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Essure Birth Control Defective Product Lawsuit Filed

Santa Clara, CA: Bayer is facing a defective products lawsuit alleging its Essure birth control coil causes painful and serious complications requiring surgery to remove the product.

Filed by April Norman of Connecticut, the lawsuit asserts that Norman suffered severe complications including painful bleeding, blood clots, hair loss, discomfort during sex and depression after Essure coils were implanted during the sterilization procedure.

A permanent form of birth control, Essure requires an outpatient procedure that involves a doctor inserting bendable coils into the fallopian tubes. This process causes scar tissue to form around the coils over several months, which is supposed to block the tubes and prevent pregnancy.

Norman contends that as a result of the complications she suffered from the Essure implant, she had to undergo a hysterectomy to remove the birth control device.

According to the complaint, Norman first underwent the Essure procedure in March 2012, and less than a year later required a hysterectomy for its removal.

Between the date the sterilization procedure was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2002, and May 31, 2015, the FDA received more than 5,000 adverse Essure event reports.

The lawsuit alleges that Bayer aggressively marketed Essure to physicians without providing the proper training, and withheld information about the risk of Essure complications from the FDA, doctors and women.

"The only way Plaintiff' implanting physician would have been aware of the adverse events or additional warnings would have been for Defendants to report the adverse events or warnings to the FDA,"the lawsuit states. "Had Defendants properly warned or reported the adverse events to the FDA as required under federal law, the warnings would have reached Plaintiff' implanting physician in time to prevent Plaintiff' injuries."


Essure Birth Control Defective Product Lawsuit Filed Legal Help

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Im a victim of depo provera currently suffering from the following side effects: Severe migraine headaches, Blurred vision, Double vision, halo vision, Dizziness, Neck, shoulder, or back pain, lost of balance, difficulty going up and down stairs, can't stand for long, osteoporosis, arthritis in every joint, knees, fingers, wrist, ankles, back, hips, brittle nails, loss of hair, lost 5 tooth, unable to conceive after 2 years, cyst on ovaries, sever internal pain during intercourse that paraylsis me for hours crying in tears, facial hair, dry skin, dark spots appearing on face, depression, currently going thru mri's and biopsy for possible breast cancer. I had surgery for signs of uterus cancer as well.

I have been on depo for 20 years and no dr advised me to at least take calcium pills until 1/2018. Now my ob tells me I should have been taking all along. I am deteriorating and doctors only wanted to treat the symptoms for years knowing what the root cause was but still insisted I remain on depo until I finally determined that these dr's are in denial using me as an experiment trying to kill me. After 2 years of trying to conceive I'm realizing this shot has totally destroyed my body. I'm devastated that I was never informed of the serious risk related to this medicine. I have a cabinet of unused pills of every prescription because I'm afraid of the side effects. Had I known the risk I would have never considered. The only issues I currently or ever suffered from was related to this depo shot. Despite all I mentioned above the dr's have never diagnose me with any disease other than osteoporosis. They make you think it's all in your head or your getting old but i was only in my 30's while they remain in denial we are being seriously injured. So I asked my dr's last mo why are they in denial when patients are complaining how this medicine has destroyed them and you continue to prescribe this. Her response was that black women never show up for surveys. Are they serious? I didn't know of sever side effects let alone They need to be held accountable for failing to disclose all relevant information as well.

I'm looking for an attorney who can assist me even though I'm still going thru ongoing exams, cat scan, biopsy, bone dr lined up as well. I need to know how can I sue them for destroying my life and possibly my career as a real estate broker unable to show homes and go up and down stairs without discomfort and embarrassment etc. Unable to sit or stand for long due to pain in joints, back, knees, ankles etc. All my past medical visits are due to this depo shot unknowingly at the time but I always questioned could this be causing any of these issues and was advised no and brushed off as a mind thing while prescribing pain meds. Due to my body continuing to deteriorate I'm now going through several unresolved issues.


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