• Bianca Sanchez January 14, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Hey there,
    What I wanting to know has anyone have gotten precancerous cells during the time you have had this BC (mirena IUD)? I'v thought about getting my Mirena of almost 4 years taken out because I'm having to take Sprintec BC pill just to level out my hormones, it seems pointless all these synthetic hormones that I have going through my body. The point of the mirena is not to become pregnant, no periods, and not worry about taking a pill and forgetting. About me having to go in to surgery to get my precancerous cells removed from inside my uterine wall was very painful and never ending journey, I have to now go visit the doc every 3 months for a year to make sure that all of it is gone. It's a reliable prevention of pregnant but so many side-effects, Not good at all they need to advance it will women can be comfortable in there own bodys and won't cause any problems but that won't ever happen!!!

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