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CIGNA Wrongly Denied Disability

Consumers who have CIGNA insurance may have been victims of CIGNA denied disability claims, in which CIGNA is accused of violating consumer protection laws. Recently, a regulatory settlement was announced with five states, settling claims that CIGNA' claims-handling procedures did not conform to required standards.


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CIGNA Insurance Claims

insuranceclaimcategory Consumers allege their long-term disability claims were not properly processed by CIGNA employees, resulting in improperly denied disability claims. Regulators in five states investigated CIGNA for allegedly denying initial and ongoing claims that should have been approved, and for terminating payments.

Insurance companies are required to act in good faith when dealing with customers and policyholders. Often, though, they do not live up to this requirement. They use a variety of tactics to avoid or delay making payments to policyholders, including fighting or ignoring medical diagnoses, denying claims without carrying out a proper investigation or evaluation, claiming that necessary paperwork was not sent in time, requiring duplicate and triplicate copies of forms be filled out, and drawing out the investigation process.

Unreasonably denying or delaying a claim is known as bad faith insurance, and many insurance companies have been accused of practicing bad faith insurance.

CIGNA Regulatory Settlement

In May 2013, CIGNA reached a regulatory settlement with five states concerning its handling of long-term disability claims. The settlement required CIGNA Group to:

• Improve its claims handling procedures;
• Establish procedures to allow the improved claims-handling procedures to be applied to previously denied claims in the states affected by the settlement;
• Undergo a two-year monitoring program;
• Pay fines and fees of more than $1.5 million.

Included in the settlement were California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Consumers in each of those states who had their claim denied or payment terminated could have their claims reevaluated. The settlement follows targeted marked conduct examinations that were undertaken by the insurance departments of Maine and Massachusetts beginning on September 15, 2009. Those examinations looked into whether CIGNA conformed to national requirements for claims-handling procedures. Among the irregularities found were not considering the opinions of independent physicians, ignoring decisions made by Social Security and not including workers compensation records in the decision-making process.

As a result, CIGNA has set aside around $77 million to settle claims that were previously denied and may be overturned.

Also involved in the settlement were CIGNA subsidiary companies, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and Life Insurance Company of North America.

CIGNA Denied Disability Legal Help

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Posted by
To all of my fellow travelers in pain. I have severe idiopathic peripheral neuropathy. Went through same situation as those chronicled below with one critical difference. When CIGNA denied my ltd claim I hired the best DISABILITY INSURANCE CLAIM ATTORNEY I could find. Your attorney must work daily in this area of law. Do not let your cousin or friend or whatever "help you out" and "save you some money" They could very well cost you everything. I understand many are reading this and screaming at the computer that you don,t have the money for a lawyer. Put it on Mr. visa, sell the house, the car, whatever.
Then be prepared to spend about six months putting together your appeal with your lawyer. My appeal was nearly two inches thick.
And yes, I won my first appeal.

Posted by
Tahoe 303
Suffered first heart attack Aug 8, 2001. Went through cardiac Rehab and returned to work as a Respiratory Therapist but could only work part time. Sept 26, 2015 suffered 2nd heart attack, after working an understaffed high intensity shift the previous day. Was flown to a medical center for treatment. Discharged from the hospital Sept 29,2015 with a stent in place, returned via code 3 ambulance to same medical center Sept 30 with 3rd heart attack! Went through cardiac rehab again, which got me to function with some difficulty with everyday living. Cardiologist I'm am not to return to work as a Respiratory Therapist due to physical limitations and stress of the job, (he was a Respiratory Therapist while in medical school so he knows exactly what I did for a profession of 46 years) I started with Cigna long term disability in March 2016 and Nov 9, 2016 they cut me off without notice. The letter came 2 weeks later! their people that reviewed my claim determined I can return to work. We appealed the denial of benefits, my Cardiologist even wrote a letter specifically stating I am incapable of doing CPR, which is a mandatory component of my profession, limiting my standing time to 2 hours. Also responding to all life threatening emergencies in the hospital which requires running up 3 flights of stairs and over 1/4 mile, some thing I'm no longer able to do. Also when I went to work at the medical center I had to sign a waiver stating I gave up my rights to all break times and lunch periods if patient care required it, which 99% it did, also would be on my feet 4-6 hours before being allowed time to sit and do the computer work. Just received a letter from Cigna stating their position is unchanged and I am fully capable of returning to work, this without even laying eyes on me and in spite of my Cardiologist that has taken care of me for 15 years and also has done my job in the past!!!!
Disappointed in Cigna, they were supposed to take care of me if I was disabled, that's what I paid the premiums for.
Where do I go from here? Court and sue for punitive damages as well as the benefits?

Posted by
Leland Winchester, by wife Deborah Winchester
My husband has been a Fire Captain and Paramedic Supervisor for 30 yrs. My husband has lost 80 lbs and after a pscychological evaluation was found to have significant memory loss. Yet Cigna dropped him after his STD date. He no longer knows the day, the date and forgets mid sentence what he is trying to say. I have NO IDEA HOW CIGNA CAN SAY HE IS CAPABLE OF WORKING !! He is non functional and a year later, they are requesting his Social Security Evaluation. It was previously ignored by Justin, his first Cigna agent who was extremely rude and apathetic. Do they get a bonus for denying claims? It seems so.
I have 3 kids at home and we are at a point of losing our home.

My husband LOVED HIS CAREER, it was stripped away, now Cigna can drop him without any explanation or without the social security evaluation that declared him disabled. In my opinion, they are NEGLIGENT!!!!

Posted by
Dustin weaver
I was recently denied my std benifits from gigna I have been off work for 7 months do to a nervousness break down at work.. The issue was caused by harassment bullying and even death threats at work.. I have been seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist.. I was diagnosed with ptsd,depression,insomnia and had lost over 50 lbs do to the stress of the situation. I was also diagnosed with ADD and adhd.. I received 2 payments at the beginning of my leave but now have not received anything since October 21.. I have yet to receive my denial letter and have already been canceled by Cigna on my medical benifits.. I'm not able to finish my treatment with my doctors without medical coverage and I can't even see them to get a release to return to work. I'm in a bind and could use any help available. All I did was fallow my doctors orders and they still say I didn't supply enough information.. My doctors say they will back me all the way, but I don't know what to do. Please help

Posted by
Susan Daniels
The post written by Mike could have been written by me. Almost to the word of what has happened down to the same date of last worked.
I have my primary doctor letter explaining my illnesses and along with x rays, mri, blood work and physicals. I am now 4 months with no income and for the first time in my life, I cannot buy and pay for my own food. Cigna paid my benefit for several months and cut me off without notice. What a shock. I now have severe panic attacks that wake me up, if I am able to sleep.
They need to be stopped. I will also start writing all the government agencies that can help. I met with an attorney today and will also file suit against Lowes, for offering a policy and stating that it would give me financial peace of mind should I become unable to work because of an illness or injury.
To think I kept thinking they were going to do the right thing.

Posted by
Regarding CIGNA in general, but in my case STD/LTD – Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability

*Please voice and file complaints with your particular states insurance department or department that handles such complaints. The more people that let their voices be heard, the more we can fight the lobbyist’s efforts to help CIGNA get away with what they do…..*

Then get a good lawyer if necessary, as CIGNA has lots of clout…..

I paid for LTD (Long Term Disability) coverage/benefits for over 15 + years. When the coverage was needed CIGNA has done nothing, but make the process extremely difficult, making It clear the object is to make the claimant give up.

My claim went from PSL/STD (Personal Sick Leave/Short Term Disability) to LTD (Long Term Disability) with the same incident number, with CIGNA handling from the start.

I have been out of work since April 11th 2014. SSDI has determined me to be permanently disabled and will re-examine my case December 2017.

CIGNA now states they need an IME as there is not sufficient proof/documentation to support my disability claim. I know the contract gives them the right for an IME, but they have plenty of documentation, it is just to make it more difficult. Also Google CIGNA and IMEs to see how much fun that is.

To date my claim has been denied three (3) times (one of which was verbal), with each denial being appealed and then overturned, showing CIGNA just wants to see what they can get away with. Two (2) denials were in writing, one (1) was verbal, but all three (3) appeal letters are on file.

I have already file a complaint of BAD FAITH PRACTICES and DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS through the New York State Insurance Department – New York State Department of Financial Services. Their claim is currently in closed status as CIGNA was paying me and my claim covered at that time. They advised me to cooperate with CIGNA, provide the requested information by both myself and my medical providers. If denied for a fourth time to call New York State Department back, at which time they will reopen my claim and investigate my allegations.

CIGNA can see all the paperwork and supports in my file. I have given CIGNA more than ample information/supports to substantiate my claim.

Know that I will not go down without a fight. I will write to every blog, government and state agencies, and review for an attorney to seek not only what I am entitled to for LTD benefits, but also court costs, and most importantly of all punitive damages.

I have work for approximately 33 years, of which 29+ years had no gaps in employment. I have never collected unemployment benefits, been on welfare, or any other assistance. I had no other option, but to no longer work. Between my illness getting worse with age, the work environment getting increasingly demanding and more stressful year after year.

Also with some of my physical illnesses being caused directly or indirectly due to my mental health issues and some of my physical issues limiting treatment for my metal issues as well as exacerbating them, there was no more options.

I struggled for years to attempt to keep working with things getting to the point of have a near nervous breakdown every day of the week. I am lucky to date I have not had a heart attack. My wife and I, even though low middle class, gave a substantial amount of or income and belongings to charity. All of which demonstrates I am no system sucker.


Also check out Wikipedia regarding CIGNA, and I am sorry for those honest claimants just trying to get what you paid for.

Posted by
I am disabled and they denied me benefits. I have a condition as a medical marijuana patient that prevents me from working and even if I could work no one will hire you if you smoke by the drug testing they now demand everywhere, so it is a disability by the law to be a medical marijuana patient essentially. I also get seizures if I get to cold or out of sorts. It takes everything I have just to feed myself and get through the day and I have to grow my own medicine. I collapse once a day and I have literally no income an have been starving and I have slowly been losing my health and getting worse and worse.. Thank you!

Posted by
My wife suffered a nervous breakdown at work. Was denied LTD by Cigna twice and terminated. She also lost 75 percent of her pension due to being terminated just prior to her 50th birthday. Was subsequently awarded SSDI.

Posted by
Applied an "estimate" to my claim assuming that I am receiving Social Security benefits when I am not. Spent an hour on the phone trying to get payment resolved and payment will now not arrive for 7-10 business days. I was never told that I need to file for Social Security in order to continue receiving benefits that I had only received two payments for so far. Upon looking at the Social Security website, I noticed that those benefits are for individuals that have been out of work for 12 months. I have not even been out of work for 6 months yet. I lost my leg in a not-at-fault auto accident, caused by an underinsured individual with no assets to his name. The last thing I should have to worry about is receiving my due pay on time.

Posted by
I have been on FMLA for fibromyalgia since 2009. Along with that disease, I also have mitro valve prolapse of the heart. I also have arthritis in my back and compressed disk in my lower tail bone. I have recently been diagnosed with peripheral nueropothy in both legs ( a condition where both legs tingle, you have pain, and they go numb, so far I filed my original claim in April of this year and they are still denying on " technicalities", I have had to change med's several times, and was actually in bed and could not get up for at least six weeks, but they say nothing in my claim proves that I can't perform my duties and shipping/receiving clerk, in which I work for an automotive company that makes refuse trucks and the parts I have to lift all day long are between 50 -120 lbs. It has now been sent for final review....I just don't get it. I worked at that job sick for 10 yrs, until my body just gave out and I couldn't do it anymore.

Posted by
I was dropped by Cigna and they stopped payment because they said according to their standard I wasn't disabled and could work. According to the state of Arizona, I'm considered SMI. Seriously mentally ILL. I have confirmed diagnosis of d.I.d, PTSD, BPD, and other cognitive disabilities. They didn't seem to care about any of that.


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