• Theresa October 31, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    The class action lawsuit should continue I say hooray for those people that have the gut's to stand up to Walmart. It seems as though Walmart think's state and federal law's do not apply to them. I have been employed at a Walmart in Fla. for 2 year's now, I have seen where Workman's comp claims have been denied the employee's, one women with health issues was let go even though she did a good job, she was a little slower due to her medical condition. As a cashier I and other's have been forced to go to different dept's and stock, while not being paid a regular stocker's pay, but still receiving the same pay as a cashier.

    Also having my rating drop on my eval for being too slow? I did'nt hire on to be a stocker, just a cashier. My walmart also forces employee's to clock in or out late or early if they might be going over their 40 hrs. I don't know if this is universal for all walmart's or just the one I work at. If I could find a different job right now I would leave in a big hurry, bu there are none. So like so many other's I come in and put up with the garbage they call policy. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

    • admin November 2, 2010 at 8:37 am

      Hi Theresa, Thanks for your comments. There’s nothing like a birds-eye view, so thanks for sharing. Wal-Mart has definitely seen its share of employment lawsuits. And I can’t help but thinking after reading about your own experience that you may have some legal issues yourself with Wal-Mart–things like being told to clock in early or late if it means working off the clock to avoid overtime and being hired for one job description then being told to do another, particularly when you have clear knowledge that the other job has a different pay scale, well, those are some questionable practices. Only a lawyer can really review the details of your situation and say whether you have a solid case or not, but it may be worth it to at least have a lawyer review them. I know it’s a tough economy right now and jobs are tight–but employers need to play fair regardless. If you want a lawyer to take a look at your info, you can do that here–it’s a free service to all our readers.

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