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Hartford Denied Long Term Disability Lawsuit

Were you looking for Disability Insurance or Long Term Disability Insurance (suitability standards and fraud) lawsuits?

Lawsuits have been filed against The Hartford insurance company alleging policyholders had their claims unreasonably delayed or denied, breaching the insurance company' contract with its customers. Insurance companies such as The Hartford (sometimes called Hartford Life Insurance Company) who are found to have delayed or denied legitimate claims for the purpose of protecting profits may face claims of bad faith insurance. Unfairly denying or delaying claims puts policyholders in the position of not being able to cover their medical expenses, or day-to-day expenses, making them financially vulnerable.


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The Hartford Life Insurance Company Claims

hartfordltddenialsPolicyholders have filed claims against The Hartford alleging their disability claims were unfairly denied based on improper medical documentation, failure to adequately investigate a claim, and aggressive claims review processes. The insurance company has also faced claims of relying too heavily on the opinions of peer reviewers, ignoring vital evidence concerning the severity of the disabling condition, and cherry picking evidence to support their own conclusion.

In one lawsuit (Spina v. CVS Long Term Disability and Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company, case number 1:10-CV-243), Senior District Judge Sandra S. Beckwith referred to reports from Hartford' peer reviewers as having "troubling misstatements, misinterpretations, inconsistencies, and omissions."

The Hartford Long Term Disability Denials

The Hartford has faced allegations that it uses unfair video surveillance to deny claims or intimidate clients into dropping their claims. In 2009, ABC News aired a report about The Hartford' handling of insurance claims. That report noted federal courts have ruled that The Hartford "improperly overemphasized their surveillance video"when denying claims from disabled people. In such cases, plaintiffs who filed disability claims were reportedly filmed doing innocent activities—such as reading magazines or eating tacos—with the film footage used as proof the plaintiffs were not actually disabled. Among findings from the federal courts were that the company abused its discretion in denying disability claims.

The Hartford Long Term Disability Lawsuits

One lawsuit was filed in late 2015 by a doctor who alleged The Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company breached its contract with him and violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act when it denied his benefits. The doctor, Albert Zanetti, was reportedly unable to work due to a disabling condition and treatment regimen. He alleges Hartford refused to provide benefits, failed to give a decision in a timely manner, and failed to obtain medical opinions on the plaintiff' disabling condition.

Hartford Denied Long Term Disability Legal Help

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Hartford Insurance Denies Disability Benefits and Pays Millions to bail out a town
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I am currently in the appeal process with The Hartford. Natter paying my LTD benefits for nearly ten years, I got sent to their doctor and wow, I can work and there go my benefits. I have several medical and mental illnesses. All of my doctors say there is no wash I can work. So, I have an awesome attorney and am confident we will prevail. I don’t know how those folks sleep at night, no conscience, no compassion....making already very ill folks feel worse.

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I was denied my long term disability after they accepted it.. Denied.. I appealed.. Accepted.. Denied.. I worked for The Hartford.. In April of 2015 a ups truck pulls up with a form that says I'm terminated due to my leave of absence dated 2/20/2015.. This is APRIL 2015.. They retro terminate me back to February 20th 2015. Denied again.. Lose all health benefits.. All benefits retroactively.. I appeal.. June 2015 Overturned accepted.. I receive notice my dad is with hospice and is dying August 2015 and I'm to go to him No. CA .. He passes on Sept 23 rd 2015 in my arms.. I get back end of Oct 2015 and receive a final denial notice.. Unless I can go to Dr. and supply same info I had already given them.. When I had no more benefits and no money to go get the paperwork I needed from Drs.. They finally denied me again.. I just found paperwork that helps me to see the full picture now.. I was setup by the Hartford.. My monthly LTD was supposed to be 14,800.00 a month as I chose AND paid for 7X my wages.. They simply did not want to pay me this amount.. In fact they arranged it so I was terminated back to the short term disability date.. Even for the year my claim was accepted for LTD I never received a check for more then 2000.00 a month ?? I supplied them with everything they asked for even a SS denial letter.. I have titanium rods and pins in my back and plastic disks in my neck.. I was retroactively dropped of my medical back to Feb 2015 and was on major pain meds from a pain specialist and everything just stopped.. I have lost everything.. Am in constant pain.. Had to cash in my retirement and am ready to just give up.. I paid extra out of my paycheck to make sure my children wouldn't have to care for me and I'm just devastated.. Can any one help? Is their a statute on sueing..? I believe I have a strong case.. Its clear with all the different dates, I have 3 different termination dates depending on which benefit they are trying to cheat me out of.. I have conflicting acceptance/ denial letters etc.. Its very clear to me now looking back that I was setup and treated unfairly as well as unlawfully.. I've never heard of anyone being fired for leave of absence when on LTD ?? Please help me ??

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I am currently experiencing delays and unbelievable poor customer service. I've only received 3 payments since mid October. My short term disability is suppose to allow me to have no worries while I get back to good health. I've been hung up on and made mockery of. My documents were sent to them December 5, 2017 and they allege they haven't received them. The last payment was broken up. The one pror took about 18 days to receive. As of now, it will probably be 3 weeks before I get another payment. I can't pay co-payments with no money. This has been the very worst experience imaginable. 12-13-2017

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Trying to get hartford to do anything is like pulling your on teeth they could careless about you or your family they are the slowest and most incompetent set of people I know I would not recommend them to any business or to any individuals for anything go with a Smaller company State farm any of those companies hope this one goes out of business for all it's put my family and I through!!!

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I am on ssdi and Hartford through being disabled did pay std and ltd in 2009 this year started sending me packets that they want me to to have packects filled out by my medical doctors saying im still disabled or they are threatening not to carry the life insurance policy which states through my old company as long as im disabled my Hartford can not drop my life insurance policy. Ive been disabled since 2007 this year is the firsst time they have done this and i have already been through an ssa review which declared disabled my doctors are saying its irrational that Hartford is asking for you to go through a review with them im on ssdi. Doctors never heard of a thing and hartford states on paper work i release for them to use my information no privacy act doctors wont fill it out for them. I called hartford and told them they said they have done it every year i said no i would have seen before and told them i will give them paper work from ssa on my disability. Anyone ever see this? They have no right to drop my life insurance while its on contract as long as im disabled and i am they are not allowed to drop life insurance. Now i have a lein on my ssi for state taxes when i was on ltd in 2009 and hartford they dont hold paperwork that long? 2 year battle now trying to get irs or hartford or crown castle stsing i eas on ltd in 2009. Ugghhhh just got off phone with Harrisburgh again trying to get lein ligted off credit report its stopping my credit score.


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