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Nissan Infiniti Owners Angry About Brakes

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Atlanta, GAWhen you purchase a new car, you want to know that everything is in good working order and that there will be no problems, such as brake defects to worry about. Unfortunately, Nissan Infiniti G35 owners have discovered that there are big problems with their vehicle's brakes, causing them to wear out far too quickly. Some owners have filed a lawsuit, alleging that their Infiniti brakes have cost them money—both for replacement parts and because the car's resale value dropped significantly.

Brake DefectThe problem with the brakes is allegedly that the brake pads and rotors wear out faster than normal. How fast? One complainant at Consumer Affairs said that the brakes on his new G35 needed to be replaced at 13,000 miles. He says that although Nissan told him this was normal, in his experience this was most certainly not normal.

Nissan brake problems have apparently been known about for years. In 2004, owners of the Infiniti G35 filed a lawsuit against Nissan, alleging that problems with the car's brakes significantly diminished the car's resale value. The lawsuit sought reimbursement for plaintiffs for the cost of fixing the defect.

Nissan amended its warranty for the 2003 and 2004 models to cover brake pad and rotor replacements for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever came first. However, car owners say that the defects increase the cost of owning the car well beyond that which is covered in the new warranty. Furthermore, they will have a difficult time selling their vehicle because there is not a huge market for cars that require brake pad and rotor replacement every year.

A more recent lawsuit alleges that the 2005 G35s also have the defective brakes. The 2005 models are covered for 48 months or 60,000 miles, however Nissan has allegedly denied warranty claims because the brake problems are related to "normal wear and tear." The other issue is that just because the warranty runs out, does not mean that the brake and rotor problems disappear. Defective parts do not run on the same timeline as warranties—so the car's warranty could expire but the brake problems still continue.

Most car owners would say that they could not imagine replacing their brakes after 13,000 miles. Even 19,000 miles (which is when some people say they've replaced their brakes) is too soon. After all, a person could easily drive 19,000 miles in a year, meaning that he or she would actually be replacing the brakes every year. That's a fairly large cost to take on for a vehicle that is brand new and should not have such unforeseen problems.

Of course, financial issues aside, there is a safety issue with brakes that wear out too quickly. After all, with the brake pads and rotors wearing out, there is a chance that other components of the braking systems could also become worn and damaged, causing the system to completely fail. Obviously, the braking system is a vital component to the safety of a vehicle.

Finally, the defective brakes often give off a significant squealing sound when pressure is applied to the brake pedal—an annoying and frustrating issue to deal with. Not only is the sound annoying, it is also embarrassing. Who wants to drive a car that constantly emits a squealing sound?

So, if you have a Nissan Infiniti G35, what should you do? Well, it would be wise to contact a lawyer to discuss the issue. A lawyer can let you know if you are eligible to join a class action lawsuit regarding the Nissan brake defect.

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I've had similiar problems with my 2008 g35. I'm on board (as is my mechanic) for joining a lawsuit.

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Add me please. 2006 M35x with brake pads, rotors, and caliper problems.

Posted by

Add me to the group, I owned a 2007 G35 which had this issue (squawking and grinding brakes) which I upgraded a few years ago to the G37 with same issue. Only now am I online looking to see if this problem is common to this line of vehicles. I like others wish I had seen this when I owned the G35, but I contend that the issue is present in G37 as well.

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I wish I would have seen this a couple of months ago..I brought a beautiful used 2004 G35 with only 35,000 mls..little did I know a few months after purchase my back caliber and brake would lock up causing damage to my rotor..anyway had it replaced thinking nothing of it until I'm driving it today and now the other side stated displaying the same symptoms..I rushed it in and the pads are already gone..another caliber to be replaced..

Posted by

My 2006 G35x needed brakes at least once a year driving 12000 mile/year. I replaced the rotors with slotted rotors and it solved my problem. It's been 2 1/2 years without replacement and it still passes state inspection. The rotors cost about $300/pair, but well worth it

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Just getting ready to turn in my 2011 G37 and came across this article. My breaks have ALWAYS squealed about a month after taking ownership. The dealership service center just claimed that it was just something that Infinitis do.

Now I know one more reason why not to get another Infiniti, thanks.

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I have 2006 FX35 FWD. Attempted to replace rotors and pad on rear brakes to find that some type of lock tight had been placed on the bolt by Infiniti so that you had no choice except to bring it to a dealer for service. The bolt broke holding the caliper bracket.
I was too far along in the process so I asked the dealership to oder the part. They wanted $437.00 plus shipping.
looked around al day at junk yards and finally went to Autozone and laid the part on the counter. The gentleman looked at me and said not in stock. But we can have it here tomorrow. $ shipping 10.00…..
Disappointed to say the least in infiniti.. I have owned at least 5 of them.

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2007 M35 MX w/93,000 miles
18,000 miles ago had premium ceramic pads and all four wheels brake overhaul.
developed right rear overheat that warped rotors and replaced both rear rotors , pads and calipers.
only to drive five miles and overheated new parts.
some kind of other problem.
more to follow

Posted by

My 2007 M35X rear brake calipers seized-up at 127K miles. Dealer says this is not a recall but I have had the over-heating brakes, excessive dust and burning smell for many years.

Posted by

Purchased a G37S Cert pre owned, Rear Barkes went at 40k. The dealer replaced for free after I complained.

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2007 g35 S. Had brake pads and fluid changed last year. Now the right rear brakes are making a grinding sound at lower speeds and the noise in increases until I come to a stop. That rim has excessive amounts of brake dust on it. Maybe the caliper if failing?

Posted by

I have a 2003 Murano and have the same embrassing issue.

Posted by

I have a 2005 FX35 with the same brake problems. I have been vigilent with Infiniti only to get nowhere and no help. Any information about a possible class action lawsuit?

Posted by

I have a 2009 M35 with the same problems as described. The problems proliferate across the range.


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