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Car Accidents

Automobile accidents injure millions and kill thousands of Americans each year, and are also the leading cause of brain and spinal cord injury in the United States. Car, truck, bus, and motorcycle accident lawyers can support a victim throughout the judicial process and can help determine if the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver or due to car part defects.

Automobile accident claims against an insurance company can exacerbate your injury. Familiarizing yourself with the auto accident claim process and reviewing your auto policy can help as you begin to file your auto accident claim.

An auto accident lawyer can help you with issues dealing with car crashes, fatal accidents, road rage, personal injury and insurance complaints. A car accident lawyer can also help with your auto accident claim.


Send your Car Crash claim to a lawyer who will review your claim at NO COST or obligation.

Car Accidents

car crash, car accident It is advisable that you speak with experienced auto accident attorney if you were involved in a car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, or bus accident. Because of the devastating impact an injury has on a person's life, car accidents are often the subject of many auto accident claims that include personal injury claims and lawsuits.

Car Accident Legal Help

After a car accident in which you or a loved one have been injured, it is important to seek legal help. An auto accident lawyer can help you with auto accident claims dealing with car crashes, fatal accidents, road rage, personal injury and insurance complaints. You may be able to make an auto accident claim and qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible auto accident lawsuit.

Only an auto accident lawyer who specializes in car crash lawsuits can best help you with your auto accident claim. A car accident lawyer will be able to ensure you have the right reports and medical records in order to make your auto accident claim. A lawyer specializing in auto accidents will also be able to assist you with your car insurance company and will help see that you receive any damages you may be due from your auto accident claim. is here to help you as you begin to file your auto accident claim or car accident lawsuit.

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I was in a car accident that I ended up in are you driving into a house and had taken ambien I was told that there was nothing I could do it was 2 years later that India said that sleep driving was a side effect and that they had a plate put it on their labels I looked into lawsuits and there was none however I was never warned about that I don't remember taking them.
I am told I took one and then my ex wife (wife at the time would tell me I took them already) I don't even remember.
I don't remember getting in the car or even walking out the door. I was in my pajama bottoms, no socks or shoes and getting behind the wheel. I lost a job with the railroad at this time. This night I slept drove I ended up drving into a house .
I am do not drink and drive let alone this. I now have two owi due t0 this medication. The second time is when I drove into the house and I quit taking them after looking up side effects
It was a year later when they advertised that ambien causes sleep driving and they were putting it on the labels. My life has not been the same since. I paid over 16,000 in damages and also lost my 80,000 a year job
This medication is evil. I took it as prescribed ( so I thought)
I read many stories like mine, others forgetting if they took it and took another. Sleep driving etc

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I am sorry for some of yall injuries and small settlements being so low. This is it wise never to talk to your own insurance company or the other one.Neither are your friends cause what happens is sometimes you have to sue your own company if the other party is underinsured or uninsured and thus what you say to them as well can hurt you also. As well research your lawyers . My wife got 20,000 for a sprain leg at a dollar store and having good lawyers will get you the best. In the case of 11,000 for a broken vertebra I'm sorry you got low balled and your lawyers didnt fight more for you. Remember neither company is your friend and will cover there but so always be careful even if yours ask how you are doing and feeling. Just say you rather not discuss that at this point. Cause if you say I'm better of good it could haunt you as I said especially when the other party isnt insured right.

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On morning of july4,2010 looking ahead in my lane was a truck,that was headed in my direction. To the left of me was a tractor trailer, which we was hit, knock down a small hill. The driver of the truck went thru the middle not touching anyone.This man was 5 times the legal limits drunk. We was lucky thru the grace of god, cause there was no where to go I suffered a broken verbal which to this day still give me problems.The insurance only paid me a settlement of 11,000 dollars.

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I was in a terrible car accident January 31 2005 I was a passenger, the car i was riding in was hit t-bone style, my side of the car! all because someone ran a red light. My right hip was shattered, several fractures in my pelvis my other hip fractured ,broken collar bone,toren rotter cup. I have been through 5 surgerys still more to come. i have now been out of work for 3 1/2 years now. i may never be able to return to work. I am very blessed to be alive...

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My wife was driving in Houston Texas when out of her periferal vision she saw a large dumptruck on her left. When the dumptruck passed her a loose belt on the truck hit her back window.

She heard a loud bang similar to a gunshot sound as the glass shattered. The driver never stopped. She managed to get the license plate, and submitted a police report.

But our insurance company was the most helpful. At the time my wife thought she suffered no injury, but two years later we are now discovering she may have damaged her optic nerves and affected the retina.


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