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Excedrin and nyquil ok to mix?

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Excedrin and nyquil ok to mix?

Postby mya » Apr-25-05 7:44 am


Just a quick question. I had a migraine yesterday so I took extra strength excedrine around 9pm but still couldn't sleep so took nyquil around 1am. I feel shaky/nauscious now and it didn't hit me till the morning that it probably isn't a good idea to mix medecines like that. Are these two ok to mix?

Thank you.

nyquil and excedrin

Postby me » May-03-05 7:56 pm

First of all, migraine headache can lead to nausea frequently. Excedrin is full of caffeine, which is probably why you could not fall asleep. Nyquil has antihistamines and lots of alcohol which is why it works to make you sleep. By combining the excedrin with the nyquil, you simply cancelled some actions of each (i.e. the stimulant cancelled the sedative AND the sedative cancelled the stimulant). Long story short, combining those are not generally dangerous...however, one may cancel the other.

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