• Tim Brown November 15, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    The District of Columbia Act of 1871, after the South told CONgress to take a flying leap, unlawfully created a corporate entity USA INC, and now there are subsidiaries infesting the place, they are called [E]STATES … STATE OF OHIO, UTAH, etc…formerly the State of Ohio, Utah, etc. Myriads of rules / ‘laws’ / policies / promulgations / regulations / codes / statutes / blah blah blah ad infinitum that are pushed off on the ignorant
    No judges exist , only administrators – correct?
    No lawmakers exist: only policy writers in a corporation – correct?
    No “supreme” court/s exist: only board members of a foreign owned corporation- true?
    COPS are IMF Agents who protect and serve the international bankers – correct?
    Attorneys are forbidden to be citizens of the States united , or to be in office: right?
    Even the STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, in 2013, passed a BILL officially recognizing the original 13th amendment which forbids so-called royalty from office. Why do you think the British attacked DC and burned all the repositories that held that original amendment?

    A Constitutional Congress adjourned Sine Die in 1861 and NEVER RECONVENED: CORRECT?

    This lady better steer clear of EVER hiring / retaining / listening to a lawyer since they only represent legal fictions in a fantasy world of their own creation to enslave the ignorant: CORRECT?

    Can you rebut any of this, under penalty of perjury, with full commercial liability, with your blue-ink signature on an affidavit? Add to that concerning taxes: do they violate the 5th and current 13th amendments?
    Can any ‘judge’ , administrator, iMF agent authorize payment of alleged debt ( in a bankruptcy no less) with anything other than GOLD OR SILVER COIN???? Put that in the affidavit, then we can get a motion seconded for a public …… removal of the seditionist / traitor. HJR 192 of June 5th, 1933 / Public Act

    Debt presentments, here’s how to respond:
    No Right of Title can be acquired by fraud.
    Notice to discharge debt against the account named herein. This offset command is made pursuant to remedy found in Public Law: “Chap 48, 48 Stat. 112”. Until the State Governments come out of suspension, by the Federal Government’s placing sufficient quantities of lawful silver and Gold-backed money back into general circulation or to fully back all notes in circulation pursuant to Art 1 sec 10, this notice is given, pursuant to the remedy for violations of the Coinage Act of 2 April 1792, 1 Statutes at Large 246 CHAPTER XVI, an Act establishing a Mint, and regulating the Coins of the United States, Section 19.
    Notice to agent/agency is notice to principal notice to Principal is notice to agent /agency.
    Notice: it is a violation of the law if you fail to discharge your invoice as commanded. This account is accepted for value and exempt from levy under uS constitution, and International treaty.

    The wraps are off ! “WOE UNTO YE LAWYERS”………. We the Peeps found the sunglasses and can see the filth vomited upon mankind by these entities.Off to England with the IMF agent infestation, off to the bastion of worldwide slavery’s current seat.

  • Tim Brown November 15, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    What are the odds that one will be published?

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