and began living with his girlfriend and her children. Also, he elected to change National Guard units to be able to go overseas. He did all of this without making sure that his child was stable and secure.

He is currently on Active Duty with the Army National Guard in Kuwait (he left in October). Surprisingly, he DID supply a SCRA WAIVER to the court and my attorney via his girlfriend who was in court and who also testified in court. The girlfriend has a POA to conduct my son's business while he is deployed. Additionally, counsel had obtained an "evidentiary depostion" from my son and his girlfriend in July, 2006 just prior to his departure for training in MS for his deployment to Kuwait in October. It was presented in court. For whatever reason, the judge did not acknowledge the Waiver or didn't know what it was or whatever.

Quote from the Judge's ruling about why the mother was deemed unfit:

Based upon the evidence in this case, the Court finds and concludes that the defendant does have serious delinquencies in character, judgement, and obligation. The defendant has , by her own testimony, an infatuation with witchcraft and the occult. The defendant by her own testimony has lived with an individual who has professed to being a vampire. The defendant, by her own testimony, has allowed this person who has professed to be a vampire, to provide care for her minor child.

The defendant by her own testimony sees this as not being a lapse in any judgement on her part. The defendant has a pattern of meeting and communicating with persons whom she has no real knowledge of, over the internet. That within itself seems to be a trend of our culture. If that was the only issue, it would not be in the Court's consideration, a deficiency of judgement.

However, the defendant's pattern also includes publication of personal information about herself, and also public information about her child. Again, she sees this as not being a lapse of any judgement. This pattern of meeting and communicating with unknown persons on the internet, persuant to the evidence, has at least on one occasion led to an episode of what is called "Cyber Sex" , whatever that might be, and has also led to the introduction of internet partners into the life of the child. Again, the defendant sees no lapse in the exercise of judgement on this type of pattern of behavior."

What happened? All of this mess falls into "Due Process" and "equal Protection" violations as well as Separation of Powers issues. (The judge decided to make a new law essentially in this situation.)

He scolded the mother (who had lost custody to my son on 05/03/05) for not paying child support since that time even when that temporary order was written stating that she owed support. However, a
particular amount was never stated. He stated the following: "The defendant was under an obligation to pay, or at least to---- I should probably rephrase that. I don't really know that the defendant was under a Court obligation to pay support.

However, the defendant has a natural obligation to support and contribute for her child." He should have found her in contempt for previous non-payment of
support. Then....later on in the transcript he states this: "the Court finds that essentially at this point I have two non-custodial parents, and both non-custodial parents are under an obiligation to
pay child support. However, I don't physically have one of them here in this courtroom. I don't have any evidence on his income. And, honestly as long as he is deployed, I 'm not real sure but the Saliors' and Soldiers' relief act may prohibit me from even
attempting to try to set child support in his absence, or until he could physically appear. I am also reluctant, because I think it is an unfair advantage, to assess child support against the other non-custodial parent just because they happen to be here, when one of
them isn't here, and the one who isn't here happens to be the relative of the intervenor.

That just doesn't seem to pass the smell test. So, I'm going to find and conclude that both non-custodial
parents have the duty to pay child support, but at this time, I am not going to entertain or set child support on either one of them. When the plaintiff returns, if the intervenor is so inclined, she may file appropriate petitions for the establishment of support against
both parents, and I will entertain it at that time."

I couldn't believe it. He let them both of the hook. I'm the only one who has done anything at all for the baby and I presented proof of my support of her. Then, he lets them go without a bit of obligation toward the child they created. This was even more "insane" because of the obvious lack of responsibility exhibited by either one of the parents prior to the court date. My son and his ex should not have been allowed to just walk away without a financial obligation to support their child.

After the Judge criticized the mother for all of the things that she had done that we proved in court, he ordered an "insane" amount of visitation with the Unfit mother which is definitely not in my granddaughter' s best interest.

Additionally, the Judge did not allow me the "First refusal rights" in case the mother needs a sitter during her visitation period. I am at home
all of the time. She must work. Her visitation every other weekend goes from Thursday at 6pm to Monday at 9:30am. Then, the alternate weekends, it is Friday at 6pm to Sun at 6pm. But, the judge had previously scolded her for poor judgement in who she left the child with. Also, he granted her the full week between Christmas and New Years, 2 weeks in each of the summer months and several other holidays for us to alternate. He did not allow any visitation for my
son right now, But he is out of the country.

However, there is absolutely NO WEEKEND TIME AVAILABLE for me to take my grandbaby to
see my parents or any other grandparents in our side of the family except anytime there is a 5th weekend in a month (happens 4 or 5 times a year).

The issue of visitation will need to be dealt with soon FOR SURE. The baby comes back to me after every weekend (YES! Every weekend) from her mother with a diaper rash. I can't even try to get her potty trained because the mother is not cooperating with it. I have taken the baby to the doctor several times to have the rashes documented. I have sent the mother several emails asking her to bathe the baby at least every 2 nights and to make certain she continues with the potty training attempts and to change her diapers regularly. I even called DHS/CPS Hotline this past week. The local DHS agency did send a caseworker to my home this past Thursday. Hallelujah! Maybe they will be able to do something to stop the visitation orders.

My granddaughter should not be subjected to unsupervised time wiht her "unfit" mother. Doesn't my grandbaby have a right to not be put in a situation that is obviously unfit and not in her best interests? The caseworker was very concerned about what I did have to show her of the problems I am aware of and she
was very much concerned about what risks and other things that may be going on that I am not yet aware of.

Also, there was no reference to Tax exemptions, health insurance and other issues that would typically come up in a situation like this. I'm so very disheartened and bitterly disappointed in the whole thing. I have gone thru so much trying to get my grandchild's life stable and secure and I had put a lot of hopes that on 11/30, things would be put like they should. I had no idea that it would turn out like this.

Friday, I called the court reporter at her home to see if she had put the exhibits and other court info into the circuit clerk's file. I have checked with the circuit clerk's office at least 3 times since the court date. They referred me back to the court reporter. She told me that she would be keeping the file at her home indefinitely. She said that if I wanted anything out of the file, she would only release it with a Judge's order. The case was not sealed. It is Public Record. This is a violation of FOI ACT.

I'm fairly certain it has sent a very wrong message to my son and his ex-wife. they think that they do not have to be responsible for anymore of the expenses associated with raising this child. However, the mother, currently, gets all of that visitation and doesn't even have to pay for the privilege.

I believe this issue will be beyond the scope and beyond what my attorney will be willing to address. She must bring up lots of cases up in front of this same judge on a regular basis. I don't feel like she will be willing to jump into this sitaution on my behalf for any amount of money.

Also, for the record, I have already had to pay $13,850 in legal costs since April.

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I have an ongoing case regarding my ex husbands, lack of visitations with our daughter.

He got stripped of everything by the court due to that lack of participation. When we went to court for an upwards support modification, the District attorney made it very clear to his attorney that they were a higher court & this case was seperate from the family law matter.

Two months later, knowing, my attorney was on vacation, my ex's attorney faxed over an Ex Parte at 1:30 am to my attorneys office, stating he was going to court the very next day.

He went into family court & somehow, he managed to combine both the Child support case & the family court case, with the full knowledge that he was not supposed to do that. The judge at child support services court was very specific about this matter, yet, he managed to go over the Judges head & sneakily combine the cases. Isn't this totally unethical?

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one year ago i got burned badly, fighting a fire i accidentally started, there are many little details not being mentioned but approx. half way through i showed the cdf chief my burned arm(backside)and asker if i'd be fined for starting this fire

(he said no, if no more men are needed)then hecalled other fireman up the steep hill with the medical bag and then he directed me verbally and physically to keep fighting the fire for another hour+or- which kept exposing me to more heat making my burn worse

then when the burn line barrier was completed with our old non4wd tractor he changed his mind and fined was another hour before i made it to the doctor.twenty days later i had to have askin graft larger than the size of adollar bill which i had related complications from.

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I received a traffic ticket for a minor traffic infraction. Not coming to a complete stop for a stop sign. I was pulled over by a police officer given a ticket. I didn't contest the ticket I went to court and was given a fine and the ticket was disharged by the court.

Then unforunately ten months later I got another ticket. This was for speeding. I went to court and paid a fine, and I was lucky that I got no points on my drivers license.

Well I thought everything was done with these tickets. I was wrong! Because the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles sent me an unsigned letter in the mail telling me that I have 9 points on my drivers license and if I don't pay a Driver Assessment of $525.00 by a certain date my drivers license will be suspended!

1) I had already been before the court and paid my traffic fines.
2) The courts did not give me any points on license for these traffic tickets.

The New York State Department ofMotor vehciles did this on there own. This is violation of the 5th Admendment, (Double Jeoaprdy) bieng convicted twice or penalized for the same tickets!

Which is enforceable through the 14th Admendment (Due process). Its also a violation of the 8th Admendment excessive fines.

But this is jnot ust happening to me, its happened to hundreds of other drivers in New York State. We are talking about MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ILLEGAL FINES being coerced from drivers by the New York State Department of Motor Vehciles.

I am challenging the New York State Deptpartment of Motor Vehicles in the Courts. I'm looking for a lawyer to take this case, a class action lawsuit.

If no lawyer will take the case I will go Pro Se and file the lawsuit myself in the Federal Courts against the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. I've done pro se cases before.

But for know I will see if a lawyer will take up this challenge against the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for me! And the other drivers that have been victims of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

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I attended an University online and recieved an accomodation under the A.D.A. which provided me with two extra days to complete assignments and reasonable accomodation for photosensitive seizures.

I was required to participate in online field trips and view files that had rapidly flashing light sequences that triggered seizures which caused physical injury to myself. I was singled out in an online live class and called a LOSER by a prof. which I filed a formal complaint for.

Even with documentation the school dismissed my complaints implying that "maybe" my work is not as superior as I think it to be. After recieving many emails and phone calls from various administrative personnel from the school and not even being allowed to transfer into a different class I finally left this school under extreme emotional stress and a very damaged self esteem.

Despite it all I maintained a 4.0 grade average and have started attending another college but have struggled as I refuse to apply for accomodation again and I am actually fearful for it to be disclosed.

Because one attends school in the online environment does this take away the rights that are protected under the A.D.A. ? The school felt this to be true, what do you think?

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I was diagnosed with Bypolar mental disoder in my early 20's after the delivery of my son. I am 4o years old now and decided to fill out forms to register to vote.

A woman called me on my phone and said had I ever been committed which I marked yes on the form. That had been years ago. I am compatent now. She made reference that I couldn't vote, and I have been discoraged ever since! I didn't get her name...but I feel very cheated.

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perhaps one of the reason many people cover-up the secret sin is that they know they can not trust many of the officials we place into office to help us; and the police who swore to serve and protect us are no more than hypocrites laboring under spirits of recognition or in pursuit of promotions and pay increases.

when I asked for help for my 15yr old nephew and told him to tell the truth [and he did] along with reassuring him we were going to get him some help, little did I know that he was going to be shipped straight to jail with lawyers looking to try him as an adult.

I realize he needs to be punished because we have taught our children not to do nasty little things but as you probably know many 15 year olds do some really stupid things.I knew it would have been wrong to conceal the incident because I knew he needed help and without it,he would be a risk to others.

Is this the reason we have so many predators now-because there was no early intervention and this illness was allowed to go untreated. These chidren came from parents that are drug addicts -no telling what they have been subjected to. Has the world forgotten that "Yesterdays Victims"may be Todays Predators.

I don't recall seeing any ongoing advertisement on TV directing people where to go for help for unnatural sex behavior or desires. I am sure that no family is looking for their family to be torn apart especially admist the deception on behalf of the authorities. We have no money to hire expensive lawyers. Just what are parents to do?

If Mark Foley and whomever else did not cover these real life issues in their plan, they really have not even began to resolve this problem. None of us can afford to be judgemental or continue to close our eyes to this problem. You never know,your child may be sneaking doing some things you would never imagine.

Your next decision shouldn't be that if you "TELL",will you be writing your child's life off because he or she will then be a convicted felon for the rest of their life. What happen to the HELP I requested...?

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I am the mother of two black male children.
I am an educator and has been one for the past twenty years.

My 16 year old son at the time was involved in an SUV Ford explorer rollover in April, 2004. No other cars were involved. There were two other teenagers as passengers. They were leaving work ( McDonald fast food resturant).

The roads were wet and he lost control making a sharp turn. He was thrown through the windsheild and the other two passengers were not seriously injured, but he was. He had a collasped lung, serious road rash ( burns ), lacerations to face and head, spleen injury and the ear was partly detached.

The police officers that came to the scene of the accident assumed that there were alcohol and drugs involved. They wrote in their report that a beer bottle was in the immediate area of the crash scene. They also keep searching the SUV for drugs which they never found.

As my son was fighting for his life in ICU they keep insisting that he had to be under the influence of drugs. They said, " If you were not injured this badly we would lock you up. Permission was given for blood to be drawn to determine if he was under the influence. No drugs were in his system. I feel that my son and many other Black males are targeted unfairly because of who they are.

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mom and child abused by hrs,judge,hospital,childs dad,we are victims on a daily basis,someone has to care about the disabled,i thought we had rights,but only abusers has rights.we are threatened,abused mentally and physically.child support,none,back pay owed about 10 years.

denied,14 yr old 17 yr old and 20 and 19 ,kids all messed up,2 at home,2 not at home,but still go threw abuse,judge doesnt care.we dont want to be victims no more,to many abusers and no one to care.

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I am a mother of 3 daughters, all born in the USA. On april7, 2005 I went to the school where my 14y/o daughter was attending as she has called me that she was sick.

Unfortunately, the Police was called that I was upset over the fact that she was given some medication against my will. I was beaten, taken to jail, released on my owm recognizance the next day .

In jail, as I was praying, I was mocked and ridiculed up to point that some one was even exposing himself. I have been in the states of disbelief that such thing will happen in this country of law.

The Police officer went up to shouting , we don't care about Africa as I was attempting to hug my daughter GOOD BYE. I just told him, why are you keeping my children here then ?. To my surprise, he then jumped on me, hit me on the right side of my face , breaking my only pair of glasses.

While I don't necessarily regret living in the USA, not a day goes by that I do not wonder if Rosa Park died in vain or if the late Senator Paul Wellstone legacy who stood for the little people as well as anyone is indeed still alive today?

Thank you.

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What is your county government telling the world about you? News for Public Officials examined documents indexed to three Fort Bend County citizens. The documents examined are typical of documents held in courthouses nationwide.
The information is contained in the digitized deeds, mortgages, and other records local citizens pay the county to preserve and protect inside the courthouse. I never visited the Fort Bend County Courthouse. I was six hundred miles away. I could just as easily have been sitting in an Internet cafe on th other side of the world. The County provides remote access supposedly as a service to their citizens. Here are the lives of three citizens from the millions offered by just one County Website.

Tom’s Story
Tom is nationally well-known.

The information we found on the Fort Bend County Clerk’s site tells much more about Tom than any legitimate news agency would ever publish. The site documents Tom’s social security number, home address and gives us several examples of his signature. It provides his wife’s full name including her maiden name. We also found Tom’s wife’s mothers maiden name, Tom’s daughter’s full name and that of her husband. If you haven’t guessed already, Tom is Congressman Thomas Dale DeLay.

Joe’s Story
Joe is a very well-known businessman in Fort Bend County. We changed Joe’s name to protect his security. His real name and sensitive information is published on the Fort Bend County Website. We found Joe’s social security number, signature, and date of birth along with the bank account and routing numbers for two checking accounts. The financial information included a total of 21 accounts located in five cities. Certificates of Deposit, Money Market and other accounts were found complete with account numbers and authorized signatures.

Ellen’s Story
Everything we know about Ellen, we learned from the Fort Bend County Site.

Ellen lived and worked in Harris County most of her life and only moved to Fort Bend County to be closer to her family. Ellen was born in 1917 and passed away a few years ago, but before she died, Fort Bend County Clerk Dianne Wilson published published the most intimate details of her life over the Internet. It’s still there.

Ellen retired from the county on a $300–a-month pension.. The site provides her membership number with the Texas County and District Retirement System. Before retiring, Ellen invested wisely with Payne Webber under two separate account numbers also provided by the county site. By the year 2000, Ellen’s assets had grown to a little over a half million dollars. Ellen’s social security number and exact date of birth are included in the documents.

The documents identify Ellen’s daughter, son, one son-in-law, three granddaughters, one grandson-in-law, a niece, a nephew and a son-in-law. Although Ellen was in failing health, she gave each of them cash gifts every Christmas from a special bank account.

Ellen suffered from cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s. She took Ticlopidine and Verapamil for heart problems and Cipro for urinary tract infections. When she was constipated, she took Bisacodyl. The Fort Bend County Clerk’s site provides her prescription numbers and the contact information for her pharmacy, Lifechek # 1 in Rosenberg, along with her Medicare number. Her doctors are listed for easy reference.

Ellen’s hairdresser was Rosemary from Tomball, Texas. You can find Rosemary’s full name, phone, and pager numbers on the county site. Her gardener was a young man by the name of Johnny. Ellen was a consistent subscriber to the Houston Chronicle and enjoyed cable television through the services of Warner Cable.

Tom, Joe, and Ellen all deserve better than to have their documented lives thrust onto the Internet where they can be strip-searched by strangers all over the world. This policy may be convenient for local government but it facilitates terrorists and data miners far outside the local jurisdiction.

Is your county publishing the same information about you?

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Just about everyone knows the term “civil rights,” but it is not always clear exactly what civil rights refers to, and you may not even know if your civil rights have been violated.

Most people think of civil rights as issues that occurred in the 1960s. Sadly, they are still prevelant today.

Civil rights are rights given by nations to people within that nations’ boundaries. They are often, although not always, written laws which guarantee certain protections to the citizens of a nation.

In the United States, a person’s civil rights are protected by the Constitution (including amendments to the Constitution). They are also protected by federal statutes, state constitutions and state statutes.

Some civil rights are implied, meaning that they exist, even though they have not been included in a constitution or statute.

An example of an implied right is the right to privacy. Other examples of civil rights include the right of peaceful protest, the right to vote, and the right to personal freedom.

The civil rights movement began because citizens found that they were not being given equal protection of their civil rights. The civil rights movement advocated ending discrimination through new laws.

In the United States the goal of the civil rights movement was to give all Americans full equality under the law.

One of the most widely known civil rights movements was that of African Americans. The movement was formed to end public and private racial discrimination against African Americans. Specifically, elected officials in some states permitted discrimination against African Americans.

This discrimination included segregation, voter suppression, and acts of violence. People often associated with the movement are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Ella Josephine Baker.

One of the first known cases of a civil rights lawsuit occurred in the 1849 case, Roberts vs. Boston. The case was filed to end racial discrimination in public schools in Boston.

The courts sided with Boston, racial discrimination continued, and the outcome set the precedent for the “separate but equal” standard which allowed segregation in some U.S. states.

Various acts in the United States are designed to protect people’s civil rights. These include the Civil Rights Acts of 1871, 1964, 1968, and 1990; the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

There are a number of agencies and organizations whose purpose is to monitor, study, and enforce civil rights in the United States. The Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) was created to investigate complaints alleging that a person has been denied the right to vote based on discriminatory factors including race, age, and religion.

Another purpose of the USCCR is to release public service announcements discouraging discrimination. The USCCR is also mandated to collect and study information related to discrimination. The USCCR is an independent agency of the United States Government and it does not have the authority to apply remedies to specific cases, rather it forwards complaints received to the appropriate organizations.

Another organization is the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Its mission is to “ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the nation through vigorous enforcement of civil rights.”

The OCR enforces federal civil right laws. These laws prohibit discrimination in programs or activities that receive funding from the Department of Education.

Although many people today take their civil rights for granted, there are still those who are treated as not deserving of civil rights. They are subjected to discrimination based on age, race, disability or other factors, despite such discrimination being against the law.

It is unthinkable that people today should still be denied their civil rights. Fortunately, there are laws which allow remedies for people who have been denied their civil rights.


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