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Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Division Announce Recall of Children's Fishing Poles

On June 17th 2005, the Shakespeare Fishing Tackle Division announced, in cooperation with the US Federal Government, a recall of over 438,000 Children's Fishing Kits.

The firm located in Columbia, South Carolina, states that the paint used on the fishing poles contains lead, which is toxic and poses a very serious health risk to young children causing adverse short and long term health problems.

The recalled Shakespeare¨ brand fishing kits feature the following identifying characters: TAZ¨ (Tazmanian Devil¨), Tweety¨, Mucha Lucha¨ and Spider-Man¨. Other fishing kits feature Fishing Heroesª, sold with a silver-colored badge; Kids Kitsª, sold with tackle boxes; and Sharkª and Dolphinª Kits, which have reels in the shape of a shark or dolphin. The fishing kits have brightly colored red and yellow fishing rods, and "Shakespeare" is written on the reels. Fishing kits with purple, blue and pink rods are not included in this recall. Certain translucent red and yellow and metallic-colored red rods also are not included in this recall.

These fishing kits, manufactured in China, were sold nationwide primarily through department stores from August 2001 through June 2005 and sold at a retail price of between nine ($9) and thirteen ($13) dollars.

Consumers should stop using the poles and contact the manufacturer for instructions on receiving a free replacement fishing kit

If you, your child, or a child you are related to has been diagnosed with lead poisoning or has tested positive for lead in their blood and the child owns or has owned any of the Shakespeare fishing rods noted above, please fill out a form by clicking here and an attorney will review the matter for a possible legal action. It is especially important if the diagnosis of lead poisoning or a positive test for lead in the blood was not connected with any other known source of lead. If this is the case for you, please fill in this form to the best of your ability.

Shakespeare Fishing Poles

Some examples of the recalled Shakespeare Fishing Kits packaging
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