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United Food Group Ground Beef Recalled

On June 3, 2007 the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that California's United Food Group voluntarily recalled approximately 75,000 lbs of ground beef products due to possible E. Coli O157:H7 contamination. A week later approximately 5.7 million pounds of ground beef was recalled.

ground beef e.coliThe recall is in response to an investigation carried out by the California Department of Health Services and the Colorado Department of Health, in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after receiving reports of illnesses.

On April 20, the ground beef was produced and immediately shipped to retail distributors in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Utah.

The labels of the products subject to recall are numbered "EST. 1241" inside the USDA mark of inspection or printed on the package. All of the products have a sell by date of "May/06/07," a freeze by date of "May/07/07" or a produced on date of "April/20/07."

Products subject to recall include the following:

  • 10-pound casings of "MORAN'S All Natural, 73/27 fine ground beef."
  • 10-pound casings of "MORAN'S All Natural, 90/10 fine ground sirloin."
  • 2-pound chubs of "INTER-AMERICAN PRODUCTS 93/7 ground beef."
  • 1-pound chubs of "INTER-AMERICAN PRODUCTS 80/20 ground beef."
  • 1-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural 73/27 ground beef."
  • 5-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural 73/27 ground beef."
  • 3-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural 73/27 ground beef."
  • 1-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural, 90/10 fine ground sirloin."
  • 2-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural 93/7 ground beef."
  • 2-pound chubs of "MORAN'S All Natural 96/4 ground beef."
  • 3-pound chubs of "STATER BROS. MARKETS 73/27 ground beef."
E. Coli O157:H7 Symptoms

The first symptom to occur (usually from 3 to 9 days) is hemorrhagic colitis: a sudden onset of abdominal pain and severe cramps, followed within 24 hours by diarrhea. Symptoms can also include vomiting.

Severe Symptoms

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) is a severe, life-threatening complication of an E. coli O157:H7 bacterial infection. It is now recognized as the most common cause of kidney failure in childhood and this bacterium may be the only cause of HUS in children.

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a clinical syndrome defined by the presence of thrombocytopenia and microangiopathic hemolytic anemia. This has generally been recognized as "adult HUS."

Consumers are advised to return the products to the point of purchase. All other ground beef should only be eaten if properly refrigerated and cooked at a high temperature to ensure any harmful bacteria is destroyed. Make sure ground beef is cooked to 160 °F throughout. A thermometer is a good indicator: keep in mind that E. coli O157:H7 can lead to serious illness or even death. Those most at risk include young children, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems.

United Food Group Beef E. Coli Legal Help

If you or a loved one has suffered from E. coli contaminated United Food Group ground beef, please click the link below to send your complaint to a lawyer to evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.
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I was sick for exactly a month. I ate the beef and have never felt such horrible pain in my life. I couldnt even move from my bed it was so bad. I had extremely bad diarehha and could not be away from the toilet for more than 5 minutes. I couldnt eat any food. I couldnt keep it down. I lost 2 1/2 weeks of work, had seen 4 doctors. I lost 14 pounds in a month, not in a healthy way. I looked like a living dead person. I was down to 94 pounds and was so dehydrated and weak i could barely get out of bed to even take a shower. I had never been so ill or in pain in my life. I really thought i was going to die, i feel like i could have if i didnt have such a strong immune system. If it were an elderly or child they could have died seeing how it affected me. Even after almost of a month of feelin a little bit better. My stomach is still not good. I still have really bad diarehha all day long. My stomach still hurts atleast twice a day i get bad pains. I have a hard time eating food. I am trying to gain all the weight that i had lost, and i am having a very hard time doing so. I am still very weak. All i want is for my stomach to be back to normal and at the rate i am going i dont know if that will ever happen. I want to be compinsated for the damages, of all the work that i missed as well as the doctors bills that have added up.


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