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Civil Rights Violations Alleged at Burbank Police Force

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Los Angeles, CABasic human rights are not only guaranteed in the Constitution, civil human rights are a moral obligation and are protected by civil rights law. Sadly, as advanced and democratic as our country is there are still human rights violations alleged by individuals.

One of the latest cases originates in California. The former deputy police chief of the Burbank Police Department alleges that his demotion to Captain resulted from supporting officers who had filed complaints against the department.

According to a September 30th story in the Los Angeles Times, some of those complaints appear quite substantial. In July, a Medal of Valor recipient filed a lawsuit against the Burbank Police Department after allegedly suffering racial taunts that spanned years, the lawsuit claims. Christopher Lee Dunn also complained that he was discouraged from joining the department's narcotics unit because he was black.

Dunn's lawsuit further alleges that after being targeted by management, he was eventually run out of the department entirely.

In May, five other officers launched actions against the force, alleging an environment in which use of racial slurs, as well as slurs involving ethnicity and sexual preference were not discouraged. The officers alleged the slurs were directed at them, their colleagues and suspects as well as the public at large.

The LA Times reports that various investigations into the Burbank Police Department have either concluded, or are ongoing. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Gary Bric told the LA Times that the City had launched an investigation into the department long before the various lawsuits were filed. The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department also conducted an independent review, the results of which are expected to be turned over to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office.

The FBI Joins the Fray Over Alleged Human Rights Violations

On September 30th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed that it too had launched an investigation into possible civil rights violations at the Burbank Police Department.

His Worship Mayor Bric promises a full and unfettered accounting of the allegations and of the overall behaviors and operation of the force. "I'm sure people are looking at this and have questions and concerns about what's happening to our Police Department," he said. "But we can assure there's been no impact on public safety."

Among the 7 lawsuits filed by various officers over allegations of racial discrimination and unlawful demotions or firings, is an action filed by former Deputy Chief Bill Taylor. He submitted his claim in August.


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A claim for damages in the amount of $8,000,000.00 was filed. I'm hoping that they don't pay, so that I can put them in court.
Jeff Koldys

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I have worked in the trenches literally with Jeff. There is no one that you would ever want getting your six. I've just decided to look him up. Without talking to him, and no matter what the situation, I can tell you that Jeff, what always do what was right.

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Here comes the movie, a independent film.

The name of the movie will be called something like

A time of shame-Porto Years.

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The federal grand jury must make public, the findings of the a years long investigation.
The Federal Bureau Of Investigations has been investigating the Burbank Police Dept for nearly 5 yrs.
The case results must come to light no later than December 31, 2013.
Ten police officers have been let go. Six more will be let go and who knows how many others. The whole Government in The City of Burbank has come under fire, from the Mayor to the beat cops. This City Police Department has been investigated by the FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept, as well as the LAPD, and the Secret Service Fin crimes unit. Not to mention Interanl affairs.
Jeffrey Michael Koldys has made sure that those responsible for his civil rights violation pay the price. Burbank Internal Affairs lead officer Lt. Grandolski states "We are waiting on pins and needles for the results" "Heads are gonna roll, but whose is the question" The constant pressure from Jeffrey Koldys, has proven to be the force in this all.
Jeffrey Koldys who's civil rights were violated as well as the loss of $1.8 million worth of stolen property and mortgage fraud, identity theft, and the poison killings of his dogs at a Glendale home states "And when I am done here, I have to continue my fight in other areas yet to be disclosed."
Jeffrey Koldys states "The actions of the Burbank Police and the Glendale Police Departments will not go unpunished" "this is only the first step, the most difficult one". "This has nothing to do with my views on Law Enforcement, this has to do with disrespect from another man. Lots of them wearing badges and trying unsuccessfully to cover the crimes that they committed." "I will never break, I will never bow, and I have shown that in spades" "This is America, and I am American."
"And as a American, I will NOT take this kind of crap lying down" "The fight in me is deep".

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Let me get this straight. Let me make it clear. LEO's are needed. Corruption is a fact of life. When corruption becomes clear, the cops need to "clean house," not, do "damage control".
Take your licks like every other beating heart on the planet.
Then some more for being a loser cop, a corrupt cop, who sh*t on his or her OATH.
They should be treated with respect. I should be treated with respect. When that doesn't happen you need to demand respect.
Sometimes, to win "The War"against your "friends", you must give up a few battles sometimes.
Retreat, adapt, overcome, disrupt, etc............
So staying max attentive and fighting back is really your ONLY choice.
If you are talking about catching anyone you must have control. It can take awhile. You must be fearless. But not stupid.
So give respect, break the chain of stupid.
Remember that God want for us to be rich in heart, mind, body and soul. Its your own job to make sure no one shits on his work. LOl.
IrishFire - Jeff Koldys

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Burbank Police Detectives went to Jeff Koldys's house, and took phonebooks from the trunk. They approached Jeff Koldys who was watering and feeding his horses in the turn out. They kicked both dogs back into the house and slammed the door. they put the phonebooks to work on Jeff Koldys. Kidnapped by 4 Burbank Detectives, he was brought to a Olive street, Burbank, Ca address. As soon as they arrive, in front of another Burbank Det., Det Omar Rod...., pulled his revolver and slammed it to his head, screaming for several seconds for affect and then dry fired his revolver. Effecttive. They then threatened to destroy and kill everything in his life. AND DID JUST THAT.They released Jeff Koldys to walk 5 miles home. Never charged with anything only to find out later it was a case of mistaken identity. They were searching for suspects of a crime that he was innocent of.
4 Dogs killed, assault, kidnapping,real estate fraud, identity theft, intimidation, distruction of exculpitory evidence, fire arm violations, attempted murder led to the investigation of 4 Police Depts, by 5 law enforcement offices and 3 Internal affairs div.
Burbank Internal Affairs Div. LT> Grandolski has been stonewalling for years. Playing dirty cop clean up crew leader must really be a thankless assignment. A police officer has killed himself. Internal Affairs at Burbank Police should have helped the victims. Instead they added insault to injury. WTF? Burbank Police WTF? Silverscreen time

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It happens to be that Jeff Koldys is worth $31,000,000.00
That is the only reason he is still alive.
He has been fighting a quite war with fired detectives with a grudge.
And that is a movie that should be made.
It is rumored that instead of civil action he believes that amaking a exposing movie is the way to go.
He is also starting a corruption victims group.
Go Jeff Koldys. GO

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All the Detectives involved with Jeff Koldys's case, the FBI Probe,have been fired. The Mayor of Burbank, The Burbank Police Chief (2 of them), vice squad leader Omar Rodriguez and squad fired. Fighting back against Police Misconduct is Dangerous! 2 Law enforcement officers are dead having committed suicide.
The stress to those involved is intense and unrelenting.
The stress for the innocent target, Jeff Koldys was (is) unimaginable.
The real story can only be told be Jeff Koldys.

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I was being stalked by a certain Individual constantly during the year of 1998, everytime I "Looked in my rear view mirror, this individual was following me. When this plan did not cause anything, this individual went futher, she called the "Burbank Police Department, and spoke with Detective Ratcliffe, and explained to him "That I Threatened to kill her, and she wanted me arrested, and also reported that I was the one stalking her, and also that I was constantly calling and harrassing her....which was far from the truth. I was at Leons Coffee Shop in North Hollywood, and "Detective Ratcliffe came "Barging in and asked where I was. "Now how did he know I was at Leons Coffeeshop, unless this girl was following my every move.!!" Turns out she was parked across the street at Target parking lot, and calling Detective Ratcliffe, telling him where I can be found. Detective Ratcliffe slammed me down on the parking lot floor and handcuffed me and I was arrested for "Terrorist Threats." I did not do anything to this girl physical harm, nothing. Detective Ratcliffe said he had recorded me threatening this girl, my lawyer asked for the recording, and I asked to listen to the recording, Detective Ratcliffe Refused to hand over the tape. So abviously there was no call placed to this person. Detective Ratcliffe had explained to me that this girl was calling him 15-20 times a day for a week saying I would not leave her alone. I wanted to write this so the Lawyer working the above case reads my story, and lets the officers who are being Discriminated against read my story, and they will agree about this officer, that he should have his badge revoked, and should never ever work as a police officer ever again.


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