• Bob Manskey June 21, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    I could not agree more. I love the information here. My pet is number 1 and part of the family. They truley are such a blessing. Great Site!

  • Vicki McCune July 25, 2016 at 4:20 am

    I have used Petsmart Grooming for 9 and 1/2 years (the age of my Standard Poodle. I am a travel nurse and he is most of the time my only companion and protector. He is in the system so no matter what state we are in we know that there is no problem going to Petsmart.
    Two weeks ago I took him to a Petsmart in Glendale, CO. When I called I asked the groomer if she was familiar with Standards, she assured me that she was. I wrote instructions, I included the phone number to our “home” Petsmart so they could conference. When picked up she had not even attempted to comb him out, she shaved him sown almost to skin, even his ears! You could see clipper burn on his back, and under limbs, his tail (she even shaved it to the nubbin), had bald spots, literally. Yesterday noticed he was trying to fuss with his tail nubbin. There on the underside was a bloodied open area with a spot of necrosis (dead tissue) in the middle.

    I didn’t go up and get “ugly” with the groomer initially due to I knew I wouldn’t be nice, and I knew that his hair would grow back. Now I am saddened for my baby and spitting mad at her incompetency. Going to the Vet tomorrow to see if they can debride it from the dead tissue so it can heal, probably needs antibiotics. I want to pursue a lawsuit, I detest that I am even saying that. But my “baby”, family member and travel companion is suffering, an infection can go systemic with dire consequences. I have pictures, he saw a vet just 3-4 weeks prior to the mutilation that can attest to the fact that nothing was there before that appointment.

    Any advice on where to begin? What type of legal counselor do I look for?

    Please help us! Suffering D/T incompetency, clipper assault, endangering my pets’ life, in Denver.

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