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Sears Refrigerators: Consumer Complaints Piling Up

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Chicago, ILAdvocacy sites such as have logged hundreds of complaints about Sears refrigerators and other appliances. These include allegations of faulty installations, servicing and repair difficulties, and problems in dealing with customer service.

Sears fridge recallAs Jan of Ward, AZ told "In June 2005, we purchased a Kenmore refrigerator with ice[maker]. Within six months, the technician had been to our house four times; Right now the total is 11 times."

Lawsuit Filed
A lawsuit has been filed against Sears in Illinois alleging that Sears is using unlicensed plumbers to install the refrigerators and requesting the courts to order Sears to discontinue this practice.

Many of these unlicensed plumbers have installed waterlines to the icemakers using self-piercing saddle valves, violating the Illinois State Plumbing Code.

Saddle Valves Prohibited in 10 States
In addition to Illinois, the following states also prohibit the use of self-piercing saddle valves for the installation of refrigerator ice-makers: Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and Vermont. In these states, a tee and globe, gate, or ball valve is used instead.

Cost to Consumers
Self-piercing saddle valves tend to reduce water flow, causing them to become clogged and leak. These leaks may cause extensive damage to floors, walls and other infrastructure. They can also lead to risky, wet conditions in kitchens. Other concerns related to leaks include bacterial contamination in waterlines and chemical seepage into the water.

Unlicensed contractors may use self-piercing saddle valves because they can be installed without expensive plumbing tools. The valves work by using a clamp to put a hole in a water intake pipe, and are generally used only where a low volume stream is needed.

According to one licensed plumber, self-piercing saddle valves are a thrifty work-around "for plumbers who don't have the right tools." They are ineffective for icemaker installation, he says, "because the valves don't allow enough volume. Leakage is almost inevitable."

Customer Service Difficulties
Many consumers feel that their concerns are not being listened to. As Marie of Cranford, NJ told "I've spoken to at least four reps from Sears National and Sears Home Central today. They kept shuttling me back and forth between them, each claiming the other was responsible. I'm still waiting for a callback."

Difficulties with customer service are the last thing that customers need, many of whom are facing expensive losses. As Melanie Anderson told "I've read other complaints and see I am not alone. We are not rich, and an expense like this is paid for monthly, likely via charge! We will never again purchase another Sears big ticket item."

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I purchased a Kenmore side by side refrigerator model # 795.5183 on 5/25/19 on 8/14/2022 it stopped cooling. I had a Sears technician come out on 8/16/22 to find out the compressor on a 3 year old fridge went out. How does a 3 year old fridge compressor go out? Sears is using defective parts and selling bad quality products. We the consumers are having to pay the price for this and it's not right.

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we bought a side by side refrigerator and freezer around 3 years didn't keep food cold the freezer frosted over.we called a repair man sears sent one out he said the innter wall was freezing up.defrost the freezer and left.didn't help at all food ,milk never kept at all.continued to freeze and frost up.kept getting worse.mean while the Lima store closed.barely set at 50 degrees.still paying for this piece of junk,sears better make it right!!!! Will go to Van Wert store which is 12 miles away and complain.then we go to better business bureal using a cooler.I USED TO TRUST SEARS NEVER AGAIN GET ME A NEW REFRIGERATOR,ONE THAT WORKS

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I bought a Kenmore 26.7 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator on July 31, 2013. It worked fine for about a month. Thereafter; nothing but problems. First of all, the ice-maker in this model is junk. My ice-maker has been replaced 6 times and if it's not used within a 3 day timeframe, it freezes up and needs to be replaced. In August 2015, my water dispenser (along with ice) stopped working. Due to technician's lack of knowledge for the product, he was adamant while telling me it was due to the hard water in my area and I needed to replace the water filter every month. Ridiculous right? After replacing the water filter several times, still nothing. In December, refrigerator began powering off when pressing the water dispenser. Technician once again blamed the water filter (after asking if the refrigerator was purchased at an outlet). He then went on to tell me that my model was missing a bypass tube, which according to him, should have been installed with the refrigerator. Last week, the refrigerator started smoking sporadically during the day. The technician who came today informed me that he has to come back and replace all of the wires. Really? I asked at what point do they consider it to be defective. He stated I haven't had enough service calls. Well each service call requires me to miss work. Who is going to compensate me for missing work for an appliance that I had to work in order to pay for? Additionally; the majority of the technicians who come out have no knowledge on the refrigerator and spend most of the time on the phone with customer service and chances are, the problem is still not resolved. If I called every single time I had an issue, I'd be fired from my job. I feel if the same problem persists and/or there is a problem with the wiring...just replace the darn thing! I have always loved Sears. However; after this experience, I will NEVER shop and/or recommend anybody to shop at Sears. I've also contacted my homeowners insurance and informed them of the problem. As a result, if anything happens due to the wiring and/or the refrigerator smoking, Sears will be completely liable for all damages since they are well aware of the issue and choose not to replace it.

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Our 24 cubit foot Kenmore Elite bottom drawer freezer unit just died. It was less than 5 years old. SEARS does not care. The compressor went and will cost over $1000 to get it fixed. SEARS makes/buys junk and passes it on to its customers. I tried to get a SEARS repair person but it would have been days before they could come out. I hired a local repair person. I had hundreds upon hundreds of dollars of organic meat, produce and other food in this unit. SEARS does not care. JUNK JUNK JUNK

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We have had good luck with kenmore refrigerators in the past. However, we purchased a new kenmore elite refrigerator 3/14/2012. Apx. 3 months later we had sears come out because it rattled so loud I could not sleep, the condenser tubing was hitting together, the repairman fixed the problem. Apx. 1 month latter the refrigerator started rattling again. This time I pulled the refrigerator out myself, the wireing going to the water control valves was against the defrost drain tubing causing a very loud rattling. Apx. 3 weeks latter the rattle came back, this time a control mounted on the bottom of the refrigerator was falling out. ( It had one screw and a medal slot to hold the device in place, the screw was just about to fall out and the medal tab was out of the slot.) I had to use expoxie to hold the screw in place. The rattle returned very loud, this time it was the water lines rattling, they were just laying on the evaporator defrost pan, they were not secure by any routing control devices. The rattle came back, this time it was the evaporator drain pan itself. The rattle came back, this time I used a mirror and found a cap off a refrigerant tank laying in the evaporator pan. At this time the rattle is very low, I have not contacted Sears, I have seen the very poor quality of design and workmanship. We are going to try to sell it at a loss, and I will warn people of the problems we have had. We will never buy another Sears product. It is a Kenmore Elite Side by Side, 29.2 cu. ft., It cost us total 1446.09. It is a rattle trap and we wish never to have anything to do with Sears.

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My wife and I purchased a refrigerator for our garage. It is a GE 18.2 Cu Ft. The salesman told us that if the temperature dropped below freezing we might have to get a kit for around $30.00 We purchased the sales protection agreement for 3yrs. protection on any repairs and a guaranteed food replacement up to $250.00. My wife took a picture of the spoiled food. The loss came to approximately $116.00. When we called the service people they told my wife the refregerator wouldn't work below 60 degrees or above 80degrees. They were rude and just told my wife that that refrigerator doesn't have a garage kit available and they got in their van and left. When the wife asked about the food loss they said take it up with the store. The manager said he couldn't do anything on the food loss and offered $50.00 off another refrigerator. I am not going to eat this refrigerator especially when we were mis-led. I wouldn't reccomend Sears to anyone. Next week I am returning that refrigerator and putting it on their sidewalk.


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