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Lithium Carbonate Brain Damage & the Tobacco Settlement

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lithium carbonate

Postby tks776 » Oct-07-05 7:37 pm

Hi, after reading your post and also your website I can definately say I've also been poisoned w/th lithium.

Here's what happened I was diagnosed w/th bi-polar put on lithium 2 months after being on it my teeth started 2 break and I ended up getting a abcess in my jaw bone. I went 2 my dr. and got antibiotics went home went 2 bed and woke up and my throat was almost swelled shut. So, I spent a week in the hospital but, I never thought it was a result of the lithium until I read about you. Also, my memory is gone Im experiencing incontinence and the runs. This drug should be pulled from the market.

I was attending college but, not anymore I lost my memory. Also my hands shack all the time.

Your site is great!

tami :?
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Re: Lithium Carbonate Brain Damage & the Tobacco Settlement

Postby reuser » Feb-18-11 5:49 pm

I've been on lithium sence 98, year after i was on it ,i had dental probablems,sence last 3years i've had memory probablems ringing in ears and such..I was told had bi polor was told had get on meds or else.. Now i learn of brain damage ,thats not good.. I'd like too know what i can do..I just learned of this stuff all but, the teeth,bain damage part,i think pull from market in order...signed doug f..
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