• notgiven February 20, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Bayer also uses what amounts to slave labor in the US. Bayer hires temps, but then gives them highly specialized training and keeps them for many years. These temps get no benefits or protection of the company's HR handbook: they can be treated like trash. Their temp status is justified by the fact they are assigned to "projects" even though they are using the same skills and work continuously in their own assigned cubicle. The slave labor part is that these temps cannot walk away at the end of their contract: instead the temp agencies that want to stay in Bayer's good graces "extend" the contract infinitely. The worker cannot break the contract without legal consequences and getting themselves blackballed for temp work.

    This practice has been reported to Bayer's ethics hotline, but apparently as a multinational they are above ethics as well as above the law.

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