• Pamela Meyer July 31, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I certainly agree that if a doctor is tired mistakes could be made and I would not like to be the one he is making them on. A surgeon’s mind should be clear and his hands steady when operating. But a surgeon is only as good as the information fed to him. I have just had two cat scans done within a year at two different facilities. One radiology report came back saying my gallbladder was unremarkable and the other said that the gallbladder is not visualized most likely maifestation of cholecystectomy but the appendix is normal. Just so you know, I had both my gallbladder and appendix removed 43 years ago!!!! If they grew back, I am a medical miracle but, I have been trying to inform friends and family that before they have any kind of procedure done to request a copy of any report that led up to that decision of surgery because they seem to use boilerplate forms and change the wording accordingly. Although no harm was done to me, my mental anguish has risen because now when I have anything done, I must see the results in black and white in order to believe them and sometimes not always. Are these the right figures they are giving me. Is this my blood work or someone elses? I have been trying to open peoples eyes and have sent letters of complaint to the Hospital and to the Joint Commission on Quality Control. I was told “We contacted the facility for their written response. Their response has been received, accepted and the incident status is closed?” So it is okay for them to say that not only did I receive intravenous contrast for my cat scan but I also had it orally. How could that be when I am allergic to the cat scan dye. It wasn’t until after that, that when they needed it with contrast they would prepare me 13 hours before with prednisone and benedryl.

    aJust another little fact, I had a cyst removed from my forehead in the operating room. During my surgery (which I was awake for) they discussed how he (the doctor) was putting carpeting in his newly renovated home with the nurse who was assisting all while music was playing. He was doing surgery on my head and talking about his new carpeting and where he purchased it. Was this something I needed to know and is this something that should be discussed while surgery is going on?

    Things like this and the above really opened my eyes to the medical profession and I get nervous going to any doctors or hospitals not knowing what they could do to me.

    Anyway, thanks for listening. If you know of who I should contact in regards to the wrong Radiology Reports, please contact me. Next I am going to the State Insurance Board.


    Pam Meyer

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