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Lincoln Financial Group Long-term Disability Lawsuit

Lincoln Financial Group offers short and long term disability insurance policies to protect policyholders in the event that they are injured or fall ill and are unable to work. Some policyholders, however, have filed insurance lawsuits alleging they have been unfairly or unreasonably denied their claims. For example, they allege they have been denied because their medical documentation does not support their disability claim, even when they have a proper diagnosis from a doctor.


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Lincoln Financial Long-Term Disability Denials

As with other insurance companies, Lincoln Financial has faced claims of improperly denying or delaying policyholders' claims or cutting off benefits that were previously approved. Among tactics that insurance companies such as Lincoln Financial are accused of using to justify unreasonable denials, delays, or reversals of benefits are:

  • Ignoring or overruling the diagnosis and medical opinion of doctors
  • Basing opinions on limited or incomplete paperwork
  • Classifying medically accepted treatments as "experimental"
  • Wrongly classifying the policyholder as able to work (or as "no longer meeting the definition of disabled")
  • Claiming paperwork was not filled out correctly
  • Refusing to honor the conditions of the policy
  • Claiming a pre-existing condition

Insurance companies have also been accused of committing bad faith insurance. In cases of bad faith insurance, the insurance company is alleged to have purposely denied policyholders' claims to protect profits or meet quotas, as opposed to simply having erred in denying, delaying, or reversing benefits.

Lincoln Financial Disability Denial Appeal

Long term disabilityDepending on whether the insurance policy is covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) or not, an appeal must either be filed with the insurance company or go directly to curt. If the policy is covered by ERISA—meaning it has been purchased through an employer—the policyholder has a strict deadline for filing an appeal with the company, and the company's appeals process must be exhausted before filing a lawsuit.

Even if the policyholder must go through the company appeals process, policyholders may still consider hiring an attorney to assist with the appeal because documentation filed in the appeal is the only documentation a judge will see if the case goes to court. In other words, policyholders must present the most detailed case possible at the appeals stage as they will not be able to submit new supporting evidence in court.

If the policy is not covered by ERISA, the policyholder may be able to file a lawsuit immediately after the claim is denied, depending on the terms of the policy.

Lincoln Financial LTD Lawsuits

Lincoln Financial has faced lawsuits it improperly or unreasonably denied, delayed, or reversed payment of benefits. Those lawsuits allege breach of contract on the part of the insurance company.

Lincoln Financial Group LTD Denial Legal Help

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Posted by
Vicky Laws
I worked for a convenience store chain for 21 years, I started as a clerk,then manager,then supervisor then field rep which included installing deli's stores which dealt with working with fryers, hot oils, lifting up to 50lbs of breading, chicken etc. I also installed Subway in a few of our stores.I traveled from town to town with a 200 mile area. Three years ago I had a seizure on the highway I began to also have trouble with the muscles in my legs an black out episodes. My company seen me as a liability and advised me to go on long-term disability I was approved, but 2 years into my drawing my checks Lincoln Financial selected a pier review doctor that said I was no longer disabled. The state of Arkansas had also pulled my license due to a seizure on the highway. They also state that if I get my social security I have to pay them back the difference. I paid on short term and long term disability insurance for 21 years only to be cut off after 2 years.

Posted by
Latrice Mallory
I'm writing to get some help lincoln financial stop my check because they say I still old them back pay ssdi only gave me 24000 dollars that was before ssdi said they where not going to AT first lincoln said my overpayment was 24820.00I gave them 10000.00 and pay there lawyer 6000.00 they took the money back that they was suppose to give me because ssdi didn't pay for my children which was 1282.28 they will not show me how much they took off for my children but they say I still owe them 6620.00 how could that be i truly need some help PLEASE because they have stop my check until they can collect all of their money back I feel they are cheating me out of my benefit can someone help me

Posted by
Barbara Campbell
Same thing is happening to me right now. I got approved for LTD and now that they had me sign up for Social Security and they hired an Advocate for my case and I got approved for SSI not SSDI, they want me to pay them back 3727.25 which is more then what my back pay was after the SS office paid the Advocate 1225.50. Is this even legal???? They should have said something before not after I was approved for SSI.

Posted by
Christine Dennis
I am having the same issue as the guy above, I was approved for STD, Then was approved for my social security, not ssdi, two months after, because I received a social security check in October they want me to pay back the STD. Now dealing with the same thing over the LTD, when I have not been approved for SSDI, but if I am and get back pay they want the LTD money back they've paid me.

Posted by
Larry L. Shoppell
I was approved for long term disability and paid approx. 4044.00 in four months in benefits. Now that my ssdi was approved they want 3969.40 in overpayment doesn't seem right.


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